Monday, December 14, 2015

The weekend that I soaked up all the warm

I told Ricky I wanted Sunday to just stop in time....

It was in the 70's this weekend... 70's people!!!!

I soaked up every minute of it & a storm came in Sunday night putting an end to the warm weather.  I almost wanted to cry seeing it go.... (Note:  add this to my "Reasons why I cried" list)

I know everyone else wants snow & cold weather to celebrate Christmas.  I just want to wear flip flops all year round & be totally comfortable in that.  No coats.  Windows down with fresh air.  Is there a place I can move to that fits that description?  ... I want to go to there....

Friday, I started the weekend with a good COLD drink since it was so warm out... driving home with the windows down. I'm telling you, I want all of winter to be like this...

Blog Friday 12 11 15:
Ignore my salt & pepper shaker in my door handle... proof I pretty much live in my car

Ricky had gone to visit a friend of his in the hospital so I had Friday evening to just bachlorette it out for awhile.  So what do I do?  Color in my adult coloring book & read my book.

Tell me I don't know how to party on a Friday night.

I actually did 'party' in my own way.  By putting on Just Dance in the Xbox for an hour to get in a fun workout.  I need to be home alone to do Just Dance because its kind of sorta embarrassing as anything.  I always feel like I am a decent dancer & have some moves... until I see the playback on Xbox on what I look like.  WOW... just wow....

Saturday had us waking up running outside to see the morning temps were already in the 60's.... that meant a lot of time throwing the frisbee for Harvey Dent, who also loved this temperature thing, with all the dogs. They spent all their time just laying in the grass.

See?  It's just a Vincent trait apparently to want warm weather.

I spent some time working on my Bible journal & then working out & then we headed out to do some Christmas shopping....

Saturday 12 1212 15:
A little glimpse of the mess I make while working on my Bible Journal.

My finished Product

Sunday had us at church & then I went to go have lunch with our JOY Ladies Bible Study group... we haven't been able to meet up recently so we did 2 weeks of our study & decided to have lunch & a fun little ornament exchange to celebrate Christmas.  I just love these ladies.  Loved the conversations.  Loved seeing the babies... & how much they are GROWING... FAST!  How fun their Christmases are going to be with these new additions to their families.

I feel like I should have my blogger license revoked because I didn't take one picture of our group, of any of the cute babies, of any of our time together.  What a failure I am.

I took advantage of Ricky not being with me after our lunch/meet up, to go to Michael's.  He's a good husband.  But he hates craft stores.  I get it though - I can look at stickers & scrapbook stuff ... & yarn, OH THE YARN... for a good hour.  Daydreaming of all the projects that could be created. Him? hmmm.... no so much.... So really, I did Ricky a favor by going without him.

I was a good wife though by stopping & picking up some Starbucks drinks so we could still have our Starbucks Sunday together... even it was at home.

The rest of the day had me watching the sun go down... bidding farewell to the warm weather....

 knowing that it wont be long before Spring is back. Right?  Please tell me right.

Only 96 days to go.... 

we're under 100... I'll look at that as a positive thing.

So how was your weekend?  
Was it warm where you are?  
Are you done Christmas shopping?  
Are you counting down to Spring like me?


  1. We had a really great, quiet weekend with some Christmas movies and knitting and present wrapping, a Christmas lunch and auction at church Sunday and then we went and saw my brother in their choir Christmas Cantata which was wonderful. Wait! Looking back over my answers, maybe it wasn't such a quiet weekend. haha

    Oh, by the say, I used your 12 Questions of Christmas for my blog today.

  2. No, no, no! No spring countdowns! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! That Bible journal is just beautiful!!

  3. How can you even have a countdown to spring when the weather is so phenomenal?! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Your bible journaling is BEAUTIFUL! Sounds like a perfect Friday night to me! Isn't this weather THE best! Seriously. #warmweatherforever

  5. Charley has pretty much stayed outside since Friday. She loved all this warm weather! Now, it's pouring here. Boo! Hope you have a great week!

  6. I've been loving the warm weather in December too! I can't believe it's going to be in the 70s again today. Oh my, that's so funny that the xbox does playback. I didn't know that was an option. I definitely don't think I'd want to watch myself doing a dance workout.

  7. I'm also okay with this warm weather. It's throwing me off, but I'll take it! It's so nice not having to worry about driving in the snow... that always freaks me out no matter how long I've been doing it for!
    Please share the playback of you dancing... PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL :D :D :D

  8. I LOVE Just Dance! I've only done it on Wii though, I think the Xbox one would be better because you don't have to hold the dang remote. But I feel really silly doing it too.

    The salt and pepper shakers in your car made me giggle. You gotta be prepared!

  9. LOL I love Just Dance also, and so agree has to be when no one is home :)

  10. Ugh you can keep your hot weather. I dont want it any longer!!!!! I dont even have clothes to wear for this kind of weather. I cant wear my summer dresses because they all go with sandals and stuff and look ridiculous this time of year...but it is way too hot for sweaters and boots. Hate hate loathe. LOL.

    I wont do Just Dance in front of anyone either. I wait until Chris leaves for work or a friends to bust a move. Have a great week!

  11. I don't mind not having to bundle up. This is a little too humid for me though!

  12. the s&p shaker--whatttt? now that's the first time i've seen that. i have a friend that puts ketchup on everything (srsly) and travels with it. i don't like the warm weather, only bc it is warm enough here the rest of the year. i've got cute scarves to wear! ;)

  13. I would be totally fine if I never saw snow or dealt with cold weather again. I hate it! Someday I will live where it's warm year round!
    Love your salt and pepper shaker! I do have salt packets in my car as well as a box of plastic spoons. Never know when the ice cream craving will hit! :)

  14. I can't believe how warm it has been lately. An iced coffee sounds fabulous!

  15. Wow – sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I’d love to try to dance {but no audience!!}


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