Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Welcome to the world Caden Michael

So nearly a week ago, I was so blessed to be able to hear the cries of a new baby come into this world...

You know me - I am a confessed blogger & I love memories documented. For me, to look back & see pictures & read the story over & over again, its the main reason I love to blog.

So I just wanted to document for myself my experience of the day. I know everyone has their own story - especially mommy & daddy... I'm sure family & friends that sat out in the waiting room all day have their own stories - its what makes a day like that so unique.  My point?  I don't want to take away anything from anyone - I just want to add to the story & memories of the amazing day that Caden Michael joined us in this world.


We had been checking on Chasity all week long.  Especially when Ricky thought for sure he was going to have to deliver a baby at church 2 weeks before when she was having contractions even then.  But that baby was comfy & not coming.  So when Chasity had a doctor's appointment in the week, I kept sending texts, "Keep me updated"....

& when I got word she was going in the hospital at 5am the next morning to be induced, I knew I had to be there.  I love her & Ryan like my own family & just couldn't wait to see what this baby was.
1st pic of the long day ... you can see the clock at 7:13am

Yep - Ryan & Chasity are the crazy people that wait to see what the sex of the baby is when they give birth.  While it drives me nuts during the 9 months, I admitted it does make the delivery even more exciting!

I got up my regular work schedule routine & got to the hospital at 7am & was excited to hear that this would indeed be the day the baby was coming.

They had told Chasity at her doctor's appointment that the doctor would be in around 7am to break her water but the nurses sort of looked confused at that & told her to not count on it until around lunch time.  So it made it even better when the doctor came in a little after 9 to get the job done & get this labor thing on the road.
Just had her water broke & now the wait was on

Chasity was wanting to get up & walk, like she did with her first delivery but they told her she wasn't allowed to roam the halls this time around.  Something about wireless monitors costing $20,000 (WHATTT?????) & they were waiting on 2 of them to come in.  I guess hospital funding is a real thing.  But poor Chasity -  I don't think it was much fun for her feeling a little confined, especially because her labor was more in her back this time.

It wasn't long before we could hear the sound of a little voice laughing & the door opened to Chasity's family heading up to give her & Ryan all their love & support.... & also to bring Big Sis up to check what was going on.
I think Emerson just thought it was a big party.

Someone even brought her bubbles & she had a bag full of toys & coloring books & crayons.  Nothing but fun for this gal.

It was such a long day for her too but she weathered through so well.  She loves her Mimi & Pops & Aunt Jojo - which she calls DaDo - no one knows exactly why (isn't that the cutest?)  - but all her favorite people were around her so she was covered on the long wait.

It was so strange because the day seemed to be going both fast & slow....

... but it wasn't long after the water was broke that the labor was getting more intense & the contractions were staying more consistent.

Chasity's momma stepped up & started clearing the room when she saw in her own baby's face that she needed to start focusing & getting through these labor pains.

Now, I did get to stay in the room & take pictures their first daughter's birth & we never really discussed if they wanted me to do this one.  Lord knows I would never NOT want to do it, but I just assumed they may have wanted someone else in the room with them this time, so I just never brought it up ...  I know what a precious event this is & I wouldn't want to stomp on anyone's toes asking to be there. ... so when they were clearing the room, Chasity told me I could stay if I wanted.  I just wanted to cry right then & there. I asked her if she wanted me to take pictures, which I would LOVE to capture for them again & she said, "We loved our pictures of Emerson's birth"... all she had to say.

She said she didn't want me to think she assumed I would take the pictures.
I didn't want her to think I assumed I could be in the room with them again.
haha... a stand off of two people who love each other.
I'm glad it all worked out.

Let me tell you, it was hard for me to watch Chasity this time around.

The pain was just different in her face this time.  In her whole body really.  Her hands would reach out to grab her leg & she couldn't even make it to grab her leg because she'd be shaking.  Luckily, her momma or husband was quick to grab that hand & let her squeeze away.

I have a friend in Canada that talked about laughing gas & that they have been using it up there for awhile with births.  Apparently, its made it ways to the good ole USA & in the hospital.  Chasity was told by the nurses that it doesn't take the pain away, but takes 'the edge off' ... so she gave it a go.

When those labor pains game, oh my goodness, the grip she had on the face mask....
In the end, I'm not sure it was that helpful for her.

She did say it did help her focus on her breathing though - so there's that.
I'd be curious to hear if anyone else ever used laughing gas during labor & if it helped you.

The frustrating thing I think for Chasity was she just needed to know how her body was progressing.  This time around, they didn't check her for progress at all after they broke her water. They said they would just know she was ready when she felt that need to push.  But that left too many 'unknowns' out there. Like if she was in this much pain & at a 3, then she wanted the epidural.  If she was already at a 8 or 9, then she was going to bear it through.

Once again, her momma took charge & talked with the nurse & she could see how badly Chasity was feeling so they finally checked.... totally expecting her to be progressed further.

When Chasity found out where she was at, she decided to go the route of an epidural.

I stepped out in the waiting area for this & couldn't believe how fast the day was going by at this point & just kept praying that Chasity would soon get relief with the epidural & she could get some rest & relax a bit.  Her epidural on her last pregnancy had caused a spinal headache - & if you ever had one of those, you know the misery.  So we were just praying this one wouldn't give her any issues.

I was out talking to Chasity's grandmother about weddings, whose daughter is getting married in a few months & I don't know what made me look at my phone. I had had it on vibrate so it wouldn't  bother anyone in the room, & I glace down & see a message saying "Get in here"

...I walk in & see lights on, tables of medical equipment everywhere, & nurses all prepped to go...

& poor sweet Chasity's face....
This happened the exact same way last delivery.

The epidural didn't take.

She said she could feel everything even as the doctor was telling her she shouldn't feel her legs. Nope.  She could.  & as soon as she got the epidural, her labor progressed so fast. Like within 30 minutes of getting it, she was ready to have that baby....

It was go time!

So of course, I want to document the birth but this doctor gave me some instructions on pictures, that I guess I misunderstood at first... oops ... What can I say, I was a nervous wreck myself.  My own legs were shaking like a leaf.

But I was told I had to wait to take pictures after the baby was here.
... & well that didn't take long... 5 minutes to be exact.

I never see a baby crying & not think of Look Who's Talking

I know most mom's are like, "Really?  5 minutes?"... yep... Chasity is a PRO PUSHER!  I need to get a medal made that says that & present it to her all Olympic medal style.

Thinking about it later, we said how lucky it all worked out because the doctor just happened to be there in the delivery area for another patient.  Chasity went fast with pushing with Emerson so she was afraid the doctor wouldn't make it to her in time if she started having the baby, especially with them not checking her for progress.  If the doctor hasn't been next door, she would have never made it in time for this baby.

God timing right there people!  God timing!

& then we got to hear that cry.

That precious first cry.

There really is nothing like it, is there?

& then I just kept hearing, BOY! It's a boy!  BOY!

Its so funny how the emotions are like a roller coaster on a delivery day.

Poor Chasity was in so much pain & it was so unbearable to watch her cry... & then in a blink of an eye, it all turns.  Once she heard that baby's cry & found out she has a son, all she could do was look at her husband & say, "Are you happy?  Are you happy?  Are you so happy?"
She's totally saying that right here... Are you happy?... cant you see it?

They have a daughter & now a son.

Welcome to the world Caden Michael!

After feeling like I made the doctor a little irritated with my clicky camera finger, I made sure to stay out of the way, but had to sneak around to see momma's reaction....

which is priceless.

Same with daddy.  He was so emotional seeing his son for the first time.
I wish there were words that could describe what it's like to be a witness to moments like this... much less to be able to capture them for their own memories sake down the road. But there really are no words that can describe it.

Especially when you care so much about these people, & you see them in pain, & in pure joy... I just wanted to scream with Chasity, wanted to take her pain from her & cry along with them in sheer happiness every step of the way....

The hospital was big this time about the "Golden Hour" as they called it... not bothering baby.  Just letting him stay with momma & daddy.  They didn't even take him to weigh him or measure him - nothing... just let the bonding begin.
I love all the hands... daddy holding his sons hand... mommy's hand on baby's back...
& Chasity's momma's hand on her own daughter's head... Connections.  A powerful thing.

It's so amazing to me how so much happens in a room when a baby is born.  I'm such an observer anyways by nature so it's so interesting to me to see the dynamics of how it all flows... busy & hectic situations, handled calmly & smoothly.

Cleaning up of the baby all while he's laying on momma's chest.
The doctor attending to Chasity & making sure she's OK.
The medical equipment everywhere getting pushed around & used & taken in & out.

There was even a medical group of nursing students in the room to watch the birth - so it was a full house to say the least.

... & then finally... a calm comes...

everything is cleared out - nurses start walking out the door to check on other patients - & it gets a little quiet & you realize that this little human being is now here.  You can see him.  You can check out his features (which he was born with the most kissable lips I've ever seen).  You get to see what all the hard work for the day has brought

... a miracle.

Caden laid on momma's chest for nearly an hour & it was so cute because Chasity was saying she can't wait to see his face... she never got a good look.  She tried to pick him up one time to see hm straight on, but he started crying being taken away from her so she laid him right back down, which was all he needed.  To be close to his mommy.

Finally about an hour later, she was able to turn him around to get a good look at his face...
... & I swear, it was like he smiled for her.  "Hi mommy"

Love is such a weird emotion - but its really amazing when you see it happen in front of your eyes.

The little guy had a grip on his Mimi's finger the whole time he was laying across Chasity's chest but now that he had been turned around, Mimi had the chance to come around & take in that face even more.

I totally got teary eyed when she wanted to kiss his little lips but said, "I'll kiss them after his momma gets the first kiss"... I just thought that was so precious...

... but it didn't take long after for Mimi to start the smooches after that.
... a lifetime of kisses are coming his way.

Then it was time for Big Sis to come in.
I think she was just happy to see mommy & daddy... & then saw the "BAAABBBYYYY" ...

They had to watch her hands because she was all about pointing things out, like his eyes, nose, mouth... you can even see in the picture above her tapping the top of his head.  He had all the essentials that she knew of & gave the seal of approval with a little kiss on his head.

 ... & then was ready to get down & play.
That's a 21 month old for you.  Who cares what's going on in the world when you can just play.
I like that kind of thinking.

But then it was time to let everyone in on the surprise of what the baby was.

It was funny because people were texting us & asking what Chasity had - boy or girl? TELL US!!!!... nope, not telling.  Ricky even text me saying, 'I know you know"... well duh, I was there... but nope, the world was going to find out from mommy & daddy....

... or from big sister

Ryan was trying to work on getting Emerson  to say, "Its a BOY"...

& she did good until she thought it was funny to switch it up & say GIRL every  now & then too.

We were anxious to see what she was going to say... & she nailed it.
All eyes on Emerson as she's giving the news
Word was finally out...

A boy!

I loved so much that some people still didn't want to know.  Chasity's uncle sent texts that said, "just tell me the baby is here, but dont tell me what the baby is"... when you wait 9 months to find out what the baby is,  you want it to be a special moment.

... & then there's people like Ricky who once he got there, he tried to get it out of Chasity's sister in the hallway before he came in the room.  (She was totally onto him & knew he was trying to get her to tell - he's not slick)

The room needed to be cleared of all the people since it was back in the labor/delivery area, but it was time for daddy to hold his son for the first time.
I love how they encourage the kangaroo method for mommy & daddy now

It was so funny to see the difference in Ryan from when he took his first child in his hands almost 2 years ago & how he took his son.  A confidence was there this time.  Maybe it was just his first lesson to his son on being a man.

Poor daddy... he held Caden for just a little bit, but then everyone started filtering back in & then it was like, take a number & get in line...

who doesnt want to hold a precious newborn...

I'm sure they are having a UK discussion... things the baby needs to learn within being hours old

I put down the camera a minute to hold the baby myself & Ricky picked it up.  Funny side note - I did turn & face the camera with the baby in an upright pose ... & Ricky took the picture... except Ricky didn't check any settings, he just snapped & clicked... & everyone in the other side of the room was clear.  Me in front of the camera?  A total blur.  I had to laugh when I uploaded that picture.  My only shot at a good baby picture.

Bless Chasity - when I told her that, she said, "You could have given me the camera, I would have taken the picture"... the girl can give birth & still be the best photo assistant in the world :) haha

It had been a whirlwind of a day & I finally headed home nearly 12 hours later... with a new grand buddy in our world...

It's so funny how life changes & evolves.  Ricky & I talked about how we remember Ryan & Chasity as teenagers, in high school, each on their own path in life... & have watched them grow into real adults.  Watching how they came together as a couple to date, & eventually marry.  & to watch them make the change into parents... & now, to a family of four.

Of course through the day, my sweet precious friend Stephanie, Ryan's momma, was so close in my mind as I know she was in everyone's hearts.  So many little things that would happen throughout the day that I could hear her unforgettable giggle in my head knowing she would have loved every minute of this whole thing.  I can just see the pride on her face to have yet another grand baby to boost about.  She now has 4 granddaughters & 4 grandsons ....  isn't it amazing how when someone leaves this earth, their legacy still grows?

I had told Chasity earlier in the morning that I just envision Stephanie & Chasity's grandmother, Vicki, who just passed away in October - the 2 of them sitting side by side in heaven waiting with excitement as we got to saw Caden for the first time.  To see families continue growing, all connecting each other.

It was an AMAZING day.  Again, I know I was in a place that many don't find themselves & feel so honored to be able to be a witness to it all.  I can't begin to say how blessed I am to have these amazing people in my life - I know Ricky feels the same way.   It's going to be even more amazing to watch where it goes from here. To watch these babies grow up & see the people they are going to become.

... & goodness knows I'll be there with my camera every chance I can :)

For the Lord is good & his love endures forever;
his faithfulness continues through all generations
~Psalm 100:5


  1. Oh my goodness! I can't even handle all the sweetness in this post. I'm sitting here at my desk with tears in my eyes! You do such a wonderful job capturing these special moments. Oh, how I wish you lived closer! I know we don't know really know each other but I'd have you in the delivery room in a heartbeat!

    By the way, Cory read about the laughing gas and mentioned it to me. He wants to check to see if our hospital does it but I'm not so sure it's worth it. I don't wanna feel a thing! And is it normal to not be checked? I feel like around here, they check every hour or so.

    Chasity looked beautiful the whole day! She may have been in pain but she looked great delivering!

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    I'm so glad you were able to be there for that life changing moment.

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