Monday, August 24, 2009

My day with Woolsy!!!

OK - so I wanted "Woolsy" - the teeny beanie that was in McDonald's Happy Meal. My buddy Rachel came to my rescue & sent me the cutest little lamb. Here is Rachel & I headed to Women of Faith when I got Pico insteand.... Pico now has a friend!

And so in honor of my new friend - I wanted to take Woolsy with me on a normal day in my life... here are my adventures with my new furry lamb friend!
My morning started with Woolsy early to head out to work. You can see its still dark - its 6:30 am & the headlights are needed. But I'm prepared with a bagel with Diet Coke (you all can have your coffee - I'll have my Diet Coke to get me going!)
An accounting position isnt a day unless you have checks & need to work on a calculator - so Woolsy had some fun learning all about numbers.....

Then the surprise of the day - Ryan's girlfriend missed her flight back to Vegas - so we were able to meet up for lunch at Rocky's Italian Grill. Woolsy was hungry after his first day at work so he got some fresh bread too to nimble on. Nina was so nice to let him nimble on her food.
Then Woosly got to see a little bit of Downtown Lousiville & see where the great Kentucky Center for the Arts was.... Woolsy is going to love the Arts.... especially the BAAAA-llet (OHHH - that's bad!)

But back to work.....bills must be coded & entered....

After the full day though - Woolsy had some tension & headed to Jazzercise with me for a good workout. He figured if he got on his back to do crunches, his little legs wouldnt go back over so he just decided to do weight work instead....

Then it was off to a Board Meeting at church... & home for some dinner...
Woolsy finally relaxed by curling up in a ball of yarn while I knitted. He thought he may know the sheep this came from... a long lost relative?

But the night was coming to an end & Woolsy got to meet all his other sheep friends that are in my house. He seemed to fit in right away. He's pretty small compared to the others, but he'll be right at home in his new Lamb home.

So thank you Rachel for my new little lamb friend.... it was fun to have little Woolsy with me for a day.


  1. That was so cute! Woolsy had a busy day. I'm glad he ended up nestled in with his other lamb buddies. :)

  2. Baaaa-llet
    you kill me!
    My son had a lammie when he was a baby. He chewed on it's arm and it went everywhere, I got him a blanket at Bath and Body Works last Christmas called Lambie Blanket with the lambs head on the corner- you would love it!
    He is so cute- your new baby! He had a busy day for a little dude!

  3. Woolsy definitely found a better home than the toy box in my kids room.

    Next time I want to see different outfits for each activity, so get to knitting!!

  4. No Problem :) I almost screamed when I got it. LOL Good thing I got 2 happy meals that day so my kids could have at least one toy. haha.

  5. I think I just might have to head to McDonald's today...I want a Woolsy to call my very own!

  6. Oh my... can I go to work with you one day?! I think that I would love everything EXCEPT the exercise stuff... maybe I could just sit at the coffee shop and wait for you there???

  7. Oh my gosh, Jazzersize! That is awesome, can't believe you took little Wooly with you to Jazzersize!

  8. Absolutely stinkin hilarious!!!!!!! haha :)

  9. What a super fun post!!!

  10. Love it!! That was so fun! Thanks for sharing!!

  11. There are some days I just laugh when I think of you & your antics. And this is another in my files to pull out when I need a chuckle! Thanks again for my awesome birthday presents! Socks, really think I'm up for it?

  12. That is so sweet. I love pigs and I am happy to see you have a love for lambs.

  13. I'm still recovering from the baaaa-llet joke ;-)

  14. What a cute little friend you have there. Your Baaaaa-llet comment wasn't Baaaad aaaaat aaaaalll. ;)

  15. Love love love this post! What fun thing to do! :) And Woolsy is definitely the cutest of the teenie beanies in my opinion.

  16. Haha! That is so stinkin adorable! So glad that Woolsey had a good day! =)

  17. That is totally something I would do. In fact I had Jen over at Following the Footsteps take a pic with my Little Miss Sunshine. Darn! I meant to post that picture when I wished her a happy birthday. I love that picture of her.


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