Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Favorites ... Christmas Overload

Favorite Coloring

Free Christmas Adult Coloring Pages:

Y'all know I love me some fun Coloring pages
... here is the LINK  for fun Christmas ones to do during the week

Favorite Christmas Yummy

These Christmas Tree Brownies are SO EASY and they look adorable! Wouldn't they make a great treat to take to a Christmas party?!:

How cute & simple are these?!?!

Favorite Christmas Shirt(s)
Where Is Glen Coco Now? A Very Important Investigation    Glen Coco is Canadian! Yessssssss!:
I say "You go Glen Coco" too many times in a week

Find me by the tree, bottles full of 'nog, look mami I got the tape if you're into wrapping gifts, I'm into singin' carols I ain't into bein' a grump, so come give me a hug cause it's the season full of love....  Ok I really tried to make a Christmas version of those lyrics. It's really hard!:

Favorite Christmas Nails

38 Interesting Nail Art Tutorials:

This doesn't look too complicated.
I'm good with not complicated when it comes to nails.

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Disney Princess with Christmas tree:

Don't get confused... this isn't me here ;)

Favorite Reminder

The REAL reason for the season!!! I love this:

Favorite Video

Be prepared for all the feels....
The kids have to choose between a gift for themselves or for their parents

Favorite Funnies

Never will look at these the same

cool whip on starbucks funny - Google Search:

17 Dogs Who Had No Idea You’d Be Home So Early. “Weren’t you supposed to be gone until 3?”:

that's exactly what i did:


... sitting in traffic going home from work every day

... me while trying to pick out the perfect Christmas present for someone

... when I hear a commercial for Beauty & the Beast Broadway come on TV

.... when I'm watching the weather man talks about it being below freezing Saturday 
& I have a wedding
... & knowing it was 70 degrees last Saturday

... when I'm shopping for other people Christmas gifts & see everything I want on sale

Are You Testing Me?

... me at 4:00

Cha Cha Cha

Happy Friday Y'all!!!


  1. You always share the coloring pages, LOVE it!! Coloring is my goal since I won't be spending money next year. Saw those trees on Pinterest, so cute! You always have the latest gifs, do you have a gif site you watch?! Of course I was too lazy to read that number! Hope you have a great weekend despite the cold!

  2. Yes! Coloring Books!! They are my new favorite - have a great weekend!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  3. Christmas coloring pages!!! YES YES YES!!! :)

  4. I wish my nails were long enough to have those pretty designs!! OMG the picture of the pup going for the purse - too funny! Happy friday and hope you have a great time at the wedding - even though you're working! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Loved that video, but not a good thing to watch at work. :)

    The Christmas nails are so pretty and I love the Christmas tree brownies. I may have to steal that one to make for family gatherings next week.

  6. I like those nails but the best I usually come up with is one or two sparkly nails.

    Happy weekend!

  7. I love that nail design, perfect for the holidays and it really doesn't look too complicated!

  8. I just love those Christmas Tree brownies!!! Such a cute idea!! =)

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  9. That dang video made me cry. I knew it would and I watched it anyway. UGH! Haha

  10. I want to color all those Christmas pages!!!
    I have a Glen Coco Christmas t-shirt! I got it this year from Target and I love it!
    I also love that meme about the coffee headaches...I always wonder that!

  11. That Starbucks meme is hilarious! I love it. I hope you don't freeze at your wedding. I have a trail race tomorrow and I'm dreading the cold. Why can't it just be as warm as last Saturday was?

  12. Hahahahahha that cat flying out from under the sofa!!! LOVE IT! Those treats look amazing and I love that glen coco shirt! Have a great weekend!

  13. that snap of that dog is so awesome...he look so guilty too!!
    and why did you put that video up there? IT MADE ME CRY!!!!

  14. The nails look so festive and easy enough. That video made me cry and want to give away all my money!!

  15. I kid you not, I came thisclose to ordering that Jesus t-shirt a few weeks ago... I've been eyeing it since last year! lololol

  16. I'm loving those brownie trees. You may think they look simple but i'm like "where am I going to get those tiny little stars?"

  17. I'm loving those brownie trees. You may think they look simple but i'm like "where am I going to get those tiny little stars?"

  18. Oh that video brought me to tears. I’m all about family. I just love the holidays!

  19. I watched that boys and girls club video on mute and I still cried through it. What good, sweet kids. Merry Christmas!


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