Thursday, March 31, 2016

Surviving the dentist, edamame, flip flops & even a cop that pulled me over.... time for some Thankful Thursday {Link up #65}

Today I am Thankful for:
(The numbers refer to my journal for the One-Thousand Gifts... in other words, just ignore them)

263 / Found a prayer journal! I love this. It has a new scripture on every page & there's 365 pages - so I am going to use it as a journal to write down prayers & then I'll have a scripture to focus on for every day. Thank you TJ Maxx!

264 / Survived the dentist! I went to get my 2 crowns on - & after the last fiasco where they got my teeth prepped only to have a STINKIN' HOLE in them, & having to come back - I was a nervous wreck.  & they told me it would only take an hour to get it on. Do you know I sat in that dentist chair for a little over 3 HOURS!!!! I had so many issues & problems & it almost became comical.  Needless to say, when I finished, the dentist even said, "We're not even going to schedule you for anything soon because I know you need a break from us"... amen sister... amen!

265 / Praying friends.  I love my JOY Ladies were praying for me during my dentist trip & checked in with me afterwards to see how it all went.

266 / Free flowers from work!  We deliver for a big floral department in town & when there are big flower holidays, there is usually some left over & they let us have them.  They spruced up my living room beautifully for Easter


267 / Ricky emptied the dishwasher.  Y'all!!! I seriously opened it up, expecting it to be full & ready to put everything up & when I saw he had done it, I stood there for I know a good 2 minutes totally stunned.  It's just not his thang.  I was so thrilled to have it done for me.   I do have a Love Language of action so that just spoke to my heart more than anything.

000 / Spring weather where I can wear my favorite things - knitted things AND flip flops.  That time of year where its still cool in the morning & evening, but warm in the afternoon.  I am happiest when I can wear knitted cowls & my Old Navy flip flops & be perfectly comfortable


268 / Beautiful day for the 10 mile race. The sun was out the entire time & just made it so lovely to run through a park.

270 / Beat my goal for the race.

272 / Warm showers when I'm freezing with sweat after a run.  It really is the simple things in life.  I think of how many people in this world dont have water - much less WARM WATER - to enjoy.  It really is a blessing we over look.

273 / EASTER!!! I love Easter! I love everyone worshiping our Risen Savior together.  We do every week at church, but Easter just is full of emotion & celebration!

274 / Joined a new church.  I'm so excited to get back into being involved in a church & serving in any way I can.

276 / Being with Ricky on Easter.  He really is my world.

278 / New book in the mail to preview/review.  I had just finished the last book I was reading when Ricky brought in the mail & there was a brand new book just for me to check out.  I love Annie Downs anyways so I'm thrilled I get to see this book before its released to the public.

280 / Edamame on the salad bar.  I honestly get WAYYY too excited when I see edamame out for salads!

282 / Didn't gain weight this week. I was on a HUNGER FEST after my 10 mile run Saturday... like seriously want to eat ALL THE THINGS. I thought for sure my weight would be up this week. It didn't go down - but it didn't go up. I'll take it.

000 / Love these sorts of healthy frozen goodies that makes dinner fast & easy.  I made this  & put in some extra feta & wish I had another tomato to cut up & put in there.  But it was delicious just as is.

Yum  Android  iPhone

283 / Nice Policeman.  I actually got pulled over Wednesday morning. I knew I wasn't speeding so I was confused when the lights went off behind me.  But the policeman wanted to check my license  & registration because apparently, someone TOOK MY REGISTRATION STICKER OFF MY CAR!!!! UGHHHH!  Really people?  ... all was OK.  But the young policeman was so kind & polite & he even apologized if he made me late for work pulling me over.  I've had to deal with some pretty jerky cops before, so it was nice to see such a young one that was so polite.  I actually prayed for him the rest of the way into work for his safety in his career.

So what's been good in your world this week?


  1. whoa--about the sticker being taken off!! how awful. i always score mine with a knife because i'm scared that will happen

  2. What a lot of great things to be thankful for! I wouldn't know what to do if the dishwasher was emptied by someone else. I've tried leaving it alone for a few days and when the sink got completely full of dirty dishes and people were opening up the dishwasher to get a clean plate or fork to use without doing anything else, I gave up. :)

  3. 3 hours in the dentist chair!?! I feel for you. That sounds like a horrible experience, but at least the dentist was nice about it and didn't schedule you for anything else soon. That Mediterranean quinoa looks great. I'm going to have to look for that at our grocery store.

  4. Someone had to work hard to get that sticker off. At least the ones we have here in FL stick permanently! Once it's on, it's on. I can't imagine three hours in a dentist's chair!! Yikes! At least it is done. Nice find, that daily verse journal!!

  5. I cannot thank you enough for being kind to that officer & praying for his safety. The BF is an officer & while he doesn't work in a generally dangerous area, his safety is always on my mind. All it takes is one crazy person. & now I'm crying at my desk at work.

    Pull it together Jessie.

    And those flowers are beautiful & seriously, seeing the dishwasher already emptied fills my heart with joy. I DESPISE that task. So what a wonderful gesture.

  6. Warm showers are really my favorite thing in the world - I take one every night. Now if only I was exercising before them ;) YAY for surviving the dentist!

  7. So much goodness in this post! What a great find in the prayer journal at tj maxx- I'm going to keep my eye out for that one. Those frozen meals look so good, I don't think we have that brand here though? And so glad the dentist is over with and all is well-- I'll say a prayer for you that you don't need to go back anytime soon.

  8. You are so darn stylish! I love that outfit- especially with the cowl and flops! Those flowers are also GORGEOUS. So bright! And yay for no looming dentist appointments! That has to feel soooo good!

    I'm glad the police man was so nice to you- sometimes they're just not... Good for you for returning the kindness with some prayers!

  9. I just love when I come home and notice that Chris took the trash out or unloaded the dishwasher. It is such a pleasant surprise!!! And yay for nice cops!!! I got pulled over last year because my sticker was 2 days past due. I had paid my tag bill online and the new sticker got delayed in the mail. The cop was so rude to me when I showed him the receipt and told him I didn't understand why I hadn't received the sticker yet....but that it was only two days past. He huffed and puffed and stomped back to his car when he realized I wasn't an easy ticket.

  10. I also have a love language of action.

    Love that you got some free flowers!

  11. Wow what a nice policeman! I've only had a couple of encounters with the police and they have all been really nice and kind to me. I can't believe someone stole your sticker! I don't have the patience to take my old one off so I just keep covering it with the new one haha

  12. What??? Someone took your sticker off? That's crazy!
    Other than that, lots of good things happening. That meal looks amazing and your flowers are beautiful! I guess that is a good perk for working where you do!
    Oh, and a man emptying the dishwasher, I thought that was just an urban

  13. I have that quinoa stuff in the freezer right now! I need tor remember to get it out & actually fix it. Good call on the tomato - maybe I'll get one before I try it.

    I love when Mike does something unexpected for me - especially house work. I really hate housework AND I'm not very good at it (well, it's because I don't work very hard at it because I hate it - it's a vicious cycle).

  14. That really sucks someone stole your sticker! I've had people try to steal my plates before. Last time they didn't succeed, but sure bent the frame up that it was bolted into. Some people!
    Love the idea of a prayer journal. I have a sweet story to share on that subject. My friends grandma she keeps a prayer journal and a prayer bench. On it she posts pictures or note cards with names, and situations on why they need prayers. She also keeps a journal so if she see's anything on social media or gets a call about anyone in her family she can write it down. So each night she kneels at her prayer bench and goes through every person pictured or mentioned, and then goes through the journal so she doesn't miss anyone. I asked her about it, and she said hun when you are 90, you forget things, this way I never forget who to pray for or why I am praying for them, LOL So cute, I thought that was the sweetest idea and she is just the sweetest person!

  15. Love your scarf! Such a pretty color! You're so talented that you make those yourself :)


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