Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dating in the Dark

Has anyone seen this show on ABC? I've watched it twice & swore I'd never watch it again - but I ended up turning on the TV last night at 9:45 & the end of it was on... & I was reminded once again why I am disgusted & amazed by this show!!!

For those who haven't seen it - it is a show that has three men & three women go into this dark room & talk & see who they "connect" with most. At first, I thought it was pretty funny how they try to make their personalities come across in the pitch dark - & some of the conversations get really deep.

At the end, they each get to pick who they connected with the most, then they get a light turned on them so they can see each other - they cant say anything - & then they get to decide if they want to meet on the "balcony" to see if they want to see if it can go further.

OK... the thing that gets me about the show..... you will see this happen over & over - example of last night - there was a woman who was more curvy then the other girls. She even was worried because she said "Men think I'm heavier & they don't care to date me"... this isn't the first time this has happened - the women are scared to death that once the men see them, they'll have nothing to do with them. But YET.... they'll go in, see the man & then leave & not meet them on the balcony. SERIOUSLY???? This woman -who was in tears about the man seeing her & being disappointed that she was heavier - she chose not to see this guy because he wore a scarf in the reveal & had a receding hair line!!!!!

And when you go on the balcony - the "wait-ee" can see if the person chooses to leave out the front door.... so he stands there in "shame" as this woman walks out the front door - & in the voice over, she says "I guess it really does come down to looks"....

And folks - that right there is what bugs me to NO END!!!!!!!!!!

I mean - first of all - they are NOT saying if you go on the balcony, you are engaged to this guy & you HAVE to marry them.... its going on a DATE with this person.... even if you thought he or she was the most hideous thing in the world - you cant go on a DATE with them???? You'd rather hurt them - even after you learned some of the most secret details about them - & make yourself look like a vain person who thinks you are too good for someone "below you"....

This one couple in this picture... I did like them both because she wasn't a beauty queen but a hippie sorta chic that was just adorable. This guy was from England - cute accent & all... when she saw him, she was thrilled - he was surprised how she looked, but in the end, he said, "I told her things about me & she still wanted to meet me - so she's gotta be a good girl"... & that's what its supposed to be about....

Maybe its the "Beauty & the Beast" love in me that makes me think - don't they see the heart on the inside?.... apparently not.... most just walk off saying the "looks" was a deal breaker.... what a sad world we live in....

Anyone else watch this? Anyone else completely disgusted by it? Anyone else wanna punch some of these people?


  1. Well, that just sealed the deal. I kinda got that message from the ads and was not interested. But now that I KNOW that is how it all goes down ... no thank you! I get enough of that just by lookin in the mirror each morning!

  2. I actually have a post in draft about this show!

    I too find it very odd that the people who can't stand being judged are in fact the most guilty of doing it themselves.


  3. I watched it for a few minutes on the first night and last night. Just wanted my cup of tea, I have to admit.

  4. Ok...I'll fess up. I watched two episodes before deciding not to watch again. I think the idea is neat, but the execution is poor.

  5. Wow - I hadn't heard of this show. It doesn't sound like I'm missing much!

  6. Okay so this show came on right after RPhilbin's Millionaire show, and I saw like the first 2 minutes and turned it off.

    It looked like a ridiculous show, and from your review, it is.

    On another note, did you see who's going to be on the new DWTS come September? Donnie Osmond and Chuck Liddell on the same stage?!! Who'd have thought it. I mean really an MMA dude ~~ we will see!! Should be fun =)

    A lot of those people I didn't even know at all!!


    Have a Blessed day girly,

  7. Holy cow, I have not seen this show but I've heard about it. Seriously, who comes up with these reality shows? And who would ever want to volunteer to be on one of these shows?

  8. yeah, we caught the tail-end of this last week and were disgusted. It's so sad that this society is so hung up on looks, and then they do shows like this that just push that mentality even further. It's sad.

  9. Never heard of it before your post. Do not think I will go looking for it either.

  10. I have to say I watch the show. Sometimes I am not sure what the people are thinking. I am glad the couple that did meet went for it and went out. I think you get should met someone and get to know them a little bit better and then see what you think.

  11. We tried to watch it the first night it came on but thought it was too cheesy to continue watching. I was always curious thought to see if any of the couples made a match!

  12. I can't stand reality TV; I have enough of my own reality right here. So nope, haven't watched it, don't plan on it.


  13. I watched it for the first time last night and couldn't believe this show!! I too was amazed at the scarf comment!! How can you not just try? You might as well as try, or you'll never know!!
    I might catch it one more time, if I remember, to see if I am truly disgusted or just think its funny!

  14. I watched it once and was so disappointed that I haven't gone back to it. A scarf? Really?
    How sad!!

  15. thanks for saving me from having to watch this show. The promos look intriguing but I would be disgusted as everything boils down to looks - just like in the real world :D

  16. I've seen the previews but never watched the show. I've actually thought the show looks silly, reality shows are really grasping for something new that now we have dating in the dark!! Anyways, it is sad that we live in a world that is so stuck on appearances and not giving people a chance for who they are on the inside!

  17. Oh don't even get me started on this show. This was my totally ticks me off tuesday a couple tuesdays ago. Seriously this show drives me nuts!

  18. I have not seen it but I have seen the commercials and was wondering how it would be. I cannot believe the lady who was so scared the guy wouldn't meet her walked out, that is just a shame! I too think that after you talk to them for so long and such you should at least go out on a date with them, you aren't committing to marriage!

  19. Haven't seen it but I'm gonna see if it's on hulu.

  20. OMW I'm hooked now. Just watched Season Premiere. Was sad that Christina walked away.

  21. I think I watched 2 episodes of it too. It was interesting, but got tired of it as well. Sad sad world that people are SO judged on their looks even after you get to the heart of the person.


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