Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What I learned...

So I got to teach again this week & wow... I love this story in the Bible... the story of the woman who was a "sinner" & came & anointed Jesus feet & wept & washed those precious feet with her hair...

Some of the points I shared, which I think every person can tuck into their "heart box" - that's what I've been telling the kids - they may not have the "big" sins in their lives yet being Jr. Higher's - but when that day comes - & ohhh, they will!!! - they can pull this file out of their heart box & remember....

This woman walked in & there was Simon & everyone staring at her... they knew she probably wasnt the most upstanding citizen of the area... did she care? Nope!

Did she hear Simon say to himself (Luke 7:39) that this woman is a sinner?

I put that out to the kids - what do you do if you hear someone talking about you? I aint going to lie - if I heard someone saying something about me - I'll do two things - probably leave or confront! This woman had every right to forget why she was there & get all "finger in the face" telling off right there to Simon - but it didnt deter her one bit!

And THEN... even worse - she weeped & let the tears wash Jesus' feet! I say even worse, because when someone is looking down on you or making fun of you - isnt that the LAST thing you want to do is CRY in front of them? This woman, once again just shows she is not there for anything else but to show her love for Jesus... wow!

Tears....I guess sometimes tears are the only words you have left!!!!

No talking back to anyone in that room - no making excuses for who she was - she was a woman who wanted to show Jesus how much he meant to her.

Then she gets to hear the words out of the mouth of the ONE who mattered

"Your sins are forgiven ... Your faith has saved you... go in peace" (vs 48, 50)

I want to be that person - who doesnt let anything deter me from going to Jesus feet & showing him how much I love him... so he can tell me that I'm forgiven...

Yes - sometimes tears ARE the only words you have left after a moment like that....


  1. Wow Rebecca. That is a powerful way to teach a lesson. So many times we forget that we should only think about His opinion of us.

  2. Absolutely beautiful and so so true!!!!! :)

  3. This is what it means to be meek. To not counter accusations with angry responses. Meekness is very much lacking in society today. I struggle with it. We're taught tit for tat. Jesus knew her heart, and she submitted to Him. What a lesson to those around her and for us today. God knows our hearts. We don't have to defend ourselves to others here on earth. His opinion is the only one that matters.

  4. I bet your youth group LOVES you! You have such a good way of teaching and relating to others. What a gift!

  5. Hi Rebecca! I saw you over at giggles and grace blog and wanted to visit!

    I want to be that person too. I want to be the person who doesn't let anyone of anything deter me from Jesus.

    Great word!!!


  6. I always want people to see him in me. I'm not perfect and he just loves me. Faults and all.
    Man he is so good to us!!!
    Love the heart box!! I think we could all remember to tuck somethings away there.

  7. Wow! very cool! You come up with the best stuff!


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