Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Look alikes?

Yes, I told you all that I look like Rachel McAdams... (Are you STILL laughing about that?)... oh well.. maybe not... but a friend sent me some of these & some of them are pretty funny... so have a good laugh! Which one do you think most looks alike?

See - Its not really offensive to be called a TROLL! Its a DOLL afterall!

Is this the 5th Beatle? Can Yassar ROCK OUT?

AAAHHH - I even like the names - Dalai Lama - Happy Llama... he may not look so much like a Sad or Mad Llama...

Look at the names on this one too - cracked me up.... that is one funky looking picture!

This one makes me sad... I love Clay Aiken & all this singing chops. Now, I just have images of him killing Rueben to take the title.... or maybe even Simon Cowell....

Its even missing its nose too!

Yipee - a DWTS alumni!!! Holy Cow - they do look alike! I like how it has to be the "Malibu" Ken... is the spray tanning Derek does have anything to do with that?

...I feel the need to go get some collagan injections in my lips....right now....

I just wonder if John Kerry has that same great laugh at Herman did! Does he flap his arms like that when he laughs too? Wouldnt that be great if he did!!!

OK - I have a problem with this one... I gotta add someone else in this mix...

NO - Not Julie... RICKY! My Husband!!!! I have ALWAYS said he looks like James Hetfield from Metallica... He seriously does... Ricky doesnt like his picture taken, but if you could see the close up of Ricky's face, even his facial features are similar!

And my mom - being the Wizard of Oz freak she is - ALWAYS has said Ricky is her own Cowardly Lion... at a WOZ play one time, Ricky got his picture taken with the lion - its great - their hair was exactly the same.... so yep - that's my favorite look - alike!

Who do you look like?


  1. I've always thought that Mary Kate & Ashley look like twin trolls...even now! SITS sent me by...Happy Tuesday!

  2. I always thought Donatella Versace looked like Janice too! bwahaha!
    Oh gosh these are too darn funny!!

    You have to forward me this email so I can send it to my Mom! She'd get a kick outta this!

  3. Ahh cute little Derek looking like Malibu Ken ~~ ohh yes he does (in my best Mary Murphy ~~ oops wrong dance show =)

    Have a Blessed day,

  4. All so funny. I like the Donatella/Muppet one best. :)

  5. Oh, those are so funny! Wow...definitely some serious look-alikes going on!

  6. Haha LOVE the look-alike post! The Donatella/Muppet- how funny is that!

  7. Haha LOVE the look-alike post! The Donatella/Muppet- how funny is that!

  8. At first I didn't know who James Hetfield way but then you mentioned Metallica (Shame on me right?)

    Those look alikes are hillarious! Some little girl told me that i look just like my dog. Um, he's a great dane with black fur, hmmmmm.

  9. These are stinkin hilarious! They are all so right on! So funny!

    And Ricky DOES look like that Metallica guy (I know, I'm bad. I don't listen to that band)!!

  10. That Donatella and Janice one kills me!!!

  11. that's funny! I got that email the other day, too. PS- I put your box in the mail yesterday (:

  12. James Carville and the cat - genius! He is very frightening.

  13. I got that email a while back and just loved it thanks for the laugh.

    Love Ricky picture with your mom that is so sweet! I agree with you!

  14. Some of these are UNCANNY! LOL

    I've been told I look like Reese Witherspoon or Cameron Diaz. But I think I just look like ME :)


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