Monday, December 28, 2015

The weekend that was CHRISTMAS!!! ... & birthdays... & family... & the FORCE {Picture OVERLOAD}

Oh gosh golly... what a weekend.

Christmas has come & gone... & isn't really over for us - we have 2 more get togethers for Christmas this week, but it was so action packed that I may have to just do this in a bullet format to cram it all in & just overload with pictures... because I overloaded in pictures....

It is Christmas after all....

So we'll start with Christmas Eve...

... started off with me having to work... BOO!

... but had to leave Ricky with some goodies for his BIRTHDAY before I left for work!

... & I did get off early... YIPPEE!!

... Met with Ricky for his choice of lunch, which was Chuy's (good choice - why I love him)

Birthday boy:

... stopped at Starbucks for a treat & saw some friends shopping in Target.

... we met some friends to go to church service - it was AMAZING. Such a good service & message.  It was so warm out & felt funny for Christmas, but a great Christmas message that reminds you what the reason for the season is?  I'll take it every time.

Christmas service - no coats, no hats, no scarves - just lots of WARM sunshine!

... headed over to my brother's house for Christmas with my side.

Not sure what is happening here... FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT... Christmas fight :)

... my mom & dad gave the adults lottery tickets for our Christmas present. It was so much fun ... & I think everyone came away with some sort of winner.

... Ricky & I were both so exhausted, we had plans to put on some Christmas jammies, put on some snacks & watch a movie.  I put on my Princess jammies & we both were asleep by 10pm.  #oldpeopleproblems


... the light of the tree on Christmas morning is perfection.

Morning 2015:

... Ricky & I made breakfast & just took it easy all morning long.

... we gave the dogs their gifts from Santa & they were so excited!!! ... Harvey couldn't even wait for the next gift. He was digging in himself


... it gave me time to do a Bible Journaling page.

... we ended up heading the first showing of Star Wars on Christmas morning.  We got there 35 minutes before it started & a huge line was already formed.  We got great seats & so glad we got there when we did because it was PACKED... not a seat to be found.

... LOVED LOVED LOVED the movie. I totally teared up at the beginning of the nostalgia of it all. I honestly felt like a kid back in the theater in the 70's...

... Ricky & I came home & had our own Christmas opening gifts.

... I got ANOTHER camera - but a small one this time. One to keep in my purse for easy pictures.

... I got Ricky a drone & he spent most of the night watching videos on how it operates.

... I played with my camera all evening long & got it set up with all the apps on it.


... Watched one final showing of Elf for the year


... Ricky had to work so I had the morning to play with more Christmas goodies, do some Bible Journaling & get ready for our road trip.

I'm so proud of my little lamp I drew :)

... but first, the UK / UL game... which means I have to hide & not watch it.  I put in The Empire Strikes Back & watched it instead with the dogs hiding from a yelling daddy.

... Headed down to Nashville to surprise our grandsons...

... only to get stuck in traffic. UGH!!!  We sat for 30 minutes & didn't travel 2 miles at one point.  #FREAKINGOUT

... We went to my favorite Nashville restaurant for dinner & then headed home for some gift giving with some excited little boys

... I so enjoyed staying up late having some girl talk with Julie... & Lucas, who refused to go to bed & kept coming in the room with us.

... I loved even more getting to hold him & to get some one on one time with him.


... I got to get in some grand baby snuggles in the morning..  & by grand babies, I also mean my Grand Pug. He's the first baby for sure.

The youngest is getting so big!!! 

... We tried a new place for Breakfast & it was fantastic.  I love Nashville because they really do cater to vegetarians & vegans.  I had vegetarian 'sausage' patties. They were AMAZING. Had lentils in them & a good spice.

Breakfast   Android  iPhone
Look at those potatoes!!!

... We then stopped at our favorite coffee shop in Nashville.  Sip Cafe.  They only get these World Hot Chocolates during winter so Ricky & I LOVE the dark chocolate with a shot of espresso. A-maz-ING!  Even if we're drinking hot chocolate in 75 degree weather.

Chocolate faces... they had ice cream called "Chocolate Overload'

... it was so humid in Nashville, I couldn't believe it.  Could explain why everything was green & beautiful like Spring time down there.

... got to pet on chickens.

... Got to aggravate Luke by naming one of his dinosaurs Felicia. :)

... love some of my most precious gifts ever.  See the fish painting?  Those are my grandsons hands.  I had them all sign the back of the canvas so I'll have their signature & age for years to come... & look at that pillow!  Julie got it with all the names of my fur babies & all the little babes in my life I love so much... & oh yeah, Ricky :) I love both of these gifts so much!

Luke's hand is the red / white / blue one - he told me, "I did it for America's colors" :)

... got almost home before the rain & storms hit us.  Made driving fun with Ricky in the passenger seat.

... our doggies were so happy their mommy & daddy were home. They refuse to eat when we're not home.  Makes me so sad to ever leave them.

...Got home just in time to wind down & get ready for a busy week....


I cant wait to see everyone's posts & comments about Christmas...

So... are you glad its over? .. or is it still going for you too?

What's the best memory of your Christmas this year?


  1. You must tell me what you think about the Galaxy cam -- I thought about getting it a while back but never got around to it because samsung? camera? quality shots? i wasn't sure.

  2. Oh, MAN! I LOVE those gifts from the kids! So heartfelt!!!! Good idea to have them sign the back of the fish painting.
    It just didn't seem like Christmas this year...definitely the weather had something to do with it!

  3. What a wonderful weekend!! I'm so happy you had plenty of family time, ricky time & holiday time!! Yay for new cameras and seeing movies! I'm so sorry about your arm in the instagram photo this morning - hoping for a speedy recovery! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. First of all, I'm SO GLAD you got out of work early!! Yay!! Secondly, I assume that's your mom pictured with the two little girls? She's gorgeous!
    It sounds like you had an amazing Christmas. I love all the little dates and trips you take with you husband- you guys are so darn cute. I'm also IN LOVE with that pillow!

  5. so glad you got off early! Looks like such a fun time! I love that you are always trying new places. What if I told you Colby and I have never gone out to breakfast together?

  6. The beginning of Star Wars was so exciting! When it started, I was freaking out and I'm not even that huge of a Star Wars nerd. I need to come to Nashville if they are vegan-friendly. Veggie sausage?? Yummmmm.

  7. Your grandsons are soooo cute! I love your gifts too. That pillow and those fish are just perfect.

    I want to see Star Wars, but hubby's not interested (at least until it comes out on DVD) and my daughter has gone back to Florida. So either I'll see it by myself or wait for the DVD.

  8. What a great Christmas weekend!! I'm going to buy a real camera (not just use my iPhone camera anymore, haha) with my Christmas money so now I'm off to check out that one that you just got!

  9. whew! what a holiday!! thanks for the recap of your memories! it sounds like a lovely holiday, and such a blessing to have a great family to spend it with.

  10. So busy! Sounds like amazing celebrations. My Christmas decor will be staying up through MLK weekend because that's when we're celebrating with my family, so I have to try and keep it feeling like Christmas!

  11. So glad you saw Star Wars! That's a great Christmas activity.

    Your pillow and fishy canvas gifts are too cute.

  12. Talk about being a great time you had! Enjoy your new camera, it sounds perfect. I love a quick and easy one. Looks like you had several awesome meals too. I'm not ready for it to end. Adam & Tristen left our house last night to spend two nights with Tristen's mom. Missing them so much. That pillow is awesome and I love the painting with your grandsons hands.

  13. so glad you enjoyed star wars! so fun. we drove past the movies on the way to someone's house and the parking lot was completely full.

  14. Those christmas gifts are adorable! Love love love that pillow! And that painting is darling. I was super impressed this year with the christmas crafts that our elementary students made this year!
    Also I loved the weather here too! I wore a sleeveless dress to christmas eve service and didn't even need to put my little sweater on. It was glorious!

  15. Those christmas gifts are adorable! Love love love that pillow! And that painting is darling. I was super impressed this year with the christmas crafts that our elementary students made this year!
    Also I loved the weather here too! I wore a sleeveless dress to christmas eve service and didn't even need to put my little sweater on. It was glorious!

  16. There's so much goodness in one post! How cool is a drone?! What a great gift idea! So glad y'all had a great time in Nashville!

  17. Loved going down past Christmas with you. Looks like so much fun with your family. A drone - seriously! Quite a gift. Curious how it is doing now! Thanks for linking at Christmas in July!


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