Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sacred Grounds Reveal, Baby Showers & Chicken babies?

Well, its been a busy Sunday - but an exciting Sunday.... why so exciting? Because we got to open up the other side of our "trailer" that the Youth uses. You may remember the pictures of the Jr. High side - if you dont know about that - the "Cross Roads" in my header is an example of the painting my brother did.

So time to do the OTHER side for the Sr. High. Everyone wanted a more "mature" atmosphere & it turned out just PERFECT. Look at some of these pictures!

My brother & his friend Maurice, who helped out bundles too!

For the record - that is NOT real stone - but painted with air brush touch ups! My brother, Tony also did window covers out of cedar wood that blocks out all the light, which we need for the media we use.... they have crosses on them too & just look AMAZING! - smells so nice in there too with all the cedar!!!!

To add to the theme - since the Sr. High's name is "Sacred Grounds" - & coffee shop based - Tony painted it like you were sitting in the coffee shop looking out the window... how awesome is that?

I need to take a picture of the WHOLE room come together now.... there is a bar unit he also built that is being finished up this week... & the room just looks awesome with tall tables & short tables & chairs scattered around the room... a true coffee shop atmosphere... its so impressive - truly! I'll post some "finished" room pictures later!

The kids all LOVED it! Is my brother talented or what??????
I said my donationa could be a KNITTED WINDOW COVER!!!! yeah - not so much... but hey, we all have something we're good at - or in Tony's case - some times, its about things you are GREAT at!!!!

Then I got to hang out with my buddy Carly at Subway & we headed to the baby shower.... here's a quick shot of the fastest knitted blanket in the world!!! I still cant believe I finished it... the pics not that great, but I was literally snapping away as I was wrapping it up..... baby's room is pink & green so now little baby Ava is going to be wrapped in love!

And for fun - here's a picture of my baby I drew on a paper plate on the top of my head... dont you love Baby Shower games? I totally thought I should win - I added a bottle (that actually ended up in the hands!) - a rattle & a block for play... who cares if the baby looks like it has chicken legs & chicken hands... I came in 2nd... I'm such a sore loser!

But now, I'm ready to kick back, watch the madness of Big Brother (did you all see Chima is GONE!!!) & get some rest!

OH - & FYI - wanted to show the picture from today of my sunflower I mentioned the other day - the "damaged" one... look how beautiful those blooms are... it may be one of my favorite years of sunflowers - even though it fell... LOVE those reaching blooms!!!!

Hope you all have had as great as a weekend as I have!!!!


  1. Wowza! What a fabulous artist he is! Incredible detail!

    Love the sunflower - never seen one with the dark burnt orange/red "face'. Gorgeous!

  2. The blanket was beautiful, the senior high room amazing! What a talented family!

    Love the baby shower game; what a great :)

  3. What an amazing youth space! I'm going to show that to our Youth Director for inspiration.

  4. What an amazing room . They have to feel so special. Your brother is totally talented.
    I love the blanket and the sunflowers are so pretty.
    Have a great week!!

  5. I am totally blown away by your brother's talent! Those walls look AMAZING! I don't think the kids are ever going to want to leave!

  6. Wow! Your brother is truly talented and did an AMAZING job on the youth room! I'm glad that you had such a great weekend and it looks like you had fun at the baby shower. LOVE the baby blanket too :)

  7. The room looks AMAZING!!! So professional! The kids are going to know they are loved by the thought that went into every detail!! Love the blanket too! The colors are so pretty together!!!

  8. I can't believe how great that room looks! I wish I could have a small piece of his talent!

    And your sunflowers are beautiful :-)

  9. Seriously RJ, that brother of yours is definitely talented!!! That is amazing!!

    I love your pic ~~ you get first place in my book =)

    And those sunflowers?!! Love 'em!! Have a Blessed Monday,

  10. Oh my gosh! The painting is fantastic! Holy crap!

  11. They are amazing!! Simply Beautiful!!! And, I love the sunflowers!!!


  12. Love the work your brother does...hopefully I will get to see it in person some time. The rocks are amazing!!

  13. the room look amazing! He is a fantastic artist!

  14. Oh my gosh!!! RJ, I am blown away!! What talent, I am serious. And using it for such good things :)

  15. The artwork in the trailer is awesome. It reminds me of the contemporary version of our church service which is called Higher Ground. :)

    Love the sunflowers too!

  16. WOW!!!! That painting and artwork is amazing. What talent! And how sweet of you brother to do that for y'all. Great job! Can't wait to see all it when it's all done.

  17. Such wonderful artwork! Talent runs in your family :D

  18. Oh my goodness - he is super talented! That painting is amazing! :-)

  19. WOW!! Your brother is completely and totally amazing!! Such talent! Can't wait to see the whole room!

    And the baby blanket is adorable. You're very talented as well! Great genes in your family. LOL

    Cracking UP at your baby drawing! Hilarious!


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