Tuesday, June 02, 2020

One Sentence a Day {May 2020}

Knit By God's Hand: One Sentence a Day - September 2019

Once again, we come to a month that just started somewhere you never thought... & it ended in another direction that you never thought could happen. & its all still downhill.  I think we can all agree on one thing - 2020 just hasn't been the best of years, has it?

But, for memory sake, here's my May - One Sentence a Day

1 - Fri / Missing my Bruno something fierce! #ourhomehaschanged

2 - Sat /  Thankful my hair dresser sold me the color she uses in the salon because its time to cover the gray at home #workedoutwell

3 - Sun /  Putting on the mask & heading down to the grocery so I dont have to deal with Click List again. #Thankyoueveryonewearingmasks

4 - Mon /  Totally got wrapped up in Waco on Netflix & was shooketh #wowjustwow

5 - Tues /  The temps totally bombed out & it was freezing cold!!! #heatturnedbackon

6 - Wed /  Got all my elastic in from Etsy & I am back in the mask making business #gettingthehangofit

7 -  Thurs / Needle broke on my machine but that turned out to be an easy fix #learningallthethings

8 - Fri / It was an actual first time that my work day was relaxed. #moreofthoseplease

9 - Sat / Blessed with the SWEETEST & most beautiful gift. #BrunoinPainting

10 - Sun / Such a strange Mother's Day when you can just do visits from afar & keep a distance. #stillloveallthemoms

11 - Mon /  Phase 1 has started at work & I'm grateful I'm still sitting in my office at home #canIworkhereforever?

12 - Tues /  Dont know if its the weather or stress but I'm getting ALL the migraines lately #MYHEADHURTS #feellikeImDying

13 - Wed /  Ricky is just the best helping with the horses & even helping fix the fence - all after a hard day at work. #IjustGoToPetTheHorses

14 - Thurs /  How is it freezing the day before in the low 50's & humid & in the 80's the next day? #allthehairfrizz

15 - Fri / We've gotten in the habit of ordering Penn Station & having Ricky pick it up on his way home from work for dinner. #thatbreadthough

16 - Sat / I cant believe I've gone 2 years without hearing my daddy's voice. #misshimfiercely #HeavenlyAnniversary

17 - Sun / Ventured out to get more fabric for more mask wearing #soldsomeonEtsythisweekend

18 - Mon - I sold 10 masks today from my Etsy store!!!! #thatwasfun #thankyou

19 - Tues - Went to the grocery & pretty sure my dad came d own from Heaven for a little bit to pick up some earthly yummies. #LOOKSJUSTLIKEHIM #Evenwalkedlikehim

20 - Wed / The look for hay is on. #horsefood

21 - Thurs / Honestly was one of the most stressful days at work that I've had in a really long time.  #ALLtheproblems #everyoneneedseverythingNOW

22 - Fri / Had an earache that was getting progressively worse through the day & by the end of the night, I couldnt even touch my teeth together. #THEPAIN

23 - Sat /  Loving this cute fabric for masks. #givemeALLtheBellefabric

24 - Sun /  Headed to Home Depot with the Hubs & glad to see so many people wearing masks & excited to buy a new light for over my sink. #nowtogettheHubstoputitup

25 - Mon /  Happy Memorial Day!!! #sothankfulforadayoff

26 - Tues / Yep - even working from home makes going back to work after a long weekend still hard. #thinkitsMondayallday

27 - Wed /  The news of George Floyd & the disgusting behavior of the police in this situation is just hard to even digest. #icantbreath #thisworldisfallingapart #cometodayJesus

I can't breathe' in Minneapolis | News Day

28 - Thurs / The Country is feeling like a ticking time bomb. #fuseisburning

29 - Fri / Sat up till nearly 2 am watching news coverage of our city being destroyed by rioters. #isthisreallife?

30 - Sat / Just stayed away from all the news & enjoyed the beautiful day. #selfcare

31 - Sun / Finished up our HSM for the year with one last Zoom call #whataweirdyear

Another one for the books - that's for sure

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