Thursday, December 03, 2015

Thankful Thursday {Link up #47}

This week I am Thankful For:

... all the food at Thanksgiving.  I'm a vegetarian & people always ask if I get enough to eat. OH my gosh - I was so full, I was miserable... just make a bunch of stuff with cheese & I'm one happy trooper.  Literally - carbs & cheese is what my Thanksgiving looked like.

... Seeing these girls grow up into little Preteens. I can't believe how big they are getting.  I love watching them find their own groove in life.

... a beautiful day for Thanksgiving that let me run my 5k for the "Run Now Gobble Later" 5K.  I hadn't run in a few weeks with my knee & it was just a perfect day to burn some calories before the carb feast.  Felt good to get some miles under my feet too while breathing in fresh air.

... The internet for finding recipes. I forgot nutmeg to make pumpkin pie, but I had Pumpkin Pie Spice .. .but that changed the recipe & then I had sweetened condensed milk but not evaporated milk. This was becoming too complicated.  Needless to say, type in the ingredients into Google & viola - a perfect recipe for delicious pies.

... a great consult with my next bride & groom.  Come to find out, their wedding coordinator for the day is one of my favorite ladies!  She used to work in our youth ministry at church & I just love her family so much.  This is going to be so much fun having her next to me during the big day of this couple.  She may spoil me because she is someone who takes charge. I'm going to love that being on someone else instead of me.

... a good head start on Christmas shopping.  I actually took advantage of Cyber Monday & got most of Ricky's shopping done too.  That's a relief for me.

... seeing ultrasound pictures of a friend's baby on Facebook.  I'm so excited for them as they have their 2nd baby.

... a great church service on Sunday.  It was about gratitude & a challenge of it was to start writing down things you are grateful for. Keeping a gratitude journal was suggested... & I was like, "HOLLA - I already do Thankful Thursday" ...

This may be the only time in church where I felt like I was doing something right :)

... my sweet husband. My DVD player kept freezing on me while I was working out so he pulled the one off of his TV in the basement & switched them out for me. How precious is that!

... they are projecting a warmer winter.  Please Lord.  Let it be true.

... speaking of winter. We are in December.  We are only 18 days away from when the time shifts & we start to GAIN a minute of sunlight every day. Hey - I'll take it!

What are you Thankful For this week?


  1. Yay for awesome Thanksgiving weather for your run! A couple years ago a I signed up for a turkey trot and it was early AND freezing on Thanksgiving down here so I didn't get out of bed but this year would have been good! We were being told it was going to be a colder winter for us, but haven't seen that so far lol!

  2. I love the socks you wore for your 5k! Too cute!

  3. I love your outfit for the Thanksgiving run! I'm with you on the carbs and cheese, give me all of it :) I realized we had no protein in our Thanksgiving meal since we're all vegetarians and I probably should have thought about that a bit more, but then again, it was all so delicious that it probably didn't matter.

  4. I'm with you, relieved to have Christmas shopping finished!

    I also love your 5K socks.

  5. I need all your tips on being a vegetarian and a runner. Those are two goals for my 2016... (lol) I love that you're excited to work with a wedding coordinator- I hope people feel that way about us! :) Glad you have your Xmas shopping under control. Hopefully this weekend I can knock some out!

  6. WHAT?! 18 days until the time shift?! You just made my day. :) Carbs and cheese are my favorites too.

  7. I am ready for winter to be over already and it has barely even begun. Oh well!

  8. you know this time last year it had already snowed a couple of times? i can't believe our luck that it hasn't snowed yet. please please please let it be a warmer winter!! i will never complain again ;)

  9. So good! :) I love gratitude posts. I'm thankful for our home and our fireplace! Random, but I am loving sitting by the fire! :D

  10. What? I had no idea that we start to gain a minute of daylight?
    I'm not a vegetarian but I don't especially like Thanksgiving Turkey and I always find plenty of food to eat. You are right, that day is definitely all about the carbs! -M

  11. You look great on those turkey socks! A lot of blessings to be thankful for!!


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