Monday, June 29, 2020

The weekend that I slept like a teenager & worked like a crafty fool

So I'm starting off this Monday anxious.

My brother is back in surgery today.    As always, my brother isn't a public person so I wont say a lot, but with the COVID, his follow up surgery was delayed for MONTHS - so this is a day that is long awaited for him - but surgery is always nerve wrecking & hopefully by the time you read this, I'll have the news that he's just fine & only healing lays ahead.

Backing up, how did the weekend go.... honestly, this is probably one of the laziest weekends - with a side of working. How is that possible?  It really is.

Friday, when I got off work, I ended up going to my "second job" as I call it now - making masks.  I end up selling 27 masks this past week.  Fun stuff.... so I had to start recutting fabric & all that fun stuff.

Then I ended up going & taking care of the horses so Ricky could get to sleep. He was exhausted after a long week & a hard days work.

For me, it was a beautiful night working in the barn. The sun was going down & it was a cool temp.  It was really lovely...

... until I had to fill up water buckets.

So much for them being FULL by the time I carried them into the stalls. #soaked

Saturday.... I slept till after 9am.... WHAT AM I? A TEENAGER??? I honestly dont know the last time I did that.  But let me tell you - it messed with my day. I'm used to getting up around 6-6:30 - even on the weekends.  So to have like 3 hours of my day gone? It really did make me feel like half the day was POOF - gone.

I ended  up getting up fast & just threw on some clothes, shoes & headed out to do a lot of errands.  I had to drop off some Etsy mail, drop off a UPS package, ran down to Joann's to get some princess fabric, pick up my mom's groceries, take care of the horses - just running running running. It was nearly 3:30 by the time I got home. What the heck.... time in a time warp going on fast forward.

I ended up getting to work on some new masks & am just loving how beautiful & soft these Princess prints are.

I'm also pretty bummed that I cant find any more Belle / Beauty & the Beast fabric. I've sold out of all my Belle masks & glad I have any other princesses.

I finally called it when it was getting later & started watching Lenox Hill.  Of course, waking up so late, I couldnt go to bed, so I stayed up so late watching it all - but 2 episodes. I was a nervous wreck though watching it.  Totally convinced I now have a brain tumor... & I was SOBBING crying over some of these stories.  I was an anxious ball of mess. If you get anxious over medical things- steer clear of this one - but it is so powerful & interesting to see how these doctors work.

I especially liked the COVID episode they added on. I wish it was longer & they could have gotten more on that topic.  I think I'm gonna need a yearly update on these doctors & some patients.  ... maybe not. I get really emotionally invested... obviously.

Sunday, I did wake up & finish the last 2 episodes of Lenox Hill & got to work on some yarn projects.  Hello old friend. Remember when knitting & crocheting was all I did before my sewing machine came into my life?

I woke up early for not going to bed so late (bed around 2am - woke up at 7am) & then just laid in bed to watch Netflix until 11am.  LAZY.  See why I'm a scheduled kind of person - one day thrown off & it just messes with me.

I ended  up finishing Fuller House too & again, all the feels. I hate seeing that show go off. I loved the light heart feel of it. It usually was my go-to to watch before bed after watching news & all the horrible things going on in the world.  The Tanner house always made it all better - at least for pleasant dreams.

I took some time to do some self care & did my nails - just in time for the 4th of July.  I am totally digging these Colorstreet Nails. Seriously - the cutest.

I then had to put the petal to the metal & get ready - actually READY - make up & straighten my hair - GASP!!!!!.... I have not straightened my hair since March y'all... MARCH.... 3 months ago!  Are you kidding me?

Who is this person?

To be honest - I didnt put make up on below my eyes. LOL... I did put make up around my forehead & my eyes - but none on my noses & chin because of masks :) LOL!!! Why waste it?  Plus, my chin is starting to break out with the hot air in the mask & my chin is sweating!! EW!!!! Anyone else getting Maskne?  I didnt want make up on my chin to make it worse.

We had to head out to a funeral home for my sister in law who lost her father last week.  The restrictions had just lifted a little bit more last week as well so they were able to have a pretty normal visitation & service.  I still ache for those that had to have closure without the support of loved ones or a normal funeral.

It was crazy that I was there with Ricky & his family & I look up & see my uncle & aunt & cousin & his wife coming down the hall way. Tell me its not a small world!  We actually found out at my dad's funeral that Ricky's sister knows my uncle really well.  I had forgotten all about that until I saw them there.  I love the connections people have with one another when it wraps back up & holds others that you know & love.

We got home & it was time to feed the dogs, do some home stuff & my brother drove over to pick up some things & I got to wish him luck for his big day....

& we've circled back around to the beginning of the post.

So, if you dont mind & you are a praying person - if you can lift up some prayers  for my brother & his wife & girls. It'll be a bumpy road for the next few weeks.  Thank you!!!

What is your favorite princess?

Have you watched Lenox Hill on Netflix?

Do you get anxiety watching or hearing medical issues?

Are you back to doing normal hair & make up routines?

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