Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Favorites

Favorite Vet Tip
Giving Dogs medicine!!!

We've had to give Bruno 3 pills twice a day - that's a lot of pills!
Especially for a dog that is great at spitting them out no matter what you hide it in.
 We usually do the norm - cheese or peanut butter...
but the vet told us to try MARSHMALLOWS!
& let me tell you - it works AMAZINGLY!
I got the mini marshmallows - take 2 & squish the pills right in the middle... BAM! 
Haven't had any issues since.
Even dogs can't resist pure sugar.

Favorite Picture in the News this week

Royal Family2016:

I really hope this family is as fairy tale as they seem

Favorite Shirt

I'm a Princess Don't be Surprised When I Randomly Break Out Into Song and Dance:

... I honestly think if you know me long enough,
you aren't that surprised when I do randomly break out into song & dance

Favorite Beauty & the Beast


I actually love this because you rarely see pictures that make the Beast actually "beast like"...

Favorite Organizing Idea

DIY Smart And Small Bathroom Storage. I love this idea and this picture!!:

Gotta go on the hunt for those towel rods!!
& need to find those kind of baskets!

Favorite Easter Song

I dont think I have ever gotten through this song without crying or getting misty eyed.
Every year at Easter, it just needs to be heard.

Favorite Reminder

pray and leave it in His hands.:

Favorite Funnies


You have no idea how many times I have actually thought this!!!:

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 90 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day:

Ponytail face: | 28 White People Who Need To Be Stopped Right Now bwahahhahahhh

Me Vs. Life

...every time I have to go back to the dentist in this nightmare I'm stuck in

... me watching the series finale of Downton Abby

... how I feel when I debate using my weekend to clean the house

... when someone asks my opinion on who I still like in the Republican party

... how I wake up on Race days

... me at 4:00pm today



  1. That will definitely be me at 3 today as well :) What an ingenious idea with the marshmallows! Have a great weekend!

  2. That front pony tail!!!!! lol!!! Happy Friday!

  3. Lol... that's how I wake up on race day too!

  4. I've never heard of the marshmallow trick... And I LOVE the royal family. I think they're amazing and beautiful and so, so kind!!
    Those funnies are awesome. That SNL sketch was too fun and Donald Trump's pants would ALWAYS be in flames. HAHAHA!

  5. Oh my gosh I actually didn't see that royal family photo and now I love them even more!! And my question for that baby photo where everyone is sleeping...who took the picture lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. The tire picture makes no sense to me. How did that happen?

    Happy Friday friend! Hope it's a great weekend.

  7. We would definitely get along well in real life. I also break out into song and dance because, why not! The bird waking up--ha ha! Happy Friday!

  8. That pony tail picture. My hair is super long & that's pretty much what I feel like when I try to do anything. I've tried different hair styles but my hair is too heavy to stay in a bun or something similar for long. So, yeah, probably a pic of my like that floating around the interwebs.

  9. I just moved and have no room in the bathroom for my towlels! I love that idea of rods with baskets over the toilet for towels! Have a great weekend!

  10. Marshalls and TJ Maxx usually have those baskets. Target has some right now too.

    GREAT idea on the mini marshmallows. I'll keep that one in my back pocket.

  11. That is a great idea with the marshmallows. I would have never thought of that and quite honestly I would have thought marshmallows would have been one of those dangerous things for dogs. I guess not.
    I love nichole nordeman! I haven't heard that song before.

  12. That is such a great idea with the marshmallows!!! Me too, love the family photo that was posted this week. I had to steal the Pants on Fire to put it up on Facebook....too funny!

  13. I love that song. I hadn't seen the video before, wow!
    Ponytail pic is too funny!!
    Have a great race tomorrow!

  14. Marshmallows work?! Tully is horrible at taking pills. We tried cheese, peanut butter, and those pill pocket treats and none worked. We've found that wrapping them in pepperoni (or probably lunch meat) is the only thing that works that we've tried but I need to get some marshmallows and see if that works!

  15. I need that Disney tank! I got lucky with my dogs, they don't mind taking meds. I have to put it in peanut butter but no issues. Love that marshmallows work though! That is just plain fun! What in the world with that lady at the gym??? Hahahahaha Have a great weekend!!

  16. trying that marshmallow trick asap!! i've got try it. i once found charlie's monthly meds all lined up under my ottoman!

  17. Sure did enjoy this post!! Happy Friday to you!!

  18. Whaat, I didn't even know dogs could eat marshmallows, but I guess there's no reason why not. What a cool trick. I'm going to start sticking my own pills in marshmallows lol.

  19. I know we shouldn't care about celebrities & royals relationships, but I'm with you...I want Will's & Kate's family to be happily ever after :)

    That Me vs. Life gif made me LOL!

  20. I've never tried marshmallows before but I know our dogs love them! Einstein can seriously get a pill out of anything!


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