Wednesday, June 03, 2020


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Crafting:  I did a little Home Depot class with my friends awhile back where we built these chalkboards. The whole she-bang. The wood, the measuring, cutting, nailing, glue - all of it. & then I tucked it away & forgot about it. Such is life.  Nothing like a quarantine to dig out things you forgot about. I had bought the bronze paint for the border & the chalkboard paint for the center... & got to work. I LOVE it!!! I primed the chalkboard paint & now, its all good to go. Not sure what I'm going to do with it.  But I'm sure I'll find a good use.

Weather:  Summer has reared it head on us. This past weekend was gorgeous, but the heat & humidity as arrived. It is June so I guess I wont complain.  I dont mind heat. but man, that humidity is awful.

Watching;  Lost.  Yep, I've gone back from the very beginning & started watching it again. I forgot how good it was. & how CRAZY it is. Polar bears - smoke monsters - seeing dead dads walking on the beach.  Also forgot how much I loved Jack & Sawyer.   Loving it.

Lost | Lostpedia | Fandom

Eating: We're still all about Penn Station lately. It's just really easy for me to order online while I'm working from home & The Hubs being able to swing by & pick it up on his way home. 

Reading: Jen Hatmaker's new book. Oh my gosh - I have laughed real gut laughs & cried real tears.  I just think she, along with Angie Smith, would just be my best friend.

Drinking: Out of my new mug.  You can see it in the pic above... but here's a close up too. So prettttttty!!!!

Jesus, Meet Me Here Campfire Mug

Shopping:  I'm still on the hunt for some cute shorts & tees. I'm so picky about tees. I dont like v-necks - I dont like really short sleeves - I dont like shirts that aren't long enough. I'm basically like Goldilocks of tees.

Missing:  Bruno. I had a dream about him the other night where I was carrying him in a baby carrier everywhere.  Him & Zoe actually - one on my front, one on my back.  When I woke up, my heart ached with him not being there.

Cleaning: I am on the mission to clean out my closet / drawers. I'm over looking at clothes that dont fit anymore or just not comfortable. I'd rather have empty drawers with 5 things in them, then stuffed closets with things that just aggravate me for taking space that I'll never wear.

30 Of The Best Cleaning Memes

Cleaning out your closet!! And MAKE SOME MONEY while doing it ...

Finished up:  Made it through my Bible Study this past weekend.  We're doing a Zoom call to finish up chatting about it on Friday & I'm looking forward to it. The ladies that have done it with me - it was their first time doing a Bible Study so I've been so excited that they took the challenge on & have come through it all. It's a feat to finish a 8 week study!

Feeling:  Still all the anxiety - with COVID & all the tension in our country.  It's just a LOT lately.

Tell me something in your life currently happening!

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