Wednesday, March 02, 2016

One Sentence a Day - February 2016

So, I thought January didn't kick off good with dental stuff? ... apparently its the trend for February as well.  Add in a little UTI to make life miserable.  & our furnace going on the fritz.
I blame winter.  When Spring comes, everything is going to perk up, right?  

Well, here's a little look at what February brought....
& apologies to start off with because it sounds like another month of misery & complaining.

February 2016

1.  I really needed a good run outside after a grumpy day at work where I just didn't want to deal with people at all.

2.  Finally got the grey that was taking over my head covered up & hidden at least for the next few weeks.

Hair day:

3.  Made the best dinner but had to eat it alone when the hubs fell asleep & just couldn't wake up.

4.  I'm so tired of my jaw & face still hurting from my dental stuff that I just gave up on the world & was in bed by 8pm.

5.  I had my first grilled cheese in over 6 months since starting the 21 Day Fix & forgot how good they were.

6.  I went to meet a friend for some coffee & girl talk & then got home in time to do a good 5 mile run outside soaking in the sun.


7.  Excited that the Broncos WON THE SUPER BOWL!!!

8.  Bummed out that winter has reared its ugly snowy head back at us.

9.  We held our breath all night long with it being 15 degrees & our heater was making HORRID sounds like it is getting ready to just give out on us.

10.  .... AND the heater went out.

11.  Had someone come out to look at our heat & get us up for a temporary fix.

12.  I went to Hobby Lobby to get yarn to make a new blanket & then got home & wasn't too sure I like the colors.

13.  I'm glad it was Saturday because I refused to go anywhere that involved stepping out in the cold 20 degree weather.

14.  I got to celebrate my 23rd Valentine's day with the love of my life.

15.  It was a Monday if Monday ever happened with a car stuck in the snow, others taking credit for work I do, & a UTI that has me convinced I have a kidney stone.

16.  I am beginning to wonder if this UTI is a kidney stone but instead of going to the doctor to find out, I'm just drinking a gallon of water every hour to handle it myself.

17.  I woke up feeling even worse then before, which I didn't think was possible, so ended up finally doing a trip to the Little Clinic for some antibiotics.

18.  Trying hard to wrap our minds around the idea that it was 1 year ago that we lost Ricky's brother.

19.  I was not happy about having to do a head shot picture at work.

20.  It was the most amazingly gorgeous day in the 70's that made me just crave Spring even more.

21.  We had 2 new faces join in our Joy Bible study group today.

22.  To wrap up a Monday perfectly, I got to sit in traffic on the way home for over an hour, but at least I had my Kindle with me.

23.  I am on a reading roll as I started my 6th book just for this month.

24.  I sat in a dentist chair for 3 hours to get 2 crowns put on, & left feeling so defeated with no crowns because a root canal is needed & the other crown was defective with a hole on it.

25.  Had to give Bruno another bath in his medicated shampoo since he's still having skin issues & assuring me that I'm not the only one starting off the year on a bad trend.

26.  Ran into a familiar friendly face at packet pick up & thought of all the cool people I've met in this running thing.

27.  I ran my first 5k at the Anthem 5k, all the way through for the first time & felt so super proud of myself.

28.  Just really enjoyed a perfect day with Ricky as we soaked up the beautiful weather & finished it up watching The Martian.

29.  I was thrown off all day long knowing February did NOT have just 28 days in it this year!

So what was the highlight of your February?


  1. So sorry about you have such a rough start to the year, however, I see a lot of good stuff sprinkled in too. One day at a time, and you'll make it through all that teeth stuff.

    Love that last picture of you and Ricky. You guys are so cute!

  2. I hope your March is off to a better start than your February and January. UTI, plus fritzy heat is not good.

    I love how dedicated to running you are. It was mentioned a few times in your month along with a few other bad things (I hope those get fixed!) but still you focused on it despite the hardships for this month.

    liz @ j for joiner

  3. It takes serious note-taking/journaling to sum up a month like this- your dedicate and/or memory is amazing! I'm filling up a planner with little notes to my husband each day (thanks for the idea!) and it takes SO MUCH for me to remember the days if I fall behind!

  4. Grilled cheeses are seriously the best! I try to limit myself to one every once in awhile though. Perfect this time of year paired with tomato soup :)

  5. mmmmmmm grilled cheese. so good, so bad. look at you reading so much this month! must be that extra day ;) lol

  6. You are so much fun! I love that you do this.

  7. You know I love these posts (know that I figured out what you were I just love all your colorful capris! I need to get me something other than black this spring. Oh, how did that whole head shot thing turn out?

  8. BAH! I always love reading this post and get mad that I didn't do this myself.

  9. Love this // these posts.

    Highlight of my February is an easy one, all the excitement // my actually trip to New Zealand.

    But, other than that I had some weeks just jam packed with friends & it made my heart so full. :)

    Also fingers crossed for no more dental issues!

  10. Feb was agreat month for us, we went to disney ON valentines day, (a dream of mine), my sisters ran their first RunDisney race, and just had so many great adventures as a family!

  11. The last one made me giggle...I saw your IG post about it being the last day on Sunday :) xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  12. This is such a fun recap of the month-- 23 Valentine's Days together is pretty awesome :) and yay for a reading roll. I'm in the some mindset of you that once this awful winter goes away things will feel better!

  13. So jealous of your gorgeous day on number 20! I am so ready for spring and summer! I seriously can't believe the Super Bowl was less than a month feels like it was ages ago. Buut at the same time February also felt like it went by in a flash.

  14. I am SO READY for spring, too! We got a bunch of snow yesterday though, the weather needs to get its act together. And now I want a grilled cheese!

  15. Oh man, grilled cheese is always delicious!!! I had a pimento grilled cheese at a restaurant two weeks ago and I am still thinking about it hahaha. Hopefully March will be a better health month for you...and the furbaby!

  16. another busy month filled with highs and lows. dental and uti stuff can never be good. i haven't had a grilled cheese in forever!!

  17. Not really any highlights in my February. You were BUSY!!

  18. This post is nothing but fun, oh man how we would get along so great in person! :)

  19. What a fun post! Pinky from P!nkpers!stence did this post for March. I'm going to attempt to do it for April...thanks for the great blog post idea!


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