Wednesday, December 30, 2015

It's my BIRTHDAY!!!! Watch out 44!

What is today?  What's so special about it?

YEAHHHHHH... it's my birthday!
...including my shoulder, my knees & my low back...
44 years old... & feeling every bit of it :)

I say that because this week, I have been walking around with a arm brace.  Good times.

Leave it to me... I tripped in my closet over shoes & to stop my fall, I grabbed the door frame  & pulled the muscles in my shoulder.

I don't think 18 year old kids pull shoulder muscles from stumbling...

But I will say, I can already raise my arm half way... I couldn't do that Monday.  Now, to raise my arm ABOVE shoulder height?  That's another story - but I healed up a lot in 2 days, so I'm hoping by the weekend, I'll be good as new... except for the whole Bicep Tendon issue that wont heal...bygones

I will say, when I turned 30, I was DEPRESSED!!!! Like, let me sit in a corner all day & mourn the loss of my 20's....

Even Joey had a hard time turning 30
& then 40 came & it was even worse.

Especially because I don't use moisturizer... which I have learned to start sopping up this skin with lotion any chance I can get now.  #alittletoolate

But ever since getting past these big years, I've not let birthdays bother me...

I guess its the reminder that every year is precious & I'm happy to add another one onto my number.

& I'm actually looking forward to my 44th year....

If you follow me on Instagram, or know me & my family personally, you know that 4's are a big deal... remember that scene in the movie about Bruce Lee, Dragon, (if you haven't seen it - what's wrong with you - Bruce Lee IS DA MAN)  where Bruce Lee fights this demon type thing that comes after generations of his family ... & then his little boy somehow gets in this dream sequence & the demon sees his son, Brandon, & then it goes after him?... well, that's how it felt about my mom & her issue with 4's...

Mom always looked at the clock at 4:44 ... always seen 444 everywhere she looked. Swore she'd die  when she was 44 & always thought it was like a 'bad luck charm'... so when it was passed down to me & I started seeing 444's everywhere - hence my Instagram #444sfollowme - I was a little nerve about getting passed down the "jinx"

... until someone sent me a thing to tell me what 4's stand for & they pretty much say that when you see 4's (like my wonderful 444) then it means that angels are near & protecting you, surrounding you...

& that makes so much more sense.... because I feel like our family has really been blessed through the years.  I truly believe angels are all around us.

I know most people would be like, that's stupid... Hey, I like it...

& it makes me look forward to 44 years.

I'm convinced of it... It's going to be my best year yet!

... & I'm really looking forward to keep on making healthy changes in my life in this year of my life.

I feel like I always try to make healthy & better choices as I grow older.  Over the past few years, I've:
Gave up soft drinks.
Am now UBER aware of high fructose corn syrup.
Am crazy about artifical sweetners.
Try more natural products for sickness & wellness
Gave up meat & try to eat a more healthy diet.

& then this year, I started on the 21 Day Fix....

Talk about life changing for me...

30 lbs:

... & I still am going on it.

I have a goal in mind... & I'm half way there... & I am going to make it to that goal

... when I'm 44!

& I'm registering for 4 races to run when I'm 44 ... one including my 7th half marathon
... just to start the year.

I'll probably register for more after I get these under my belt in Spring.

& I just ordered the new Hammer & Chisel workout program from Beachbody... tone this body up!

I just want to go through the year feeling the best yet...
I want to 'age' STRONG... not 'gracefully'.... I want to fight it every step of the way

... & if 44 has extra angels around me, then I'm going to put up the best fight this body has seen yet!

So today, in celebration of my birthday - do something HEALTHY for yourself!

Run or walk a mile
Eat a salad full of veggies
Drink some green tea
... do it for me :)

We are going into a new year after all - a perfect time for everyone to make some good changes!

... but ok, maybe I will have 1 piece of birthday cake - & DEFINITELY getting in my free Starbucks drink today to celebrate welcoming 44!

Side note:  Someone please remind me of this post when I am complaining about training for this half marathon - ok? :)


  1. Happiest of birthday's to you!! Wishing you all the best in this year to come and hopefully a speedy recovery for that arm! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. WE'RE BIRTHDAY TWINSIES!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! wait, starbucks gives out free bday drinks? i had no idea (I don't drink starbucks) BUT I WILL TODAY!!!! have the happiest of birthdays today xoxoxoxo

  3. Look at YOU!!! You look MAHVELOUS, Darling! :)
    I finally get the whole 4s thing...I had no idea but kept wondering and never asked. (LOVE that you see 4s all the time, especially now that I know what it means...much better than seeing 6s!!!!)
    HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet friend! :)

  4. YAY!!!! Happy, happy Birthday!! Hope you have a fabulous day :)

  5. Happy birthday! I hope 2016 is a great year for you :) I'm horrible about moisturizer too but I've been trying to get better at remembering. My mom has great skin but she's great at moisturizing and always using sun block.

  6. happy birthday to you!! i love your outlook on it. i am holding onto this last year of my 30s, and remember crying at 30, which is so silly now. i hope to be more like you and embrace it.

  7. yay! Happy birthday to you! So glad you aren't sitting in a corner anymore and are embracing it! You are a rock star with all of these runs! Hope it's a GREAT DAY!

  8. Awww, happy birthday, Rebecca! (I flipped about turning 25. Now I'm totally great with it. Hopefully I keep my cool for 30 and 40 someday!) You are such a bada$$ workout machine! Go you! I love your positivity and I definitely think you've got some angels on your side! Have a great day!!

  9. Happy Birthday! So thankful for you and your blog! you have turned me onto bible journaling and the First 5 App, and I believe the Lord has used you to help strengthen my walk with Him! I hope you have the best birthday, and in honor of wanting to be healthier in your 44th year, I will drink all of my water today!!

  10. Happy birthday! I have a feeling 44 will be your best year yet too. :) I'm glad you started it off with some free Starbucks!!!

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a wonderful day. I'm totally on board for fours being angels around you.

  12. Happy Birthday! Hope your arm gets better soon and you have a wonderful day! :)

  13. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fabulous day. Like what you shared on the story of 44444444's.....
    I was never concerned about birthday's, non of them ever bothered me except for when I turned 60! Enjoy each moment of the rest of your life.....

  14. Happy Birthday and I hope your 44th year will be the best you've ever had!!

  15. Happy birthday, my sweet friend!! Crazy about your arm, but I guess it could've been worse. I pray this will b your best year ever!!

  16. Happy birthday! 44 is going to be a great year for you!

  17. happy belated birthday girlfran! sorry i'm late. hope this is the best year yet!

  18. Happy Birthday! Here's hoping 44 is the best yet!

  19. I didn't know it was your Birthday! So sorry I missed it. Hey, 4 is my favorite number (due to the date of my own birthday and the birthday of my first labrador). You had an mazing year this past year fitness wise and hopefully the next will be even better! Hey, i'm riding the bike while I read this and i'm gonna have aa salad for dinner (just for you)!

  20. You have such a great outlook on it! I just know 44 is gonna be the best year yet!

  21. Happy belated Birthday!! What a transformation my dear, keep it up you're rocking it!!!


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