Saturday, August 15, 2009

Six Word Saturday


Actually, there isn't.... why? I have a baby shower tomorrow & I started a baby blanket about a week ago.... so I've been knitting like CRAZY to finish it up. Coming down to the wire. I actually knitted last night for 4 hrs straight - literally & seriously... I didnt move off the couch - had my Diet coke next to me - had my TV on a movie channel & went through two movies! The first was "To Die For" with Nicole Kidman.... forgot how weird that movie was. The second - "Firestarter" with my fav, Drew Barrymore. Never saw it - but had to laugh at how stupid the movie was. WOW - the effects of the 70's were pitiful!

But the whole time - fingers didnt stop!!! I was going to try & stay up until I was finished but my hands were like claws.... & it was 1;00 am anyways....

So today - I have already knocked out about 25 rows... only have about 30 more & I'm finished!!!

Pictures will be coming - dont wanna give anything away until new momma gets it tomorrow!

Happy Saturday!!!


  1. Good luck finishing your project! It sounds like you're in good shape with it now.

    Thanks for playing.

  2. Wishing I had your talent. I need to work on a stroller blanket for a baby gift. No shower. No pressure. But really must get started on it. Hope it turns out beautiful and your fingers get a rest! Happy SWS!

  3. WTG on all the knitting. I have never seen either of those movies.

  4. wow that is dedication! I bet the blanket is beautiful and the new mamma will enjoy it very much!

    just stopped by from 6-word Saturday :)


  5. wow that is amazing!! Good luck with it!

  6. Sure it will be great! Can't wait for the pictures !

  7. Wow that is so great to have a blanket.

  8. Good luck with your blanket! I'm sure she'll love it!

    Happy 6WS!


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