Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thankful Thursday {Link up #51} ... Husband Birthday Edition!!!

Today is special... not only is it Christmas Eve, but its also my hubby's birthday!
Yep - a Christmas Eve baby.
You know that's gotta be tough on a kid growing up having to share your birthday with Jesus

... speaking of which, I always get confused. Was Jesus born on Christmas Eve NIGHT?  Because we celebrate it like that.. or was it Christmas DAY .. but at night?  .. .I get so confused.  ... & totally know that in reality, wasn't Jesus really born like some time in the summer?

Anyways - Ricky likes to say he & Jesus share a birthday so we'll just go with it.

& I still wanted to do a Thankful Thursday post because I AM so THANKFUL for my husband & all that he is...

So in honor of that, & his 54th birthday, I'm going to take a cue off of my friend Kristin's blog & post 54 fun facts about him.... Not your usual Thankful Thursday post - but even better in my opinion

1.  He's like Buddy the Elf - lives basically on sugar.
2.  KISS is his all time favorite band
3.  His ipod has everything on it though, from Motley Crue, to Michael Jackson, to Earth Wind & Fire, to Johnny Cash, to yes - Steven Curtis Chapman
4.  He used to come home every night with a package of donuts, a Reese's Fast Break & a ice cream bar & a container of milk & have that for his 'before dinner' snack.
5.  Even with all that sugar, he struggles to gain weight & takes offense to any word associated with 'skinny' like most people do to the word 'fat'
6.  After the fire Ricky was in, he was told he may not grow hair again

That hair is a big IN YO FACE to the doctors

7.  He has seen & heard the music from Beauty & the Beast way more then he ever thought he would his whole life.
8.  Same with Wizard of Oz.
9.  Same with Steven Curtis Chapman.
10.  He is happiest being alone & staying to himself.  Let him stay in his basement with his movies, tv & snacks?  He'd be in his own personal heaven.

The look I get when I make him do social things :)

11.  He does enjoy being around his close friends though.
12.  He is technically the middle child - number 3 out of 5.

13.  He puts so much pepper on his food, its basically a black speckled food item before he eats it.
14.  ...Also smothers most things in hot sauce when he gets a chance.
15.  He hates heavy make up on women & despises lip stick more then anything on me.
16.  He is usually found with one sock on at our house. For some reason he comes home after work & pulls off only one sock.
17.  He is obsessed with watches.
18.  He's also obsessed with jeans... particularly, ones with rips & tears in them.  They have to be just a certain way or have certain kind of tears in them.  & for goodness sake, DON'T TOUCH THE RIPS!  It messes them up apparently.
19.  He loves his Super Heroes but always says Spiderman is his favorite.  Mainly because Peter Parker is just a little nerdy guy to everyone, but has this amazing powers that no one knows about.  Ricky always roots for the little underdog guy.

20.  He hates anything with mayonnaise, or ranch dressing, or sour cream ... mostly anything white shoots up the radar.
21.  Where he's not that great at home improvement skills, hes AMAZING at anything with numbers.  Need to figure out a mortgage or how much money an interest rate will bring in... he's all Rain Man & can shoot off numbers like a math genius!
22.  He should have been a lawyer - he can argue ANYTHING.
23.  He has a soft heart for all animals.
24.  ...especially our dogs.  He'll even give up his own seat or spot in bed so they can be comfortable.

25.  He can't ever remember his own cell phone number.
26. There is no team greater to him then the University of Kentucky Wildcats.  & he prefers to watch it all alone lest someone jinx something.

27.  He used to be obsessed with ironing everything he wore.  Now, I'm not sure we even own an iron.
28.  He hates getting his picture taken but living with me, has softened a bit & is a good sport about it now.
29.  He hates talking in front of a group of people where attention is focused on him.
30.  He's great at chess.
31.  His competitive gene is at full force.  He loves a good competition - but is a good sport at losing... sometimes.
32.  I always say his spiritual gift is Discernment.  He can read someone from the first minutes of meeting someone.  I haven't seen him be wrong one time in life.
33.  He is the BEST on skates. I always say every time I see him skate, I fall in love with him all over again.

34.  He never wants to go to New York City (where I want to go) but wants to travel out west & wants to see Washington DC.
35.  He has amazing strength to be a smaller guy.  I've seen him take down HUGE guys in arm wrestling & I've seen him lift things that no ONE man should lift alone.  He's like an ant or something.
36.  He hates to read more then anything.
37.  He thinks his grandsons are pretty amazing & he loves passing down his love of superheros to them.

That one on the left of him?  .. .its like a little version of Ricky... almost scary!

38.  His specialty in the kitchen is making oatmeal & chili (obviously, not together)
39.  He wants to go sky-diving one day.
40.  If we travel, he waits until an hour before we leave to start packing.
41.  He used to not mind flying.... until he flew with me & now prefers not to get on any planes (at least with me)
42.  Always sings a song about 0.1 second before the actual words. I always say he lives a little ahead of time then the rest of us. That's his super power.  ... honestly, he does a few things that he has such fast reflexes, it reinforces my belief in this.
43.  Looses his wallet or keys at least once a week.
44.  He used to drink a carton of Pepsi a DAY... & since getting diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus about 17 years ago, he quit cold turkey & hasn't drank a soft drink since.
45.  He is my biggest cheerleader on race days.

46.  He is the most loyal person/friend to you that you could ever want in your life.
47.  Hates to hear anyone talk about anyone else... he'll walk away from any bad talk.
48.  He hates scary movies & won't watch them.  If there is a scary or really intense scene, he'll walk out or fast forward it.
49.  He walks every DAY at least 13-15 MILES (some days up to 20+ miles) ... so when I do a half marathon, he'll sometimes do them with me without one day of 'real' training for a race. That's every day life for him.
50.  He wont watch any show that has commercials. It HAS to be DVR'ed so he can skip them all.
51.  His favorite ride in the world is Universal Studios Island of Adventure Spiderman simulation ride.
52.  His favorite Super hero movie is the first Wolverine ... but he has a soft spot for the first Spiderman with Toby McGuire since it was the first kick off of all the Marvel movies.
53.  He was baptized  in 2002 in a private ceremony ... & when the pastor went to 'dunk' him, he slid & dropped Ricky in the water.  Ricky came up & asked, "Did that count?  Am I good?" ... (I love this memory)
54.  He proposed to me on his birthday - Christmas Eve - at our church candlelight service... & has blessed me with 20 years of being an amazing husband.

So many amazing things to know about this amazing man...

Happy Birthday to my husband!

I'll still add the link up if anyone wants to join in this week....


  1. Happy Birthday to your husband. It sounds like God has richly blessed you with the perfect husband for you. God is so good.

  2. What a sweet tribute to your husband! Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating together.

  3. Thank you sweety your the greatest LOVE YOU

  4. Happy birthday to your husband! And Merry Christmas!

  5. What a good man you have. Happy birthday Ricky! I cannot stop laughing about his baptism! Funniest thing ever.

  6. Happy Birthday Ricky!!! I love the video of him skating!! I grew up skating...I was horribly pigeon toed and skating forces your feet outward! So, that video brought back so many memories!!!

    Merry CHRISTmas!!!

  7. Happy birthday to your husband, and Merry Christmas to you!

  8. Happy Birthday to your sweet hubby! I put black pepper on everything too and my husband also has to DVR everything so he doesn't have to watch commercials.
    Now you have me confused on the whole Jesus's birthday thing. I alwys thought he was born on Christmas eve night and then we celebrate his birth on Christmas day because that's when the wise men brought him the gifts. Hmmm, have been wrong all these years?????

  9. Happy Birthday Ricky! Hope his day was perfect. Cute post.....

  10. Hope he had a wonderful birthday. You guys are adorable :).

  11. happy belated birthday to ricky! hope he had a fabulous day :)


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