Monday, March 07, 2016

The weekend that we thought we'd be delivering a baby....

BLINK... another weekend gone...
They go way too fast... but this was another good weekend... 
But for the most part, I'll usually say a weekend is good.  
So here's some of the highlights ....


... No traffic on the way home. It's a Friday miracle!

... Saw someone driving abut 5 below the speed limit on the way home on the expressway. I thought, ahh - it must be a young kid or an elderly person.  Drove past & saw a normal looking middle age man. Then I immediately became suspicious of him & why he was going slow. Did he not want the police to pull him over for a reason?  Is he a serial killer? I had a hundred different things in my mind that made that guy seem like he was just scary ... my mind obviously gets out of control at times.

... The drive through at Starbucks was wrapped around the building.  Everyone must be celebrating Friday.  But I thought I'm not going to wait in my car for that long so I parked & went inside.... & there was not one person in there.  I had my drink & back in my car in less then 5 minutes.  It pays to get out of your car sometimes.


... I made my first 'real' salad. & even more?  I made my first salad dressing!  I have to say, I was super impressed with myself over this.  I feel like I can TAKE ON THE WORLD NOW!  Who knew salads were so inspiring.

The orange juice was used as an ingredient for the dressing
... big time stuff for me....

... We got to spent our Friday over a friend's house having just a little hang out.  I don't know the last time Ricky & I laughed that hard hearing some stories in people's lives.

Friday night:

... got home & was so sad to hear the news about Joey Feek.  Bless her family.  Her faith & her journey just reminded me so much of my friend Stephanie as she battled cancer.  To hear the end of her fight here on this earth had happened, it broke my heart... but also left me so happy to know she was done with this struggle & hugging Jesus.

... Finished up my night watching Stephen Colbert.


... The goal of the day was to sleep. Except Bruno didn't get the memo & was waking me up at 6:30am with his paws hitting me wanting me to play with him.  Oh mercy.

... Made a natural cleaner to use on my floor (equal parts vinegar & water) & got to cleaning my floor.

.... yeah.... only to have Harvey walk right in over it with muddy feet.... Good thing I made this new little spray to use on the floor because I think I wiped it up a few dozen times.

... Tried the Target brand Up & Up Swiffer wet mop covers.  ummmm.... probably a thumbs down. First, I couldn't get it to stick to the velcro on my Swiffer mop & then, they just didn't really seem absorbent.  Dang it.  I go through so many of these with dogs dirty feet, I was hoping to save a buck.

... Bible journaling time.  Wasn't my favorite page I've done, but I liked using new metallic pens & gold washi tape that I got for Christmas. Now it gives me more ideas to do other pages.

... Had to get in 7 miles for my run for the day. I had planned on doing it outside.... until it ended up being a yucky day.  Cloudy. Drizzly. Gloomy.  So when I looked at my weather app & it said it felt like 37 degrees outside, & I knew I had a long time to be outside?  Nope. I headed down to the treadmill.

... Ended up having the best distraction while running watching Fuller House.  I literally laughed out loud at some parts of it.  Got through the first 4 episodes & loved every one of them.  I had to make myself stop watching so I can have some to watch over the next few weeks.  Who am I kidding?  I'll probably have it all watched by next weekend.

.... that little boy that plays the middle son?  OH MY GOODNESS - he is all sorts of ADORABLE!

... After that run, & the gloom?  I ended up spending the rest of Saturday on my couch.  Covered in my down comforter.

... Caught up on Downton Abby before the finale.  #whymarywhy #pooredith #SadMrBarrow

... then got caught up on How to get away with Murder.  I almost gave it up because I think its a little too much at times... but watched one episode, then another & then I was like GIVE ME MORE!!!! I am all caught up & now can't wait till Thursday!!


... church time.  We went back to Southeast again & honestly, it really felt more like 'home' then ever after visiting other churches.  I think it really helped because we saw so many familiar faces & had the chance to chat & talk afterwards.  Fellowship with people in the church is huge to us.

... The whole time we were in church, Chasity was timing her contractions. Yep... girlfriend was worshiping while having contractions.  Tell me she's not a rockstar!!!  They even got to 3 minutes apart at one point... which Ricky couldn't focus on any part of the message at that point because he thought he was going to have to birth a baby any moment... & by 'birth a baby' that means, Ricky running up & down the aisles freaking out.  All was good.  Her contractions have still been inconsistent... but its going to be any day now!!!

This totally COULD have been Ricky in church today

... Chasity's momma had their daughter Emerson from a sleep over so we wanted to treat her & Ryan while they had a little down time - & to give them strength if that baby was going to come soon - so off to brunch we went....

Probably the last pic I'll get of her with this bump before baby comes

... Ricky & I stopped at a funeral home.  One of our old GCC friends passed away on Friday.  It's so amazing to me when we visit the funeral home for one of our old GCC church family, how many people we see from our old church ... even though everyone has gone in different ways.  It just feels like we are so connected.  It really is like a family.  How I miss those days & the church we used to have.  It's sad to me to know how messed up everything had gotten, but encourages me to see everyone still stay together in some sense.

... of course Ricky & I stopped at Starbucks on the way home.  Someone else was excited to be at Starbucks :)  He did indeed get his little puppuccino & totally knew to expect it too.

... its warming up, so we had to get in some Harvey Dent frisbee time.

... made out my bills - which makes me have a small panic attack every time.

... Ended up my weekend with some Walking Dead.  I wanted so badly to watch the Downton Abby finale, but DVR'ed it.  Those Walking Dead spoilers are everywhere so I went ahead & watched that.  Didn't disappoint... but cant wait to find time to see how my dear Crawley family wraps up. Dont tell me!!!! ... but I'm just hoping poor Edith gets some sort of happy ending.

How was your weekend?

Is it warming up where you are at?

Did you watch The Walking Dead or the Downton Finale?


  1. I don't watch any of those shows! I haven't even got to watch fuller house yet either (cus I'm probably the only one in the world that doesn't have netflix). My parents have it so I guess I'll have to pay them a visit.
    Congrats on your 7 miles even if. You had to bring it inside.

  2. That salad looks amazing! I really hated to hear that about Joey. I've been following along with their story and it is so truly heartbreaking. Way too young, but at least her family can find comfort in knowing that she's no longer suffering.

  3. I can recommend a door mat especially for dogs muddy feet and trust me I have tested it out!!!!

  4. My thoughts would've escalated (quickly) right along with yours as far as the highway serial killer goes...! And YES to the middle Fuller House son being!!
    (That Boy Meets World meme is from that Halloween episode which is MY FAVORITE!) That pup at Starbucks is the cutest.
    And finally... GO WATCH DOWNTON ABBEY RIGHT NOW. I absolutely 100% totally LOVED the whole episode. I cried the entire time. I need to go to England right now, travel back in time 90 years, and hang out with my Crawley family because I now miss them dearly!

  5. i dont get it when people will wait for like 15mins for a coffee in their car when they can just go in and get one in under 2 minutes. talk about lazy!

  6. Way to go on that salad girl - can't wait to see what other's you come up with!! Hope you have a great start to your week! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. The salad looks great! I love making salad at home since you can add in whatever you want and avoid the things you don't like :)

  8. Smart to get out and go inside! I never understand why people are willing to wait 20 minutes in their car haha!

  9. I watched neither of those finales BUT I have watch ALL of Fuller House and loved it!! My least fav was the last episode but still am so glad there will be a season 2!! My evening was spent watching Once Upon a Time!!! SO glad it's back!!! BTW, I got LOTS of compliments on my cowl!!! <3

  10. So funny about the Starbucks drive-thru, we have very few here, but went through one the other day & it was backed up so far the line was in the road... we watched a few people walk in and they were out in like 2 minutes, so I'm guessing it was the same situation-- oh how lazy we've all become! haha. I haven't watched any of Fuller House yet, I'm saving it I guess- but it makes me so happy to hear that most people are enjoying it so much!

  11. I clicked on to see your title meaning because I was confused at first, thinking you don't look pregnant and you haven't mentioned it, but then I forgot that you have mentioned your friend being pregnant, at least I feel like you have. She looks gorgeous. And kudos to being at church while having contractions. was it deteremind that it was braxton hicks or real contractions.

    I watched Fuller House too! My friend made me watch it but so far I like it. Max is really a cutie. But my favorite is Comet Jr Jr Jr. But that's more because I really want a dog.

    liz @ j for joiner

  12. Ahhh, spring = muddy paw season! I just got back from a walk with Brady and it took me a good 15 minutes to clean him up/dry him off! Can't wait to hear about the new baby!

  13. That salad looks delicious & homemade dressing is one of those little things that isn't impossible but really takes everything up a notch!

    I am the person that pretty much refuses to use the drive-thru unless there are ZERO cars in it. 'Cause somehow I always get stuck behind the cars that order a million things. All of our drive-thru Starbucks forever have lines wrapped around the building. Which I just do not understand. Especially because a special fancy drink can take several minutes to make. Why would you wait behind all those other people? Sigh. People probably think I'm crazy for parking & walking inside.

  14. My mind gets out of control like that too! I am going to watch the finale of Downton Abby today. I finished the full season of Fuller House and season two is a go! I'm always iffy when I watch How to get away with Murder....just not sure about continuing but then I do. Have a nice week.

  15. Do you know that I have never watched one episode of "Downton Abbey" or "The Walking Dead"? Crazy, huh? I don't even know why, either. Likely pure forgetfulness on my part. Sounds like another pretty good weekend for you. 7 miles on the treadmill...I can only do about 3 1/2 on the treadmill, then I start feeling like a hamster in a cage.

  16. My friend worked at a starbucks to put herself through college, and oh the funny drive thru stories she would tell me. But ya she did comment often how crazy it was how so many people will wait in the line with the drive thru when they could of just ran in and be done with it, once she swore the drive thru line was a 30 min wait, but no one was inside ordering, LOL
    Walking Dead, love it!
    Fuller House, I couldn't stop watching it. I powered through them all last week, and I hardly had the time (late nights) I was so laughing out loud. The episodes get better and better, my sisters and I agree on that. They were already renewed and season 2 is already starting the filming process, whooowhooo

  17. MFD whines about the smell of vinegar, so I use Mrs. Meyers products on the floors. Safe for pets and babies! LOL

    I will always get out of my car in a long drive through situation! It pays!

  18. I didn't hit traffic this Friday either which was really odd. Sounds like the traffic gods were in our favor!! I love making my own salad and dressings!!! I have like three cookbooks dedicated to just salads. There are so many options!!!

    I never go through the Starbucks drive thru unless there is only 3 cars or less. It is always faster to go in! I am not caught up on How to Get Away With Murder because you really have to focus on what is going on in that show and what time it is. I hate how it jumps back and forth so much and I really want to quit but then again I know I wont because I have to know what happens. My husband cant keep up so I find myself explaining what happened to him and then missing something.

  19. Hahaha I LOVE your rationale that the guy going 5 under the speed limit was a serial killer because that totally sounds like something I would do. Chasity is like my style goals for when I'm pregnant. But for some reason I bet I'll be living in leggings with giant baggy clothes and Uggs or something like that. Haha.

  20. Girl! I am laughing out loud right now. Your graphics are cracking me up!! Sounds like quite the eventful weekend. So sorry to hear about your loss though :(

  21. Now that it's warming up, I can't wait to start making salads again! That's pretty much all I eat in summer, but I haven't had one in a while.

  22. I've tried to watch Walking Dead and Downton Abbey. I got a few episodes in and just couldn't get into it.

  23. i hope you were able to get caught up on DA! It was so good is all I will say!! :)

  24. Bahahah... dying over your observation of the slow driver!
    That salad looks delicious!!!!
    Can't wait to watch Fuller House! My sister and I are going to have a marathon/sleepover! :)

  25. No traffic? On a Friday? That sounds like a modern-day miracle to me. The puppuccino picture is hilarious; looks like the little guy is ordering it himself. :p

    // ▲ ▲

  26. I'm two weeks behind on Walking Dead and it's killing me! I need to get caught up! We have hardwoods but we bought a system called Bona (I think they have a cleaner for non-wood floors as well, if that's what'd you need) but it has a mop with a sprayer built in to it and the rags are machine washable. The cleaner last forever too!


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