Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where did the good stores go?

Ricky & I had a "flashback" of sorts the other day talking about stores that we used to go to all the time when we were little.... it's so funny when we would remember them.

The first one that comes to mind is TG&Y... anyone else remember that one? There used to be one down a few streets away from our house. My mom & I would go probably DAILY to just look around. It was just a normal 5 & 10 cent store... but it was just fun to shop around. When it went out of business - I think my mom & I went into mourning for quite awhile! And TG&Y wasn't playing around... I remember one time, they had ROBIN from the Batman TV show come in & sign autographs! How funny is that! I think we still have it somewhere! I can also remember getting those great Halloween costumes there that had the hard plastic faces that you couldnt breath out of .... aahh - memories!
Anyone else remember Zayre's? It was like the Target of the day! As a matter of fact, our Target went into the same building Zayre's was in... is it the same business with just a name change? Hmmm - gotta look into that! But look at this sales ad from there... I cracked up when I saw this because I HAVE that tree house! STILL!!! The twins will play with it at my parents house! Talk about a MAJOR flashback right there!

And who else remembers Bacon's????? This was the Kohl's of the day! My grandma would take me there every year before school & load me up for school clothes & every summer we'd go there & get EA (Etienne Aigner) Sandals - nothing else would do for her... it had to be that brand of purse & shoes for her.

And they were the store that would have a "Midnight Madness" & it truly was! It was the first time I would go shopping that late & cars would be PILED down streets & there were limits with how many people could get in due to fire codes... it was crazy shopping before crazy shopping existed! The event only happened like twice a year & I can still remember going with my parents & grandmother like it was yesterday!

Do you all remember any of these stores? What stores did you shop at when you were younger that's not around anymore?


  1. Maloney's was one that I remember that dropped off the map. Anyone else?

  2. TG&Y - loved it! Yellow Front - it was THE place to get your levis whne I was little ... and anything else you may need for the farm! GEMCO - it was costco before there was costco. Thrifty's - it was right next door to Dairy Queen, but given a choice we prefered Thrifty's ice cream. Miller's Outpost - THE place for Levi's when I was in high school, but sadly, no farm gear - LOL!!!

  3. OMGosh I don't remember any of them. But I do miss little shops that were so great!

    I remember that Sears & Robuck (yup back in the day) had a basement! Grandma would take me shopping there! Talk about fun!

    I so miss them, I think that is why I love little dinners and ma and pap places and when we get out I will only go there!

    Thanks the hair did turn out cute, I actually walked out really like it! I know the jar now rides along in the car with me! Cole will nicely remind me if I need to donate to it ;)

  4. I miss Bacon's...loved their midnight madness sales.

  5. Nope, can't say I remember those. it was BL (before Lauren)... haha :)

  6. I too don't remember those! I am sure it's a geographical thing! Remembering things like that are so fun!

    Thanks so much for your comment today! It's exactly what I needed! I do need to let it go!! Beautiful!

    Thanks friend!


  7. Zayres sounds really familiar to me. I would never have remembered it until you mentioned it, but it sounds familiar. And I, of course, remember Bacons.

    But I sure love my Super Target. You guys don't have one of those, do you? They need to get them in your area - best store ever!

  8. Oh my goodness I don't know what any of those stores were! And I seriously can't think of any stores that I went to when I was little that aren't here today. But I do miss Peter Piper Pizza, wish they didn't go out of business! (It was my first job)

  9. We didn't have any of those stores! lol

  10. Are you from Louisville? TG%Y-oh yeah! Bacons! Bacons was a remnant from befor malls. It finally went into a mall, but didn't survive. Going to Bacons was so cool! Zayre--I remember it, but we didn't go there!

    I remember going to department stores downtown--all marble buildings, for Christmas shopping. Whenever I smell coffee, I get hungry for a Club Sandwich because I always got a 1/4 of my mom's sandwich at the coffee shop in the department store. I loved shopping like that!

  11. What I want to know is what happened to LS Ayres. Do you remember that store? My mom loved going there!

  12. This is freaky!! The husband & I were literally talking LAST NIGHT about stores we grew up with & loved to go to for back to school shopping.

    The top on our lists: TG&Y!!!!!

    THis is spooky!!!

  13. Don't know those stores but I, too had that little treehouse and it was so cute and one of my favorite toys! I even looked for one on Ebay once...found a couple and of course, cost about $50!

  14. I don't know these stores, either, but I used to love that treehouse! I don't think I ever had one, but I had friends who did and I was jealous!

    Also jealous - you have Robin's autograph???? Seriously, I was in love with him and Batman when I was little. Like I would kiss the screen. Deep, abiding love.

  15. We didn't have any of those stores where I lived - I used to be all about the Atienne Aigner shoes, though! Did you have a Woolworth's near you?

  16. I've never heard of those stores. LOL

    And I honestly can't even remember which stores aren't around any more. I'm going to have to think about that and ask around. Hmmm...

    Ohh, Frederick's or whatever it was called. The Bon Marche of it's day or something.


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