Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A peek at some new Christmas things in our home....

I realized the other day I never did any kind of Christmas post on my house.

Now, its nothing like some of yours who must work for Pinterest or something - but I love my little Disney Christmas in my home...

So sit back & enjoy a few pictures as we near the BIG DAY!!!!

A good little overview...

Ricky & I went round & round for awhile on what shape tree. I always have loved the slim ones & he liked the big fat ones... but after getting this one, Ricky has even become a fan of the slimmer trees. (I win)
Bruno loves Christmas too
This is a new piece - this little lamb  It doesn't even go with my Nativity set but it actually looks really cute in front of Baby Jesus.  I'm such a sucker for lambs anyways - & anything that says Happy Birthday Jesus - so when I saw it passing in a store, I didn't even look at the price tag - I had to have it.
Look at how big our boy is in front of the tree... I remember taking his picture when he was a puppy there.  He's getting good at doing a Christmas pose.  & no, he doesnt 'bother' the tree... but he does like to squeeze next to it to look out the window.  I had some of those green 'squigglies' sticking out of the side & he kept pulling them out when he's walk by it so I had to make sure the path to the window is clear.

Every year, we keep an eye out for new Disney Ornaments.  I just love ones that are unusual & characters that aren't the #1 Disney character of the year - or the typical Princesses - but y'all know I'm always picking up a Belle if its out....

Mary Poppins this year!  With her umbrella & carpet bag!

I have another Beast ornament where he's in a bubble bath but his hair isn't like this... the shout out to the Wizard of Oz Lion...

... & yeah, see - I told you I always buy Belle.  I love this because its real fabric & she's holding Lumiere.  I need to count how many Beauty & The Beast ornaments i have.  I did use to have a small tree with nothing but B&B ornaments - with gold ribbons & purple lights.  Even a Belle tree topper. I may need to do that again.
We have 2 ornaments on our tree that is NOT Disney.  The one in the center is a Jesus ornament - the main reason of the holiday... & the other one is a new one for the tree this year.  It's an ornament that our friends got us last year.  Last December was just 3 months after we lost our precious Sydney.... so when they gave this ornament to Ricky, he said it was going on the tree regardless of Disney or not.... I love it...

And yes, while we are full of Disney everywhere & I - of course - have a Belle stocking, I love Ricky's stocking.  The personal touches - that's what Christmas is about in a home, right?

I also love this Santa... it's not Christmas without Santa.  This was one of the first decorations we bought when we got married so I love keeping him out with his Birthday sign for Jesus.  He actually sits right under the table that the nativity scene is on.... Santa knows what the season is about

... but of course, we have to have a Mickey Santa welcoming you into our home...

I have so many other little cute things to show you but I get confused what I show every year so I try to focus on some of the new things....

I have to say, I'll be sad that it wont be long to have to pack it all up.  I want the glow of a tree to welcome me every morning... so until then, I'll be soaking it in for the next few days....

Do you decorate with a theme for Christmas?

Do you have a love or hate relationship with decorating?

Sad to see it go or glad to pack it away?


  1. Oh, how I LOVE Ricky's stocking!!! I'm amazed that Laika never bothered any of our Christmas decorations, either. Even the 2 stuffed snowmen I have sitting on the floor...I thought for sure she would have "played" (aka...killed!) them, but they're still in 1 piece and have no slobber on them!!!
    Beautiful tree!!!

  2. I LOVE your Disney tree :) My husband and I talk about doing two trees- one for all his drum ornaments and one for my foxes- but for right now they all hangout on one tree. (Plus a million dog-related ornaments.) I'm glad your pooch doesn't bother the tree! Ours are usually pretty good but I found one bulb this year that had been crunched and crushed... fortunately all the pieces were there and it was just plastic.

  3. Your tree is so perfect - I love the red ribbon around it! Your little disney corner is so cute too! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. There is nothing better than the glow of the Christmas tree :) Love all of your Disney decor!!

  5. i was going to say, there better be lots of Belle on there! so sweet to see your traditions and decorations.

  6. Everything looks so amazing! I'm a fan of the tall skinny trees too-- and I loove that ornament of Beast in the bathtub-- so cute, I love unique little ornaments like that.

  7. I love all your Disney stuff. Makes me want to get online and start buying. I don't think I have any Disney ornaments. This really must change! lol

    I don't really have a decorating theme, unless eclectic is a theme. lol I just have a hodgepodge of all kinds of stuff!

  8. How pretty is your tree? So fun! I love all your ornaments that you shared!

  9. Girl it's so pretty!!! I must say I'm a big tree fan, but I'm loving your slimmer one!!!

    Your Disney touches are the best part :)

  10. I love all of your stuff! That sheep is adorable.

    I don't really have a theme. I use what I like, and tend towards vintage-ish stuff!

  11. Oh I am loving your decorations! The lamb is adorable. I can't believe how many disney ornaments you have! How long have you been collecting? We didn't put up a legit tree this year because we couldn't find the petite one that I thought we had after all so we just have a tree on the wall...that's okay right? Well we still have a few ornaments that I can't wait to put on it when we get our real tree.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  12. So cute and cozy! Your tree is gorgeous, and I love your stocking setup! I also love all the Disney touches. :)

  13. I love all your decor and your tree is so pretty!!!! Your tree is similar to mine with all the Disney ornaments! Merry Christmas!!!

  14. Everything looks so pretty! I love Sydney's ornament. That's so special. Gahh, I didn't even put up a tree this year. Or last year. I don't know what's wrong with me. Hopefully next year I will. :)

  15. SO cute and so fun!! My toddler would love all the Disney!!

  16. Your decorations are awesome, love the ornaments!

  17. So, I'm sure it's already packed up but your tree looks so pretty! I love that you let your love of Disney shine bright! And that Sydney ornament...my hormones can't handle that! Bless your heart!


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