Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Keep Reaching!!!

Every year for the past few years, my dad & now, along with my nieces, they come over & plant me some sun flowers. I LOVE Sunflowers! One year, I harvested all the sunflower seeds & cooked them - YUM! Plus, I just love to watch how big they grow... this is from a few years ago! & YES - those are my nieces UNDER the massive leaves... & YES - that sunflower almost is at roof level!!!!
Well, this year, we've had some MAJOR storms come through & our poor little sunflowers took a big hit. The winds have been pretty strong with these storms & knocked my poor babies down...

I came home today though & walked up the drive way & glanced over to the sunflowers..... what do I see - about 15 stems reaching STRAIGHT UP.... Reaching for the sun! Stems that are keeping on at surviving!!! (The shot doesnt really show how straight & how UP they are!)

We counted on one of the stems at least 15... on the other sun flower on the other side, the same thing... stems not giving up....buds that are going to open & take in the sun & be just as beautiful as if it were standing. (Here's an overhead view of thew new buds)

WOW.... what a reminder... when we're knocked down in the storms of life... KEEP REACHING... dont ever give up... BLOOM where you are at!!!!! You can still be the beautiful creation God created!


  1. Rebecca,
    I LOVE sunflowers!!! My fav!!

    Poor babies!! The birds have been knocking the top off of some of mine, but they are still soooo pretty.

    Great analogy too.

    Have a Blessed evening,

  2. I love sunflowers...they just scream hello. You are always so good about finding the hope in all things. Thanks for that!!

  3. Poor sunflowers! Your nieces are adorable!

  4. Rebecca the last part of this post was exactly what I needed tonight! I had a rough day and those words were perfect. I love how plants reach and turn toward the sun. Such a beautiful reminder for us to turn toward His Son! Thanks once again for sharing this!

  5. WOW! What will to survive! My Dad used to string the sunflower up the side of the house... actually he would wrap panty hose around the stalks at various heights then attach the panty hose to the house so the stalks would stay upright & weather any weather!

    Even funnier...this was back in the day when panty hose used to come in those little eggs. Anyone else old enough to remember that?? Well he would take the empty egg halves & plant seedlings in them or repaint the eggs & display them around the yard. Drove my Mom nuts - she thought it couldn't get any tackier. Knowing my Dad, he did that just to irk Mom!

  6. That is one big sunflower! WOW!
    I agree...keep reaching!

  7. Oh how fun! We planted these by my daughter's playhouse this year. They are now as tall as my second son.

  8. See, even sunflowers can teach a lesson!

    I love Sunflowers!! :)

  9. That is the biggest sunflower I have ever seen!! I am so glad your flowers are reaching back up!!

  10. Sunflowers are my favorite too! ANd what a great reminder that we have to keep reaching!!


  11. Rebecca- I loved your post about never giving up! I too love sunflowers and remember when you commented on it being your favorite flower. With a little love and a little sun, I'm sure your sunflowers will be as beautiful as they were before the storm!

    I must have missed the post about reading Twilight and am comforted by the fact that you read them. I must have been on another planet to be 4 years behind reading the series and didn't even know there was a MOVIE haha. I think it came out around the time I had Ryder so that can be my excuse. I am reading the 2nd book now so I am glad to know the 2nd and 3rd were your faves because I LOVE the 1st book :)

  12. I can't believe the size of that sunflower your nieces are standing under! WOW!

    I'm so glad your flowers are rebounding! Nature is incredible!

  13. Geez those things are HUGE. Hopefully we'll be getting a back yard fence soon. I would love to have some along the fence line. But knowing me, I'd prolly kill them. I have a black thumb lol

    Again, great analogy. God has really given you a gift. So glad you are using it :)

  14. What a wonderful gentle reminder of His grace. It is always there for us, we just need reach up and He will be there for us.
    Looks like you had an awesome time at WoF. I would love to go sometime, but have never made it.
    My daughter has gone a couple of times and always comes home so enthused with all she learns.

  15. I passed a bunch of sunflowers at the grocery store today on my want to the peanut butter and thought how much I used to enjoy them - is that a coincidence or what???

    Love the message in your post.

  16. Oh the poor flowers. They are so nice. Great post and wonderful words to go with them.

  17. OMG Rebecca Jo. All this time I thought I was a fellow follower and it turns out I wasn't. I now officially am.

    That is one beautiful sunflower. I honestly had no idea they could get that big!

  18. As always my dear you bring tears to my eyes and bring me to thinking positive.

    Thank you dear!!!!

  19. Those sunflowers are amazing! So sad that this years took a sad beating.

    Love the reminder, though. =)


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