Thursday, June 25, 2020

Some zzzzs, shut that thing not worth your time & I have a sparkling problem {Thankful Thursday #263}

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This week I am Thankful for:

MIL doing OK
My mother in law had a little bit of a scare with two ER visits last week.  I wont dive into all the details of everything - but I'm just glad she's at home & she didnt have to stay! & hopefully, praying ,she doesn't have to go back.

Summer Storms
They make me so happy - the sounds & smells & sights. All of it is just to beautiful to me. I can do without muddy dog feet, but everything else, love it.

Ernie was chasing the leaves that were flying from the storm
I gave up Diet Coke - & all soft drinks - years ago. YEARSSS. & I was a huge Diet Coke addict.  But I made the switch to Sparkling Water. I still love me some bubbles.  I get in a little panic when I run low - which is what happened the other day. I really didnt want to have to drive to the grocery & back to get them (about an hour trip) so The Hubs said he'd stop after work.  I never thought he'd remember - but he came in work that Monday with 6 cartons for me to last a little bit.  He lives by the Happy Wife, Happy Life.... at least sometimes :)

Sleeping In
I REALLLLY needed a lazy day where I didnt have to get up out of bed & rush to do anything.  Sunday was that day for me... & Ernie, who usually is a ball full of energy, must have felt my vibes because he stayed in bed with Harvey & me & snoozed the morning away too.

Shutting a bad book
I am grateful that I have learned to shut books if I'm not enjoying them. That took some time to learn. Book guilt is a thing.  Like you have to push through.  But I've learned there's way too many good books to get to besides wasting it on books that dont really... as Marie Kondo would say.. spark your joy!

Beautiful Nights
We have been in some horrible humid days & then some nice cool evenings - so every time it takes a cool swing, I've been loving every second of it- staying outside until you can hardly see. Do I need to spend that much time outside? Nope - but I'm taking advantage of the time because I know summer will be setting in & I wont be able to get back outside till Fall.  I'll have plenty of time indoors to do all the inside stuff later.

Took a walk this night
Mask Wearers
Anyone else paying any attention to the numbers of COVID starting to get out of control again?  This time, no one seems to care.  I really dont get it.  REALLY dont get it....

So like I say every week - I will continue to thank people & be grateful for the ones who are fighting the fight for others!!!  Not for the ones who seem to think selfishly about how uncomfortable THEY are with a mask on - or take it as a political statement or all the reasons people dont want to wear a mask.  Unless you have a health condition where you CANT wear a mask,  then you dont have a reason NOT to wear it.!!!!  ... but I will keep applauding the ones who are helping protect those around them in staying safe. THANK YOU MASK WEARERS!!!  I feel like we're the ones who are making a difference, even if its small - but especially to the ones we love around us - our neighbors, our friends, our family. Keep up the fight!

So... tell me something good in your week!

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