Saturday, August 22, 2009

Open Arms....

So first, I have to thank these two right here for taking me to see Journey & Heart... it was such a blessing & I so appreciate it!
And of course, the concert was FANTASTIC! The bad thing - we had the Photo Nazi in our area. See the picture above, I took just this one picture & she was running down, snapping her fingers & letting us know "NO PICTURES ALLOWED"... I tried to tell her that I was just taking pictures of my friends - there were no bands even out there.... NO!!!! Sigh... so no pictures of the concert... but know - it was FANTASTIC!
But, I did snap another picture during the night - one picture that will forever strike me as a memory of the night.... here it is...

Who are these two women? I have no idea...
Their names? I have no idea...
But I can tell you - these two women touched me beyond words...
The woman in the wheelchair, I'll call her "HOPE" - you could tell she was not well. She looked like she was in pain - looked weak - looked uncomfortable - looked like she was just suffering.

Her friend, I'll call her "GRACE" was with her during the whole concert. And I mean WITH her during the whole concert.

Hope was sitting during Heart & was enjoying it, but you could see that when Journey came on - that was why she was there! And since being in the wheelchair & with everyone standing, her view was distorted. Grace put Hope's arm around her shoulder & helped lift her up so she could see Journey with her own eyes for just a few minutes.

I knew right there during this concert, my view & my heart were going to be settled right here on these two.

Grace would rub Hope's back when she was getting uncomfortable - she would hold her hair up & fan the back of her neck (as she's doing in this picture), she would alter her position to try & get Hope into a place where she could sit for just a few more minutes.

The best part - Grace would look down at Hope & smile at her every time their eyes met - it was like speaking with no words - words of "I'm here for you... I'll help you through anything"
Then... oh mercy... I can see it all again - the song "Open Arms" came on...
Hope barely raised her arms in full excitement & Grace came from behind the wheelchair & put her arms under Hope's arm & she lifted her right up out of that wheelchair. She griped her arms around Hope's chest & with all her strength, she held her up during the whole song...
when the words of the chorus was sung: "So now I come to you, with open arms - Nothing to hide, believe what I say - So here I am with open arms - Hoping youll see what your love means to me - Open arms"

They both started streaming tears.... it was such a view of friendship that just tore me right to my heart....

To hear those words of that song through the eyes of a friend who obviously is there to help her friend through all the struggles of her life... with this woman holding up her friend, literally with open arms... it was such a moment I felt honored to even witness.
After the song was over, Grace had to walk out for just a minute to wipe her face....
I dont know these women or their story.... but I can tell that there is struggle there.... I could see pain & heart ache.... but I sat in a rock concert & witnessed what LOVE was... the power of a friendship....
Yeah - it was a great concert....


  1. made me cry. Happy tears. I am so glad you got to witness such a wonderful sight! (and that you got to go to the concert too!)

  2. What a great concert. My daughter told me that the college kids love Journey and sing Don't Stop Believing all the time. She knows all the words, it's just too funny.
    Songs remind me of friends and good times. I am so glad you had a great time.

  3. I flew to Memphis to see Journey. I was in second row; a lady in a wheelchair was in front of me, with her friend. It was their first concert ever. The lead singer, Arnel Pineda, stopped in front of them and sang to the wheelchair lady several times. Had he seen your two friends, I know he would have done the same. Thank you for sharing a story of grace, hope and true friendship.

  4. You had a wonderful time. I am happy to hear that.

  5. How awesome!!! Thank you so much for sharing...this really made me think about my best friend...I miss her so much and wish she lived in the same town as me...heck, the same state as me :) I would do ANYTHING for her too!

  6. Awesome story my friend... that is a true picture of friendship... and isn't that something that you would see Christ doing for a brother or sister.... oh yeah.

  7. WOW ~~ Serious love right there!!! What a beautiful picture of real love is all about.

    Have a Blessed Sunday,

  8. Oh my gosh, That is so cool to see. I don't know how she can even lift her out, dead weight is not easy, even when they're thin. Thanks for sharing, and sneakily taking pics.

  9. Oh wow - I would love to see that concert! Sounds like it was a blast!

  10. Thats an awesome story!!

  11. Simply amazing! The power of love... It's so good!!

  12. what a heartwarming story....

    P.S. Rollerskating to Journey in the 80's was da bomb - wasn't it :D

  13. Dude. Tears. Hello!

    What a sweet story. So awesome that you got to witness it.

    What amazing friends that took you to see this concert, too.


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