Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Amazoning... had to be careful to not show Christmas gifts

I think its been awhile since I've done a post on what I've gotten from Amazon lately
... & while looking at my list, I obviously can't put everything I've bought lately since Christmas hasn't happened yet - so I'll do one post now & then another after Christmas...

Goodness knows I've bought enough from Amazon to warrant 2 posts close together

Foxbrim 100% Pure Organic Rosehip Seed oil

I keep hearing all the rage about Rosehip & how its supposed to be the 'natural botox' ... so when it was on lightning deal, I had to get it.  & so far, I can't say how it works because I'm a slacker when it comes to using it. I think I've only used it like 4 times & I've had it for at least 3 months.
... I just hate putting anything oily on my face since my face breaks out so easily.  But I do want to use this more around my eyes (Thanks Crows feet for making me look 20 yrs older)... so ask me later how it worked.

ipow Fully Adjustable Knee Patellae Tendon Support Strap Band (Set of 2)

These things are my best friend.  I actually bought these before but keep loosing them & with BOTH of my knees always hurting, I usually do need 2 of them close by, so for $12.58 for both of them (Free shipping too) I'll always try to stay stocked up on these.  My knees just said Thank You

Twinings Green Tea - 24 Count

This is another thing you'll see on repeat on my Amazon purchase list. It's so much cheaper to buy the bigger container on Amazon then it is to get a 12 pack in the store.  I'm all about Green Tea - especially in cold & flu season so I need to probably go order another box right now.

Braun ForeHead Thermometer

These things always intrigue me & when it was on a Black Friday deal for $20.00, I thought, why not give it a try.  I keep trying to check it against my other thermometer to see if it's accurate - & so far, it really does pretty good.  When I first got it, I probably took  my temperature any time I walked into the bathroom.  When I woke up.  When I took a shower.  When I worked out. When I went to bed.  ... in case you're wondering, I'm healthy :)  ... I can see where this would be great if you had kids.

Horizontal Magnetic Dry Erase/Cork Weekly Planner

I love this little board.  It works out perfectly for me to keep track of my weekly workouts.  I am such a fan of dry erase boards anyways.  The cork board is a little too hard - I have yet to get a push pin in it - but I guess if I need it bad enough, I'll pull out a hammer :)


I've been wanting this book for the longest time & it finally was on Kindle Deal of the day for $3.20 on Thanksgiving so I finally snagged up on it. It's high on my list to read next.

The Improbably Theory of Ana & Zak

I have no idea what this book is about - but just reading the description, it sounded cute - & it was another Kindle Daily deal - I love those book sales.  So why not.

What's you're latest buys at Amazon?
Doing a lot of Christmas shopping there?
Have you read any of these books?


  1. Weird to say but we actually need a thermometer so I need to scoop that one up! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. It is the thermometer I find it suitable for those with children, to keep in the house

  3. I have never heard of the rosehip seed oil, but if does what it claims to do, I'm checking it out!

  4. Natural botox?! Sign me up for that! And the forehead thermometer is genius, especially for kids!

  5. I don't know if we have a thermometer.

    If I did one of these posts it would be 400 pages long. I buy it all from Amazon in lieu of going to the store. LOL

  6. I looked up the knee brace and just called my hubby to check it out. He has really bad problems with his knee. Thanks for the info.

    We've bought almost all of our Christmas on Amazon, so I can't tell anybody what it is. haha

  7. This is a FANTASTIC idea for a post! I'm going to follow your lead soon (and throw some creative credit your way)! I ran out and bought a thermometer right after we got married when my hubby spiked a fever but that forehead one looks awesome...

  8. Those thermometers have always intrigued me! I never like putting ours in my mouth. I'll definitely have to get one of those before having kids (if not sooner), because I can't imagine making a squirming child hold a thermometer in their mouth works out too well!

  9. The knee things look interesting. After a dislocated patella several years ago, I keep waiting for my knees to give out on me. Hasn't happened yet though. My recent Amazon-buys were beard wax and balm for my husband and a new headset w/ mike for my son and his Xbox games. I kind of hate to buy from Amazon after reading so many interviews about how the workers are treated ... but then I get Amazon gift certificates and feel like I need to use them. I always pick the slowest delivery so they don't think I need them yesterday and someone gets in trouble for going too slow. Yes, I do overthink things - how'd you guess? :)

  10. Ohhhhhh I wish I would have known about FanGirl! I love Rowell!!! That thermometer would sure beat the old fashioned under the tongue one we have! I hate putting that thing in my mouth when I don't feel good. You got that at a steal! We have been ordering some niece and nephew Christmas presents on Amazon -movies, xbox games, legos, etc.

  11. I've been thinking about reading another Rainbow Rowell book. I really liked her book, Attachments; for some reason, it really hit me at the right time, so I don't know which one to try next or if I will like it as much.

  12. I love Amazon. I have Fangirl and I am hoping to read it sometime soon. You need to get on BookBub, they send you deals on books on Amazon some even for free.

  13. Ooh - so many fun things to check out!! I love green tea, and I will be checking on that rosehip seed oil. Sounds interesting.

  14. I have a super oily face and I read somewhere to combat that, instead of using a moisturizer use a face oil. Tried it and it was the worst thing ever! My face was SO oily and gross. :(

  15. I always used those thermometers on my kids!!!

    my latest purchase was a Kingsley Lotion Applicator On Wood Handle. It is SO dry here and my skin itches all the time. when my husband is around, he is good to put lotion on my back, but he's not always here when I am getting ready in the morning....I don't have it yet but am hoping it works!!!

  16. I'm going to check out that Rosehip Seed Oil. I'm always looking for the next best thing!

  17. my latest amazon buy was a foam roller.. i'm having some small issues and i am hoping that will help. fingers crossed, i've never used one before!

  18. did someone say "natural botox"??? I'm all ears. Please report back if you end up trying it regularly

  19. I need to check out the knee strap. I have a torn ACL and lately with the weather it's killing me during my workouts.


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