Monday, December 07, 2015

The weekend that I have failed this city....

Is anyone else sort of freaked out to think that Christmas is just a couple of WEEKENDS away?

Much less 2016.

My grandmother always told me the older you get, the faster the years go by.  I believe it with each year I get under me.  I can remember being a kid & it feeling like FOR-EV-ER before Christmas came around... & now, I swear, I feel like I just put up the decorations & turned around & pulled them back out.

Anyways - I'm side tracked by my aging....

& speaking of aging...

I did start off Friday by going to the doctor about my dizziness & headaches.

Luckily, I got the first appointment of the day - 7:30am - which is great for me because being a germaphobe, being in a doctor's office gives me anxiety.  I literally carry my own pen to fill out all the paper work so I don't have to use the ones there that other sick people have used & the other hand holds hand sanitizer for other things that I have to touch.

Excuse the jacked up hair... no time to straighten it for the day
& the good thing, the doctor isn't behind at 7:30am... so I was in & out quick.

The diagnosis?  Vertigo.  She said because it came on so suddenly & was so intense, & all the other symptoms I explained with it, she definitely feels that is what it is.  She said my inner ear looks like its still wet & recovering from an infection kicking off the vertigo.  My mom & aunt suffer from it it as well, & the doctor said that some people just are more "dizzy people" compared to others.  I didnt even know that you SHOULDN'T get dizzy with ear infections - I always have.  So needless to say, the easiest things can trigger Vertigo for me.  GREEAAATTT.....  but luckily, she gave me some medicine that helps with the dizziness....

... bad thing, it makes me nauseated as all get out - & sleepy.... greatttttt... again.

I'm a hot mess.

But now, when I go to tell Ricky I'm having a dizzy episode, I now just tell him the line from Arrow, "I have failed this city"

If you have no idea what I'm talking about - on the show, there is a drug that all the bad guys were taking on there one season & selling & it just caused all sorts of a ruckus... & Arrow, whenever he goes to get the bad guys, says to them, "You have failed this city"... well, since I have VERTIGO & the drug on the show that they all took was VERTIGO - well, this is just how you tell a super hero freak husband that your world is spinning....

It speaks to him....

I'm sure I said that line at least a dozen times this weekend....

But the doctor said she expects me to have it for about 1-2 more weeks & then it should ease up.  

Please Lord... Please....

Especially because she said she had a patient where it lasted up to 3 months with it.
I may have just gotten nauseated thinking about that, not the medicine.

Saturday, a miracle occurred.... it was a relaxing day.  During the Christmas season. I never thought it was possible.  But Ricky was exhausted from work, & with my dizziness & with no plans that NEEDED to be done, we just stayed at home.

I ended up getting caught up on Christmas wrapping... & I got in a work out... & really did nothing.

Now that is DON'T CARE WEEKEND HAIR ... 

Basically just kept my TV on ABC Family & watched Christmas movies all weekend long... & cried at every single one of them.  I'm a sap.  When you can even cry at Fred Claus, it basically confirms that you can cry over any movie.

I forgot weekends were made for days like this.... enjoying a break.

I could really get use to it.

Sunday, we met with our friends for church & then Ricky & I went out to lunch, got some more shopping done & just really enjoyed the beautiful day.

It was GORGEOUS... especially for December.  I have a wedding in 2 weeks & feeling that December days can feel like this, I'm now lifting prayers for this exact same sort of day in 2 weeks.

Again, Please Lord... please....

The rest of Sunday had me playing frisbee with Harvey while we soaked up every last bit of sunlight for the day, I did more wrapping & got all caught up & even ended the day with knitting.

Had to do something since The Walking Dead isn't on for a few weeks... bummer!

So now, I'm heading into the week hoping the dizzy wears off & gearing up for all the dental work that lays ahead with root canal retreatment & other dental pain that I hope if happening all because of this one tooth... regardless what it is, I'm just trying to have a positive outlook.

... remembering to go with the flow & know God is in control...

Look at me turning into a poet.  That's what a relaxing weekend does for you.

How was your weekend?

Anyone done with their shopping?

Have warm December weather in your neck of the woods?


  1. blech, my cousin also suffers from Vertigo and she has some rough times!! is there anything that can be done?

  2. wasn't it just march or something? how can we be this close to christmas?? hoping the vertigo goes away. no fun.

  3. Hope you feel better and the dental work goes well!! I haven't even wrapped the first present!!!

  4. We had a great fairly quiet weekend. Gee, I hope you feel better really soon.

  5. So glad to hear that you got an answer at the doctor! I hope that you get to feeling better soon!!!

    I seem to be having the same conversation with everyone this morning. It doesn't feel like Christmas to me yet and that makes me so sad because I am usually the one blaring the Christmas jams and watching all the movies and just so happy by this point...but I can't believe it is December yet. It doesn't feel like it. It doesn't help that it is still in the 70s here. I cant even wear sweaters yet!

  6. Healing Lord! Thank you that you paid for our healing! No more vertigo in the name of Jesus!

  7. Dude, exercising while you're not feeling well is no fun but you always tackle it anyway. Glad you got some news and it's not too bad AND you had a relazing weekend, win!

  8. Agh, look at you working out! Go girl. I had vertigo with an ear infection last year and I couldn't even walk let alone work out!!

  9. My husband and I watched Fred Claus, too! HAHA! He's a Christmas Grinch most of the time but now we've got two Christmas movies under our belts so yay!! My dad suffers from vertigo and I have gotten it occasionally. Two tips: First of all, salt is a trigger. If you can avoid salt or heavily processed foods it helps. Secondly, when you get up in the morning sit up on the edge of the bed and wait a moment to stand. Ok, that's all I got. Have a good week! Hope the dizzies go away!

  10. I feel for you...I've had vertigo four times in the lat 17 years. Twice so bad I couldn't carry a coffee cup from the kitchen to the couch as the floor appeared to be at a total slant. Crazy stuff to say the least. I love the exercise photos, having a hard time getting off the rear and in gear..(poet as well).....
    Sad for the long wait until the next walking Dead, dare I say I love that show!
    Missed being online, good to pop in!


  11. Bahahaha... crying over Fred Claus - that's awesome!

  12. I agree, this weekend was great weather. Next weekend is supposed to be in the 70's! So glad you went to the dr. I'll be praying for healing fast! Yep, every year it seems time flies by faster. I don't like it!

  13. Glad you found a cause and can hopefully get better. I totally have my TV tuned to ABC Family Hallmark or Lifetime for all the xmas movies.

    Check out this link... it might help!

  15. My mom had a severe case of vertigo a few years ago, and had to be hospitalized. I hope the medicine brings you some relief. We're going to a wedding the weekend before Christmas, so I'm definitely feeling the time crunch. I think December weddings are gorgeous, but you do have to plan since it means losing a weekend to get ready for the holiday. Feel better soon!

  16. hahahahahahahahah .... oh gosh ... when I saw the question about being done with shopping ... not a bit. Haven't even started! It's going to be EPIC! We do this every year though so why mess with tradition? :) The weather around here has been glorious but the daily fog is freaking me out. I keep wondering why the dementors are here. And when people post Facebook photos from last year's snow at this time? I'm glad we have sun and no snow yet. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  17. Snort I love the Failed this city line :). Hope they figure out the dizziness :(

  18. I love Arrow! We just finished season 3 last night. Now we have to wait for season 4 to come on Netflix. Bummer! Girl, you are on top of your game this year! I don't even have all my decorations up yet!


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