Thursday, August 27, 2009

Comic Book Character?

I was visiting my blog buddy over at In my mind its always funny & she had a question, if you could be any comic book cartoon character, which one would you be? hmmm

Well, I always did like the Smurfs growing up & Smurfette was always my favorite... but being the only female in a village of only little blue men... they would get on my nerves quick...

So how about Mystique from X-men. The ability to turn into whoever I want? And to have a body like Rebecca Romijn-Stamos... that would be a good thing too? Dang, I could TURN into her if I wanted too... but she's a bad guy... & I'm tired of BLUE characters here...

How about Lois Lane? She's a smart lady, good writer, always on top of things... but she's always in need of being rescued, isn't she? so maybe not her....

I always liked Electra... I can dig a chick that is into marital arts! But she's got a tormented past... dont care for that...

Hmmm... Catwoman? I like she's all PUURRRR-fect with her ways of slinking. But she's a pro with a whip & I'd probably get myself all tied up in it... and anyways, I'm a dog person...

I think I'd go with BATGIRL!!! After all - she can wear a costume, & keep her identity secret. And she gets access to the Bat CAVE & all the fun toys!! And she fights for justice & good!... & look at the list of Batman's... Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Chrisitan Bale... I'll partner up with any of them to save the world!... & she's already a red head! Gotta love a red head comic book character!

Who would you be?


  1. I like yours better, I couldn't think of any last night....

  2. Are there any left other than the ones you said? Other than like... Wendy from

  3. Cute post....but I have to think about this for awhile. I cant think of any cartoon characters that I would want to be.

  4. this cracked me up, i love all of your reasonings, ha! so cute!

  5. Heck I would like just to look good in a jumpsuit like that .. LOL

    Cat Woman is a good one :)

  6. Very cute post! Since about 7th grade I've been called Wonder Woman so I'm sticking with her!!

  7. I would so want to be Wonder Woman. I loved her... and still do..

  8. Oh totally Veronica from the Archies! She had great hair, was a singer in a band too! Sweet!

  9. I always loved Batgirl, too. But I think I have to piggy-back on what Jane said - I always saw myself as Betty from Archie. The girl next door type.

  10. I've never thought about which cartoon character I'd be. Hmmm... I have always loved Ariel and if I could be anything other than a human I'd want to live in the sea. What a fun post and question.
    I love that you're Bat woman!

  11. i LOVE this post!!!!! :) i agree with wife o riley. i would so be veronica! or catwoman! :D :D

  12. LOL Funny post! I have no idea who I would be...I don't know enough about Comics :) But Batgirl for you is a good choice!


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