Sunday, August 09, 2009

Me & Steven Curtis Chapman.... sorta!

So Women of Faith is over for another year.... & I am exhausted... but excited... it was another year full of awesome-ness!

Patsy Clairmont & her amazing speaking - Lisa Welchel from Facts of Life & her insight on growing up fast in a world on her own - Sheila Walsh & her honest story of her & her husbands real life situation - Mandisa & her amazing testimony & her INCREDIBLE voice (this girl just got to me...I'm totally a Mandisa fan now!)... & the other speakers were fantastic...but I know - you all want to know if I accomplished my goal...

Did I get to get my picture with Steven Curtis Chapman?

Well - let me tell you - He was playing Friday night! His wife, Mary Beth was there, along with the two little girls & I knew instantly, he was going to be going home with them & he wouldnt be staying for the next day.

So our seats were PERFECT this year - right on the floor but up slightly on the side- WONDERFUL seats.... & Steven started singing & telling his story & I knew I had to do something - SOMETHING - to get a picture with him... I leaned over to my friend Carly & asked if I ran down on the floor, would she be willing to take a picture... she was nervous, but I had to pump up her "Mischief Meter" & she's in.... so low & behold... this is what we got!!!!

Yes - that is me & Stephen Curtis Chapman in the SAME PICTURE!!! Good enough for me! HAHAHA!!!!

It was fun though because all the people down on those front rows watching me run down & do this were cracking up at me... You cant see my face, but I'm pointing & making a face like "OH MY GOSH!"... at least I made some people laugh for the day!

And I was right - Steven didnt stay after this night - & he did no autograph sessions - so I'm glad I did what I did that night... I'll take what I can get!

But the weekend was just fantastic....

Rode up with my buddy Lynn & her daughters, Carly & Rachel & Chandra... had to make a lunch stop at Micky D's & picked up a new friend, Pico... (Hey - if any of you get the Beanie Baby Lamb - remember your knitting friend Rebecca Jo! I'm trying to get him! My Sister-friend Lynn even went up & asked if she could trade her's for a lamb... sigh... no lamb!)

Going into the conference with Lynn & her girls - love all these sweet souls in this picture!

Friday was awesome with Patsy & Steven - then we got to go out to eat at Cheeseburger Paradise... Look at my cute little mini burgers next to a regular size burger... I said it makes it look like a MONSTER BURGER!

Saturday was just full of great speakers, music & God's Spirit filling the room... & it was full of exactly what I knew it would be - laughter, tears, laughter, tears, laughter... Its crazy how you can be laughing at something & immediately be touched where your heart just sobs... that just reflects how these ladies do such a good job at reaching out to others with their words...

Another wonderful year.... the exhaustion is all worth it.... Lauren, you are going to LOVE it - Heather, you HAVE to go with us next year... & all you other ladies, I totally recommend if Women of Faith ever comes around - take the time for yourself... you'll leave blessed & refreshed...


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.

  2. I love all your photos! It looks like you had a great time! :)

  3. Count me in! As soon as you know the date, let me know and I will make sure I am off of work that weekend, 'kay?

    I LOVE the picture of you and SCC!

  4. LOL that first picture is priceless, I love it!!
    What wonderful time you had, I'm so happy for you!

  5. Okay RJ,
    So like you are the cutest thing in Green and Steven. I mean really, I'd have probably wet my pants if you'd asked me to take that pic. I'd have been waiting for the police to haul us off. Yeah, my mischief meter is so on the WAY NORMAL END of things.

    So cute!!! This was so fun!! I need to get out more =)

    Love you friend ~~ you make me smile sweet one ~~ have a Blessed day,

  6. You make me so excited to go!!! Can't wait!!!! And that picture with SCC is HILARIOUS!!!! HAHA!!! :)

  7. I KNEW you were going to have an amazing time! Thanks for letting us be a part of it!

  8. LOL Love that you "sort of" got a picture with Mr. Chapman!

    Sounds like you had an awesome time! I've never gone to WOF but I'm sure I will some day.

  9. That picture of you and SCC is stinking hilarious! Ha!

    I used to go to WOF every year, but haven't in a LONG time. Looks like fun :)

  10. Ha! Love the pic with Steven. Are ya'll on a first name basis now? hehe

    Rayna has to Picos, I'll keep an eye out for the lamb for you!

  11. I love, love girls weekends away! That is too funny with SCC!

  12. Well, sometimes we have to take these Superior Snaps on the sly, don't we? In DC, tourists flock by the dozens to have their pix taken with cardboard cutouts of Obama, Bush, etc. At least you're sharing a frame with the real thing!

  13. You girls know how to have a good time!

  14. The picture's a little dark and blurry - how can we be sure it's you. I demand DNA testing ;-)

    BTW, Love your funky hat!!


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