Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jesus story with my niece

The twins start back to school this morning... school being pre-K... but they are so excited to get back with their teachers & to learn & play & draw - all the fun stuff that Pre-K has to offer.

So I had to go over & love on them some before their first day (& visit those adorable puppies)...

It was bath time & their mommy was giving Madi her shower so I got to play with Sophia until it was her time. So one thing I love about these girls - they've got their love of books like their Aunt Bec.

Sophia & I sit on the bed & I pull up their story book Bible. We are going through pages of Jesus.

Sophia showed me a picture of them nailing Jesus to the cross (all in cartoon pictures, mind you) & then the next page had him hanging on the cross.... she asked "Why are they doing that to him"... how do you respond to a 4 yr old about that? I did give her the answer that Jesus had to die so that we could be with him forever - that he took away our sins on that cross... & then QUICKLY turned the page to show him coming out of the tomb... DA-TAAAAA - he's OK!!! Relief on Sophia's face!!!! Whew!

So I flip backwards in the book & we see Jesus feeding the crowds with fish & bread... we see the picture of Zaccheus in a tree... all cute stories...

& then we come across the picture of Jesus & Jarius's daughter. Sophia asks "What is Jesus doing with that little girl?"... well - after the "Death scene" from the previous pages, I did leave out that this little girl had died.... but I did tell Sophia that this little girl was so sick & her daddy went & got Jesus & Jesus came in & she was healed - she was OK!!! DA-TAAAA!!! (I love adding sound effects to stories with young ones!... & of course, you gotta throw your arms in the air along with sound effects for dramatic purposes!!!)

Sophia asked - "How did Jesus heal her?"

I told her that he touched her... she then said "How did he do it?" - I said "God can heal like that - with just a touch!"

Then with all the innocence of a child - she said "Is Jesus MAGIC!!!!????"

Me & my mind... I immediately said - "I dont think Magic is the word - but Jesus does have SPIRIT FINGERS"....

Then I just made myself laugh - which got her laughing (I'm sure she didnt know why) - but then it was Sophia's time for a shower....

Jesus stories with my nieces... the best times ever!


  1. Oh my goodness. That is the best line ever..."Jesus has spirit fingers."

    Too cute. : )

  2. I love to see little ones soak up the Word in their own sweet way.

    We always talk about having Jesus in your heart and acting in a way toward others so that they will "see" Jesus through us. My older two get it; Gabe is still in that very literal stage of thinking, and he thinks Jesus has physically taken up residence in his chest.

    I love it!

  3. Awww, so precious, and I love them spirit fingers, haha!!! :)

  4. TADAAAAAAA.....SPIRIT FINGERS!!!! That is precious!

  5. That's so precious how she asked..."Is Jesus magic?"

  6. Wishing the girls a wonderful school year.

  7. RJ,
    How sweet ~~ Spirit fingers indeed!!!

    Have a Blessed day friend,

  8. such sweet girls - and you are a devoted Aunt! Hope they enjoy Pre-K :-)

  9. I love your story telling! DA-Taa! Spirit fingers! How visual Did you know that scabs are God's Bandaids?

    BTW, I'm from Middletown!

  10. Ha! Jesus has spirit fingers! That's awesome :)

  11. Spirit Fingers. Hilarious! Love it! =D


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