Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Confessions: Things that made me cry this week

I'm going to do a different kind of confession this week...

I heard about a guy that made a list of the reasons why his wife cried & he posted it online...
I totally related to some of the things...

& then I made a new 'note' on my phone & marked down every time the past 7 days why I tears up, cried or got choked up about...

Believe me - this is a total confession worthy post...

... Joe got voted off of Survivor.

... thinking about my root canal I have to have done (again)... & getting a new crown (again)

... having dental pain pop up that was new  & not even related to the first procedure I have scheduled. Odds are, yet ANOTHER root canal & crown.

... Vertigo getting on my nerves

... being nauseated from medicine for vertigo

... hanging a Christmas ornament that friends gave us last year in honor of Sydney

... hearing Josh Groban's version of "O Holy Night"

... seeing a bunch of trees on my drive home from work that was plowed down to build a little strip mall.

... when I heard about Yolanda & Davis Foster's divorce

... watching a video from Ellen of a little girl singing to her mom that has cancer with Martina McBride

... Watching Fred Claus where the elves all watch the kids opening their presents on Christmas morning

... the texts people were sending out to their family when the shooters in California had them cornered

... the pictures & stories of all the people that were killed in this shooting

... the story of the man protecting the woman, telling her, "I got you"

... the story of the man who was told his partner was at the hospital & in surgery - come to find out, the information was wrong & his spouse was killed & his body was still in the building.

...watching a video on Facebook about 2 older people talking about what Loneliness is to them & in their world

... singing worship in church

... talking to someone & telling them how much I miss my old church & the feeling of having a home church - especially at Christmas

... listening to the women's ministry leader talking about upcoming events at the church we've been visiting & it just making me miss my friends

... reading a book about "Animals in Heaven" in Sam's Club ... (Note:  this had serious tears falling from my face dripping everywhere on the books!)

... reading the latest blog post Rory wrote about his wife Joey (Right here)

... the last few pages of the book, After I Fall,  I was reading about a girl who dies but relieves her last day over & over again

... seeing the end of Polar Express.  I've never seen the movie but just happened to turn it over at the last 5 minutes & just the very end about the bell? ... yep, I was tearing up...

Anything make you choke up lately?

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  1. Read the picture book of Polar Express. Oh, and I'm adding After I Fall to my library hold list.

    But wait, my Instagram pic didn't make you tear up? ;)

    So glad to have reconnected with you.

  2. I'm usually not a big cryer, however I wasn't thrilled about Joe bring voted off either. Rory and Joey make me really sad too. Sometimes I want to ask why, but I know I just have to trust that God knows what he's doing.

  3. confession: i have never seen an episode of survivor or big brother or really, any of those reality tv shows! my husband though...he loves that shit LOL

  4. i have been crying a lot too this week. and it's only wednesday. so i have a cousin who knows a relative of that man who protected the lady. he's from GA originally. his dad also died saving someone's life!! tears.

  5. I cried during The Mindy Project last night. Like, cried SO SO HARD. And I cried at the end of the Polar Express. And whatever the darn Hallmark movie was that I watched. I cry so much but I put up a front alllll the time like I'm so tough ;) (I can't even look at violence victims. I just can't. The photo of the man jumping from the towers on 9/11? Instant tears. I can't handle their emotions on top of my own.)

  6. I cry at everything! Even when I'm laughing, usually I end up crying. I cried this morning listening to the radio on the way to work.

  7. I think I'm going to do this too because I cry at some of the silliest things!! Although the yolanda divorce totally caught me off guard! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. Some of these made me tear up.

  9. I kept tearing up while I was at my convention in Las Vegas. One of the things they do is awards for best commercials and they played one of the winning ones - it was a couple on the ferris wheel and it showed them from 10 years old all the way up to elderly, going round and round...seriously bawling. It was so cute.

  10. I was so surprised at Yolanda's divorce. Never saw that coming :(
    Worship songs have gotten me too. Hugs my friend.
    P.S. YES getting the boys and hubs to do pics is HARD :) lol

  11. I haven't seen Polar Express in a long time, but now I kind of want to see it. I tend to tear up; I haven't checked how often haha. Last time was yesterday....Phoebe had to give her babies up on Friends to her brother; it suddenly got very sad!!

  12. OMG if I made a list of all the times I teared up or cried I'd be ashamed of myself..I know it.

    1. Just to note: because of the reasons, not because I made the list.

  13. Oh boy! Yep, I have been an extra emotional person the past few weeks... lots and lots of things have been making me tear up... I can totally relate to this. Though I am not always that way. :) XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  14. I dont think I want to sit and count the number of times I tear up during a song, watching tv or a movie, seeing a little kid laughing, the amount of random videos I watch on the internet that pull at the heart strings, ahhhh

  15. Girl, you and me are the same person in two bodies. I teared up reading this post! I saw that same list and thought about all the stuff I cry at during the week. That video of the girl singing to her mom...ugly, ugly cry over here!

  16. I cry EVERY time I watch The Polar Express!! You are right - it's that dang bell! So good. And I was totally surprised about Yolanda & David's divorce, didn't see that one coming.

  17. I know a book is good when it makes me feel so much that it leaves me in tears.

  18. Stupid vertigo and teeth problems! No fun! I have a dentist check up next week, hopefully it all goes fine!

  19. Goodness, yes! I could definitely write a post about all the stuff I cry about! ;-)

  20. Before I read your list I saw the pic of Kim. I thought for sure you were gonna say you cried becuz she named her son Saint. Lol!
    I'm going to look up Josh's version of that song. I love him!

  21. I totally want to keep track of what makes me cry for a week now. I can be pretty dang emotional. I think pretty much all of these would make me cry. Hearing about people dying (especially before their time--cancer, shootings, accidents, violence) always makes me so sad, for them, their friends, and their family. And dogs dying really gets me too.

  22. Oh man - I am not a crier, but reading your list definitely choked me up!!

  23. Oh man... I want to cry FOR you thinking about a root canal, lololol

  24. Gosh Groban is amazing. I enjoy Fred Claus, haven't it watched it yet this year. Love The Polar Express too. Of course the shooting was so tragic. About 20 miles from where I live. I know people who were on lock down in other buildings. Very said and my heart aches for everyone who has to go through Christmas without their loved ones.


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