Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

*OH MY GOSH... tonight is the night!!!! What, you may ask?... well one of the awesome girls in my youth group & her fantastic mommy has invited me to come along with them tonight... Where, you may ask? Just take a look!!!

YES!! I'm going to go see Journey & Heart tonight!!! (No Cheap Trick - but that's fine with me)... I am going to flash back to the 80's tonight! I think I may have to sport a side pony tail & put on some blue eye liner & pink eye shadow & sport some lace gloves in honor of Heart!!! Hopefully I'll have some pictures to come!

*I am so excited for my friend Lynn - you have to go visit her & tell her congrats! She is going back to school!!! And she just celebrated her 50th birthday this past year & is ready to tackle the books again!! I think that is the coolest thing EVER!!!! I told her she has to carry some Princess notepads & pencils!! I'd even sport a cute pink Princess backpack.... What an inspiration though! You can ALWAYS follow your dream!!! WHOOO HOOO Friend!
*Did everyone see the new cast for Dancing with the Stars? At first, I wasnt all that impressed, but you know what - I didnt even know who Shawn or Giles was at the beginning of last year - & they quickly became my favorites. So I'm excited about just seeing them all dance!

My prediction though - Donnie Osmond will make it to the finals! If his sister made it - Donnie has even more fans out there! Plus - he's a little bit Rock-n-Roll.. he's gotta be able to shake that booty! Let's just hope that his partner doesnt dress him up like a doll anytime during the year... anyone remember this tragedy of a dance?

*Spat of the week: WHY WHY WHY must Ricky leave his belt in his pants when he takes them off at the end of the day? So every time I go around to pick up pants out of the hamper - (or the floor, which is the norm.... man thing, I guess) - I have to stop & take out the belt.... dude owns like 10 belts too, so its a constant!!!!

*Poor little Tommie - my "great nephew" doggie - has bronchitis... he's now on antibiotics, but to hear a 2 lbs doggie cough is just so pitiful! But never fear - he doesnt have to exert himself even walking... his "mommy" is ready to carry him everywhere... they even have time to play dress up! My brother sent me this picture this morning... can a dog get TOO much attention? nah!!!

(& for perspective - that hat is a hat that fits the American Doll)

*Still gotta get to the movies - I want to see "Time Travelers Wife" & I also want to see "Julie & Julia"... anyone see either yet? Do you recommend?

*PROJECT RUNWAY is back!!!! I DVR'ed it - so havent go to watch it yet... but looking forward to it!!! I just love Tim Gunn... but I wonder 'Where's Andre... Andre?... Andre!"..... (Santino did the best impression EVER!)

Happy Friday everyone!!!


  1. I DVRed the new Project Runway too. I am not sure why they switched networks, but I hope the show didn't change.

    I want to see the Time Traveler's Wife and Julie and Julia, but not in the theatre. I don't like paying movie ticket prices for girly movies for some reason. lol

    Cute doggy!

  2. For whatever reasons, Journey makes me laugh. I have some good memories with some of their songs, I guess!

  3. Okay RJ,
    If you opt out of the side pony tail go for the Aqua Net "Big Do". Come on it's Journey and Heart ~~ 80's music in a nutshell. Oh bliss for few, sheer bliss!!

    Loving that doggie ~~ poor thang.

    Looking forward to some blue eyeliner pics =)

    Have a Super Blessed time,

  4. Oh boo it's me again!! I forgot to tell you ~~ did you see on Angie Smith's blog where she is doing a Book club? Yep I am really excited. In fact, I've already bought my book. So fun!!

    Love you,

  5. I soooo want to see those movies too, wanna go?? haha!!

    And LOVE that picture of the dog, too cute! And bummer the poor thing is such though!

  6. So jealous of Jouney! Have fun!

    Haven't seen the movies but I read the books...Julie and Julia was really cute and I did not like Time Travelers Wife. I heard that the movie reviews are about equal

  7. I haven't seen either movie, so see them for me and let me know what you think.

    Tell your friend she will be the best student in the class - honestly. My best students usually have lived a little and have something to say.

  8. Hope you had fun at your 80's night. My husband does the same thing with his pants. I am there trying to put the clothes in the wash and I am stuck with a belt. A pain. I want to also see the movies you talked about. I have read The Time traveler's wife and now I am working on Julie and Julia..

    I hope the dog gets better...

  9. enjoy the concert!! I love both groups.

    Congrats to your friend for going back to school. I admire anyone who takes on this type of challenge - esp us "older folks" :D

    The DWTS lineup was puzzling. After this many years you would think they could find some more "bonafide" stars to participate...I agree. Donny already has some decent rhythm. He will do well..

  10. Hahaha! Andre? Oh I can't wait to watch Project Runway! I love that show! Congrats to your friend! My mom went back to school at the same age so I know what a big deal it is, and hard to do!

    Have tonight! Don't forget your scrunchie!

  11. I must say I'm jealous of you going to see Journey and Heart. Have enough fun for me too!

  12. Thanks for the "encouragement" my sister friend... and I am SO jealous of you... say Journey before they were really "anyone to see"... Yep... Heart too.... ah.... those were the days... BUT I'm happy where I am... wouldn't trade today to go back to yesterday for ANYTHING!!!!

  13. Have a great time at the concert tonight! I can't wait to see what you decided to wear. Your comment about Donny and the babydoll cracked me up. Too funny! Have a wonderful weekend my dear.

  14. Journey is my all time favorite! Oh...I wish I could go!!!
    I hope the little dog gets better..Poor thing!
    Have a great weekend..Julie

  15. My husband does the belt thing too! Or he'll take off his clothes when putting on his jammies and leave it all inside out on the table. GROSS!

    Have fun at the concert. I'm kinda sad that Cheap Trick won't be there. I sure loved them!

  16. Oh girl. You made me laugh! Thank you cause I needed it after reading a couple of sad things. son does the SAME THING with his belts! Now, my dh doesn't, but the boy does. Drives me nuts! The thing is that his waist is so darned little that he can slide his pants right off without undoing them. It gets worst when he's getting ready to shower, IYKWIM. Ugh! That boy is gonna drive me crazy one of these days.

    And the puppy thing...poor dear. My Molly had about a month of coughing when I first got her. Prednisone finally did the trick. Another ugh.

  17. I didn't even know dogs could get bronchitis. Hope he feels better soon!

  18. Youre a chain puker?? I love it!! I'm weird, I know. But that makes me chuckle!!

    Hallie :)

  19. I hope you had fun at the concert!

    I am going to have to find somewhere to watch PR online. I'm curious to see if they made any crazy changes too. I'm not sure why they moved to LA, it seems like NYC would have better fabric stores with the fashion district RIGHT THERE.

  20. Wow-That's a lot of fragments to unload! I'm glad you joined in this week-these were great.

    So, do you leave the belts in an inconvenient place when you remove them? That might get your point across. :)

    Hope you had fun at the concert! Off to visit Lynn :)


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