Sunday, August 30, 2009

Picking Weeds

After church, my husband stayed behind to do a Fantasty Football thing with some guys at church so I came home & had the afternoon to myself. Its AMAZINGLY beautiful outside so I wanted to do something out to just enjoy the weather. I looked in the back yard & noticed that our little flower bed (which holds no flowers because I have no green thumb) was starting to be over come with weeds. So I grabbed my gloves, a garbage bag & got to work.

So many things hit me while I was out there... First, I thought how it doesnt take long for weeds to creep up & take over things. Because when they grow, they grow FAST & they intertwine with other weeds & next thing you know, they cover the whole ground.... just like sin tends to do if we dont keep an eye out.....

And remember - the purpose of weeds are to kill or to take over... wow... the way sin is reflective of that!

Then I noticed how hard it was to pull them up, but once I got in there, since they were all interwined, I could get my hands under & give a good pull & it brought up so much in one pull... but showed how deep the weeds went..... again, just like sin.... how one sin can lead to another & another & to clear most of the sins out of your life - its going to take ALOT of jerking of some stuff out of your life.....

But the clearing comes! You start with one little section & you see progress & you can move on from that area.... just like you can work on an area in your life & get some glimpses of hope. Its a place to start... the point is to get started SOMEWHERE!!!!

And it wasnt FUN cleaning up the weeds... I'm allergic to grass & by the time it was over, I was itchy, sneezing & ready to run & scream.... but healing, or cleaning of sin, doesnt come easy either. It comes with some sufferings maybe... but now, I can walk out & see how the hard work has paid off....

And the most important thing I've learned... I have to stay on top of it because if I ignore that flower bed again.... I'll be right back to where I started from....

May the weeds of your life be easily pulled....


  1. Rebecca,

    Delighted to meet you! I too have learned so much in the garden with our Lord. Thanks for blessing me today with your words and encouraging me to dust off my trowel and search for weeds in my heart.

    Blesings to you from Costa RIca,
    Sarah Dawn

  2. So well said. And don't we all need to keep after our weeds....

  3. That is so true. Sometimes I feel like the weeds in my life are just too far gone. And then sometimes I clear them out and feel so great. But it's when I let them get too far gone again...sighhh...I need to get in the habit of chopping them back every day.

    Thanks RJ :)

  4. I love to pull weeds. But not when they are way out of control.

  5. I love how you related the weeds to sin, the analogy is perfect when it comes to life!

  6. In the words of Tony the Tiger.... this was GGGGGRRRREEEEAAATTTT!

  7. It is so amazing how you make me understand things that I never did before.

  8. I love your analogies...happy weeding!:)

  9. Your hubby does Fantasy Football too? Oh boy, our husbands would totally get along!

  10. i hope you don't mind i used a few phrases of this in an email to my mom.. i love this email!! just what i was needing!

  11. I really need to weed out some of the sin in my life. I know it will be hard work but it has to be done. Thank you for the reminder.

  12. yep; you gotta keep up with things or before you know it you have a big mess on your hands.

    Too bad you are allergic to grass...Of course, I might use that has a handy excuse ;-)

  13. What a great did lots of thinking while you gardened! So true how weeds can overrun life quickly!

  14. Fantastic post! I hate yard work, but found myself pulling weeds one day and all these same thoughts came to my mind as well. What struck me the most was if you wait too long to pull them up, the harder they are to remove. The roots get deeper and deeper, thicker and thicker as time passes.


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