Wednesday, August 05, 2009

What I learned...

I got to do the same lesson twice - once for the Jr. Highers & once for the Sr. Highers.... I could tell God's hand was on top of this both times... the lesson - "Do others see Christ in you?"

I started out talking about the Magic Mirror in Snow White - after all, who would I be without bringing in a Princess into the story? Its my style... but what was the unique thing about the mirror - it told the truth - no matter what! It told the queen she was the fairest & she was happy... but when Snow White came along, what happened - the queen found out the TRUTH - she was NOT the fairest anymore... & she was TICKED!!!! And that's the point - the mirror can show the TRUTH & the truth is not always fun.

When we accept Christ, there should be a change in your life. Something that shows that you now are a follower of Jesus - & in doing that - you should show LESS earthly things & MORE fruits of the Spirit. There are TONS of scriptures in the Bible that talks about how we are to act - how we are to behave - how we are to BE more Christ-like. And yes, we will NEVER be perfect & we should never act like we are - because that just causes hypocrisies - but we can be loving, joyful, honest, caring, giving, peaceful - things that draw people in to wanting to know where we get the source of these things.

Dont you know those people you have crossed that just SHINE Jesus? You can see Jesus all over them? You know the difference then in what I'm talking about - you know they are not perfect - but you can feel the love they exude... & these kids need to know that they can have that same effect... the differences they can make NOW by making a change in their life & showing Christ to others....

Do actions speak louder then words? If your actions are not portraying something that others want - then you'll never get a chance to SHARE your WORDS!!!! So actions & words really go together...

And we talked about about the statement - "You may be the only Jesus others may ever see"... but how about this statement - "You may be the only Bible people ever read".... & let me ask you - can you "read" people? Oh mercy - I can totally read people... there is a discernment that is involved - but yes, people CAN read others... what are they "reading" when they see you?

So yes, this is one of the reasons I feel like God was on this message... I went out & bought mirrors for the class - Jr. High first... I just went in & bought all the mirrors the store had... I bought 11 mirrors... get into class - how many students? ELEVEN!!!
And again - the next week, went into the store, bought all the mirrors they had - 16... guess how many students I had... yep - SIXTEEN!!!! It literally made me laugh at things God does to once again show me He's with me in these lessons...

But they all got a mirror & I had them right Jesus on the top & their name on the bottom... the goal - to just look in the mirror every morning & start your day off by asking
"Who will they see today - me or Jesus?"... what a way to start a morning...

And again - to throw my own style... I had to throw in Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror"... some good words in that song if you get a chance to listen...

I have my own mirror... I want to leave this world with people not remembering the earthly things I messed up at .... but I want them to see Christ in me more each about you? Who do they see?


  1. You've left me speechless, again! Love how you teach what's so very important. You can better believe that my prayer is that people see Christ in me when they look at me. This is something I share a lot with my girls.

  2. Okay little girl ~~ totally rocking my world with this one. You know I have a heart for teens, and I could just see this in my mind and their faces as they "got it"!!! Don't you just love it when they get it?! And then I can picture them picking up their mirrors every morning and seeing Jesus' Name at the top, right where it belongs, and theirs at the bottom and then asking themselves the question, who will they see?!!!!

    Totally rocking my world this morning sweet thang!!

    Have a Blessed day,

  3. Girl, I so wish I could have sat in on this lesson. for.real.awesome!!!

  4. Wow Becca that is so powerful and what a wonderful thing to do each morning! I love that idea and that song is very special also.

    You always find the best things and bring a smile to my day! Thank you my dear.


  5. My father in-law has a great phrase I like to quote: I can't hear what you're saying over the sound of your actions."

    "Man in the Mirror" is probably one of my favorite songs--the words are sooo great!

    I love the Snow White analysis! I'm going to use it on my boys! How manly! LOL

  6. Wonderful, visual lesson, Rebecca!! I love that they took the mirrors with them. I doubt that they will ever be able to look at themselves in one without remembering this lesson.

  7. I'm going to write that on my own mirror as a reminder for myself. Thank you!!

  8. I wish I could have had a mentor/teacher like you when I was a teenager. You are amazing.

    There is a Twila Paris song about this, letting people see Jesus through her. Can't remember the name of it, but it was a favorite of mine.

    I truly pray that people see Jesus through me. A lot of days, I succeed. A lot of days, I don't. But I'm still trying.

  9. this is such an amazing post! I am always asking myself if people met me would they know I was a Christian by my actions and it is something I am always striving towards!

  10. That's amazing RJ!! What a great lesson for us ALL!!

  11. And PS even though I've never met you in person, i can tell that you DO shine Jesus every day!! :)

  12. So awesome girl! I am loving the mirrors...I bet that lesson rocked!

  13. I couldn't say it any better than April did in her comment. LOVE YOU and your constant wonderful insight and teachings! Thank you.

  14. You always have the best lessons, I love the mirror!

  15. So awesome. What a great lesson. LOVE that you had the exact amount of mirrors for students each time! =D

    I hope and pray that people see Jesus in me. I may not be perfect {who is?} but I try to do my best.

    Thank you, once again.

  16. Great stuff, as always. I love when God does stuff like that :)


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