Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Confessions.... Trump, Dental stuff & work Christmas Parties

... I have to give it to Donald Trump - I've never in my life watched hours of Presidential Debates before but I watched every minute of last nights Republican Debate.  Even gave up my Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to be recorded on my DVR so I could see what foot Trump would be putting in his mouth this time.  I do have to say, I think he held himself pretty good this time around.  But those faces he makes... oh my... those faces.  #controlthefaceman


... every time I order Ricky's drink at Starbucks, I say "Hold the Cool Whip"... & then Ricky reminds me its Whipped Cream - not cool whip.  I can't ever get that straight.  #allthesametome

It will stain your clothes.
Ricky every time I order for him

... I've learned I could tolerate winter & all the dark that it brings so much easier if it stayed 70 degrees.  The cold air should be in summer when the sun is shining 16 hours a day.  It would all balance out.  #MotherNatureMessedUp

... I have a list of things I know I need now to finish up my Christmas shopping... I just don't know when I'm going to be able to get around to getting the things on it.  #AlwaystheLastMinuteShopper

... I'm trying not to get anxious about my appointment on  Monday to look at my tooth for my root canal retreatment.  I'm trying to do a lot of deep breathing & reminding myself I've had 7 other root canals - this ain't no big thang.  Except most 'thangs' don't cost me an arm & a leg.  & I don't know how much pain comes with a retreatment.  Praying its not opening a can of worms for other issues   #Alreadyhaveenoughbills  #LoatheDentalIssues

... I introduced myself & Ricky to the Middle School Pastor at the church we've been attending.  Feeling kinda excited to jump back into the world of youth ministry & talking about Jesus with teenagers.  #Itswheremyheartis

... it kind of blows my mind ... & breaks my heart... to see how easily people can write you off even after you give so much of yourself for 15 years to one place & to so many relationships.  I guess you see the truth of things when you walk away.   #thanksforcaring  #Blogaboutlater

... I can't wait, along with the rest of the world, to see the new Star Wars Movie.  But I'm also excited to know that it mean the theaters will be emptying out for the last Hunger Games movie - I still gotta see that one.  #loveanemptytheater

... what is the deal with winter finales with TV shows now?  This used to not be a thing.  Gets on my nerves that a show I wait all summer for, comes back to show just a few weeks & then to go on a break for another few months.  #justgivememyshows  #playingmindgames

... Speaking of shows, I cant believe they are moving The Vampire Diaries to Friday nights when it comes back on after their stupid winter break.  I think that's the kiss of death for them.  Shame. I still fangirl about that show.  #NotImmortalAfterall  #TeamDamonForever  #FridayNightPlansMade

... I just celebrated my 24th anniversary at work. & by "celebrating", I mean was totally overlooked & hit 8 years of no raise or acknowledgement of being here for nearly half of my life.  #whatappreciation

... my work had their Christmas party last weekend.  I had to laugh because my husband's Christmas party is a really nice event every year at a country club with some delicious, beautiful food, white table cloths,  nice staff that are always catering to clean up after you,  & really nice give away prizes.  My work?  It was at a bowling ally....  With BBQ pork ordered in.... with paper plates & paper cups, & a giveaway of computer screen wipes & giant candy bars.  Needless to say, we didn't go.  #enoughsaid

What's on your chest you need to confess today?

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  1. i couldn't even watch the debate bc of him! i did watch the voice though, which went on foreverrrr. i confess i cannot wait til fri!!

  2. We saw the Hunger Games movie and I thought it was really good! I hope you enjoy. Our Christmas party has been a potluck lunch the last couple years :( But at least my husband's company has a super nice holiday party. Bonus, they actually hold it in January when things are less busy and you're looking for things to look forward to.

  3. I watched the entire debate for the first time ever last night, too! I even told my husband that Trump seemed like he was on his best behavior, but the faces are so ridiculous haha. Back to RHOBH tonight ;)

  4. Ohhh that last Hunger Games movie was so good!!!

  5. Dental issues are NOT COOL. They are seriously the worst.

    I can't watch Trump utter one word. His fearmongering and hate makes me sick to my stomach.

  6. Ugh. I've given up on the Republican debates. I just can't stand to listen to or see Trump. He's such an ugly monster. Man, your work sounds like a total bummer. That really stinks. We don't even have a Christmas party- my environment isn't great, either. Someday I'll work at my husband's business and I will be ALL ABOUT the holiday parties :) I actually already planned the one for this year for his 5 employees and their spouses!

  7. I hate the winter finales too! I just got caught up on Empire and they're coming back in APRIL?! WHAT IS THIS HERESY?

  8. Phew, I'm glad that's your Trump confession not having a crush on him or something ahahah! :P Also YES I need to see the last hunger games too!!!

  9. hahahahaha that face! I didn't watch last night, but only because I had way too much else to do. I hope your appointment goes ok! Dental stuff is the worst!

  10. I haven't seen the Hunger Games either and I am excited to see it this weekend! I can't believe your job hasn't given you a raise in 8 years?! THat is not ok

  11. Haha the work party cracks me up! I still need to go see the last Hunger Games movie as well, and I love it when the theater is empty. Having some obnoxious person sit behind you, kicking your chair, and talking the whole time is not fun. Not like this has happened before or anything :)

  12. I really don't like full movie theaters so I always either wait for the movie's last week in theaters or redbox haha!

  13. Vampire Diaries!!! Gosh I love that show!!! And The Originals!!! We watch it on HULU so I guess I wouldn't have noticed that the day changed. Hope it doesn't kill it! I had to LOL at the different in work parties. I would rather have money than a party ;)

    I hate dental work. Oh how I hate it!!! Good luck with that.

  14. We are seeing Star Wars Friday's hoping I can stay awake for it!!! I still need to see Hunger Games too and an empty theater would be amazing!

    I can't believe they gave away computer screen wipes! Ha!

  15. Ok, I got hooked on The Walking Dead now it sounds like I need to watch VD too! Your job!! I know you've been there for ages, but there's gotta be something better around here!

  16. Dak said Star Wars tickets in these parts sold out in 88 seconds online. WOW!!!!!
    I haven't watched any debates, I need to catch up!

    Love you my friend ~~ dawn

  17. Don't faint! I haven't been around in a while! But I feel your pain over the root canal! I think my poor dentist has to take something when he sees my name on the schedule!

    I rally want to see the new hunger games movie. I don't know what I'm waiting for, but probably the dvd!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  18. Oh, I meant to say that my husband usually has a nice party for his employees at Christmas, but this year his partner bought Fitbits for everyone and the will be no party!!! I said ummmmmm......what message is that sending? 😳👎🏻

  19. I have yet to watch one with Donald Trump but I read enough online to hear about what a douche hesounds like.

    I'm still slacking on the last minute shopping, I wanted to send blankets to family but haven't even made the blankets....oops

    Good luck with your tooth!!! Hope it's nothing serious. I want to hear about #blogaboutlater

    And sorry about your job :( at ours we're currently having a hiring freeze and no raises since last year.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  20. Random, but it your doing re-treatment, go through an endodontist if you can. They are much more specialized. Good luck!

  21. ugh, donald trump.
    i can't wait for empty theatres so i can see the last hunger games as well!
    i'm sorry someone is being crappy and whatnot after 15 years, but i'm 100% sure you're too good for them anyway.
    oh my gosh! 24 years! and 8 years without a raise?! that aint right.

  22. some of this makes me so sad. To not be appreciated at your job after all that time o.O and the 15 years at church blow off thing...looking forward to hearing more about it. Sorry you are experiencing this stress...

  23. After reading that you've gone 8 years with no raise, I've forgotten all your other confessions. You strike me as a person who is loyal and hard-working...someone that should be valued. I'm so sorry to read this.

  24. Trump and his faces crack me up. Reminds me of what my inner self does so many times when ppl say stuff that makes me go really!

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