Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

*My phone is all messed up... my phone is a Razor & had the flip face... but every time I flip it to close, the light burns out & then I cant see any numbers or any texts... so its useless to me. After all - who expects me to REMEMBER numbers when all you do is go to a name & hit the enter button.... SOOOO... I'm off this weekend to get a new one. Any recommendations? My brother has the Iphone which is SWEETTTTT... but I'm looking at maybe a Blackberry sorta thing? What do you all have? Which is better?

*My doggies go to get groomed tomorrow! Thank goodness - Zoe is chewing at herself & matting herself up, while Sydney is just panting away.... they'll be all beautiful skin tomorrow night.

*Jeremy Camp gave a free concert at the Kentucky State Fair Monday night. It was FANTASTIC!! I got to go with 6 girls from our girls youth small group. They are each such different personalities, but they get along so well & are each a blessing in their own way. Look at these faces... arent they the cutest!!! (& look at that crowd! Nothing like praising the Lord with HUNDREDS & HUNDREDS of other people!)

*Anyone else watching "Drop Dead Diva" on Lifetime? My mom turned me onto this & I'm in total love with it now. Its about a beautiful aspiring model who died & came back in the body of a "size 16 lawyer"... it has a feel of Ally McBeal (which I LOVVVVED) but its just the sweetest show - funny, touching. The actress who plays Jane is just so adorable! It comes on Sunday nights so if you havent caught it yet... its a MUST!

*SPAT OF THE WEEK: Ready for this heavy topic.... BREAD!!!! Yes, the argument was over bread. And this is a long going argument that spurts its ugly head every now & then! I like soft, squishy bread, if you will. Ricky likes the "tougher" sorta bread - which I just call STALE! So since I'm tired of throwing away a half loaf of each, & I do the grocery shopping, I've just bought my kind lately. Oh, the fit a grown man can throw over bread! hehe!!! I told him when he starts doing the grocery shopping, he can then buy his own stale, nasty stuff... I'm such a mean wife! :) (For the record, I do try to slip his kind in every now & then... on weeks I know I'm going to fast from eating bread of any kind!)

*Anyone else interested in watching Kate Gosselin on "The View" when she fills in for Elizabeth? I think I may have to tape it just to see how it goes.
*Not to make anyone jealous if you dont live in the area... but the next week... OH MY GOODNESS... its going to be in the 70's for the high & in the 50's for the lows at night... AAHH - open the windows... fresh air, welcome to my humble abode!

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday


  1. I'm the same way with bread--I like one kind, my guy likes the other. So...I buy both and put it in the freezer. That way it doesn't go south and can last longer. Granted, you have to plan ahead if you want a slice, but still--I'd rather toss a slice in the microwave to thaw it out than have the bread go moldy. : )

  2. I have the Razr too & the screen is starting to flicker to black every so often. I really want to get an iPhone, but once I started looking at the monthly fee - it set me back on my heels a bit. I'm such a tightwad on stuff like that - but man I would love to have one. But I'm also a Mac user (geek) & I love my Apple stuff!
    When my phone finally does die - I would like one that is easier to text on. While I don't text a whole lot - the little buttons on the Razr is just annoying - hard to drive & text! JUST KIDDING!

  3. Oh my goodness, I am LOVING Drop Dead Diva. It's so cute. I watch it every week. I was so sad to see Fred leave. He was funny.

    Yah for the doggies getting groomed! We used to take ours to get groomed, but now we do it all ourselves. It's sort of fun.

    Happy FF!

  4. Thanks for the Diva reminder. That was one show I really wanted to see, but haven't. Glad to hear that it's good.

    Funny how so many homes have different bread preferences!

  5. I have the iPhone and I have had the Blackberry too. The iPhone is so easy and I can read my mail and blog on it but the monthly fees are high. I like the texting and the camera too. I do not like the ring tones offered and I do not pay for ring tones, ever. I like my bread with grains and everyone else likes white so I buy Sara Lee whole grain white. It is soft.
    We are going to have the same type of weather and it is supposed to dip down in the 40's. I hate the cold!!!!

  6. I so want either a crackberry or an IPhone. I don't have a preference, either will do.

    I am going to see Styx at the Walworth County Fair next weekend, I am so excited!

    The bread arguement is ongoing in our house too. I prefer the hard "stale" bread myself and Matt likes the mushy bread.

  7. I just got the ENV3 and love it!! Love drop dead diva she is very cute! Just buy two 1/2 loaves.

  8. I LOVE Drop Dead Diva! Such a good show! And I am sad they took Fred off, I liked him.

  9. I got a EnV Touch a few weeks ago now, and absolutely love it! It has the touch screen, but also a full keyboard inside. You can do anything you want on it (I chose not to have Internet, though, b/c I have to be able to get away from it sometimes!).

    Another blogger turned me on to Drop Dead Diva and I can't remember who. Watched all the episodes this past week. It's great!

  10. My hubby has a blackberry (of one form or another) and it has some brother in law has an iphone and loves it. He just got it a week ago though so no time to really see bugs yet.

  11. Thanks for visiting me... sorry about the gain in pounds, LOL

    I'm looking forward to the cooler weather too, although it only got about 90 about 4 or 5 days here this year. Pretty cold summmer, actually.

  12. My cousin turned me onto Drop Dead a few weeks ago and I love it!!

    And yes, those are very cute faces :-)

  13. I want to see Jeremy Camp!! And the weather sounds amazing!!

  14. Get a Samsung Jack! Much cheaper than the iPhone and Blackberry and does everything you will need it to do - email, internet surfing, etc. I have the Blackjack, which is the older version and love it. My boss just got the Jack and loves it. Steve has an iPhone, and of course, it rocks, but I love my Samsung, and the internet plan on it is pretty cheap.

  15. I saw the chick from Drop Dead Diva on GMA this morning - and also the Paula Abdul cameo. I was a little confused so thanks for explaining!

  16. I have an Android G1 and I absolutely LOVE it! I'm going to be posting about it next week! I also had a Razr, and was not all that impressed with it. The best thing about it was that it was purple! ;-)

    Happy Friday!

  17. I love Drop Dead Diva!!! It's great, and I'm sure Fox is kicking itself for passing up on it!

    I really enjoyed reading your fragments!

  18. I like soft bread too :)

    And you already got me watching Dating in the Dark...I can't get hooked on another show! LOL

  19. Oh my...I am laughing...

    Some couples fight over toilet paper (your's truly), some fight over bread.

    Toooooo funny!

    Tell him you'll buy whatever's on sale. One week you suffer, the next week he suffers.

  20. Forgot to include my two cents as far as phones...

    Go with the iPhone. You'll have way more fun...with all of the neat apps...

  21. I have an iPhone and I love it. I can not compare it to a Blackberry, but I can tell you I am not sorry I got the iPhone.

  22. I have the same phone as you. I have not had that happen to me. I will watch Kate. I do like her. Have a great weekend. Enjoy your weather.

  23. I haven't watched the Diva show but now have to tune it! It sounds fun. I have the IPhone and LOVE it. I did have a blackberry and liked that too. I know they are way improved now so you'll have to check them both out and see what works best for you.

    SOOOOOO jealous of your weather. It's a HOT 95 still. UGH!!!

  24. I'm LOVING Drop Dead Diva - it's definitely much better than I thought it was going to be. :)

    I like my bread soft and squishy, too. Hubby doesn't care either way, so at least I don't have to think about him when I'm buying bread...(evil grin!) Since you were originally throwing out 1/2 a loaf of each, what if you bought a loaf of your soft squishy bread, then leave 1/2 of it out to go stale for your hubby? :)

    Happy FF! :)

  25. Highs in the 70's are perfect!!

    I'm gonna watch Kate on The View. She just might be kinda good at that kind of thing.

    Your bread argument cracks me up!

  26. Can you buy half loaves there? That's what I do sometimes since I don't eat it a lot and a whole loaf is too much!

    I'm going to have to watch for that Drop Dead Diva show, it looks cute!

  27. I just bought the Blackberry Curve last week and I am LOVING it! I too had the Razor and it was messing up all the time so I was trying to decide between the iphone and the curve and heard better things about the Blackberry. I heard the iphone got bad reception and a lot of people were returning it because it wasn't a great "phone",but attracted people because of the games. If you want apps then go with the iphone, but the blackberry is more functional as a phone/email/text.

    I am so glad you are getting into the Drop Dead Diva show now! I told you it is ADORABLE!

    Well I hope you are having a great weekend and let us know what you decide to go with :)

  28. I have a Razor also, have been looking at the blackberry I just hate buying phones. The Iphone sounds great but that price is too steep for me.

    LOVING Drop dead Diva, she has the best personality and is just too much fun! My new fav!

    Ahhh the girls look so sweet, glad you got to go and had fun ;)

  29. Oh I have an iPhone and I love it!!!! I'm addicted! In fact I'm blogging from it right now!

  30. I've had both the iPhone and blackberry and as much as I loved my blacberry at the time it doesn't compare to the iPhone!

    I LOVE drop dead diva! Such a cute show! Seriously love it!

    So jealous you got to see Jeremy Camp and for free!

  31. I'm still using my old Motorola; haven't gotten with the times just yet, sorry.

    The girls looked really happy at the concert. It's great that you could have such fun for FREE!

    Bread. Hm. Sorry, I'm with hubby. White bread is nothing but wasted calories and carbs. The softer the bread, the less good for you it is. I wish your hubby was here to try my favorite-LaBrea Whole Grain. It's VERY good, and everyone who tries it loves it! I prefer mine toasted, with crunchy (natural :) peanut butter. Yummm.

    Have a great rest-of-your weekend~!

  32. I'm partial to the blackberry because that's what I have and I looooooove it!!!!!! :)

  33. Love, love, love Drop Dead Diva. I often cry when I watch it. Parts of it move me like when I watch Ruby.


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