Wednesday, December 23, 2015


.... I know people are so upset that its so warm still... & I'm still loving it.  It's going to be near 70 around Christmas. YES!  #christmasmiracle

... I am done Christmas shopping!!! ... but will be wrapping till Christmas Day.  #everyyear

... I'm actually excited about my gifts for Ricky this year.  Most years, I am struggling with what to get him. This year, I feel like I've done a good job.  #cantwaitforChristmasMorning

... I have my goal weight I want to be at for the end of the year (my first goal of loosing 35 lbs)... I am 1 lb away from it.  #soclose  #keepcookiesaway

... I want to do some Christmas baking, but yeah - see the confession above. I know it will be bad if I start making stuff just to be making stuff.  #myownworstenemy

... I tried the facial wipes from YesTo ... & now my face is broke out like I'm back in high school.  Give me my Neutrogena wipes back please  #inthegarbagetheygo

... I am so excited about starting to use my Erin Condren planner for 2016.  I've already started writing things on my January calendar.  Looking forward to a new planning system next year.  #planneraddict

... I fell asleep during my root canal retreatment.  The doctor had to nudge me to open my mouth wider where I drifted off.  #comfychair  #droolinganyways

... I feel so bad for Steve Harvey.  People make mistakes.  but I also have to confess that some of the meme's about him are hilarious.  If anyone can handle all the fun being poked at him, its gotta be him.  He'll come back from this - I have no doubt.  #givesomegrace  #stillfunny

... Speaking of this topic - I don't get that people are saying Miss Columbia should be a winner too - NO - she lost.  Just because a mistake was made doesn't mean she deserves the crown, especially after ALL the judges picked Miss Philippines.  I could see if the vote was close.  & with some of the tweets & comments she's made since?  No - totally not Queen worthy.  You got your publicity Miss Columbia - move on.  #thisisntlifeordeath

... I'm not sure when we're going to be able to get to see Star Wars & I'm going to be so mad if spoilers start leaking out.  Heck, I still have to see the latest Hunger Games.  #alwaysbehindthetimes

... I'm taking my momma shopping today & I'm dreading the crowds. I know its going to be RIDICULOUS out in the stores.  But I'm up for it.  It's all part of experiencing the Christmas Season - right?  #tistheseason  #dontmakemepunchyou

Come back tomorrow for a special Husband Birthday edition of Thankful Thursday!!!

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  1. My mom and I went shopping last Saturday. Patience is the key! Patience with yourself and others and traffic and the stores. Haha! I'm glad you fell asleep during your root canal- that means it wasn't too bad, right?

  2. I realized on Monday that 9:00 is the time to go to Bath & Body Works...I walked in, got what I wanted, didn't have to wait in line, & was out of there! I'm LOVING Amazon Prime this year!

  3. So the reason why I hate warm weather in December is sprouting its ugly head today. Down here in the south we are still in tornado season and we have a high change of having an EF3 or greater today thanks to all this unstable warm weather. You guys can keep it, give me my cold, safe weather please!!!!

    I hate the Yes facewipes too!! They broke my face out also and now I refuse to use any of their other products. What gives, right?? I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!!!!

  4. I'm 100% with you on being excited on giving Gary his gifts - come on x-mas morning!! And the memes for Steve Harvey have been hilarious - they said they want him to host again next year!! Merry Christmas! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. totally agree--there is one winner. i did pageants when i was little, and once i didn't place in it. we checked my score and a judge didn't add correctly, so in actuality i went from no place to third! the girl was not happy and bullied me for years until she moved away. it was awful!

  6. I feel bad for Steve Harvey too! But I have to agree, the memes are hilarious. I had never seen the one you included before and it cracked me up!

    At least you were relaxed during the root canal, right?!

  7. I usually am so happy to see warmer than normal temps, but Christmas week is the ONLY week all year I just want snow! Being that it is 60 degrees here right now - I don't think that will be happening, ha! Have a very merry Christmas! :)

  8. I'm leaving work in a couple of minutes and heading out with Kelli to see Hunger Games. I'll probably wait for Star Wars on DVD.

  9. i ordered my planner back in october with the start date of Dec 2015 and it was agony waiting for 2 months to use it!!

  10. I can't use the Yes To wipes either.

    I am not going to complain about the weather, it could be much worse!

  11. First, congrats on your weight loss....I'm attempting to loose right now as well....baking came to a fast stop...#nowillpower

    Praying you and your groom have a blessed Christmas!!

  12. I miss shopping with my mom. We did it every year. It's one little tradition that is irreplaceable living so far away.

    Congrats on reaching your goal weight. That's incredible!

    I wish I could feel good about my husband's gifts. He is so difficult to buy for, and I'm spoiled with jewelry...because he's a jeweller.

  13. That image of Steve Harvey #toomuch

    Can it be warm FORever!!!!


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