Thursday, March 24, 2016

Laughter, surprises & pill pockets .... Thankful Thursday {Link up #64}

Today I am Thankful for:
(The numbers refer to my journal for the One-Thousand Gifts... in other words, just ignore them)

240 // Caden Michael being born - with momma & baby good & healthy.

241 // The opportunity to be there to witness the birth of this precious baby.

243 // Pill Pockets.  Oh my gosh - Bruno is one smart dog & got over the marshmallow trick as soon as I posted about it a few weeks ago - so I stopped & got those Pill Pockets - they are fantastic!  I have to make sure the other dogs don't try to take it away because they just think its a treat.

244 // Stopping to see Caden on the way home from work.  Perfect way to start a weekend.

248 // Chelsea Lately.... oh my gosh - I still think about her Netflix show & crack up.  Now, granted, I'm very easily amused at comedy things.  But I love laughing so much.

249 // My Bible Journal time. I look so forward to it every week.

251 // Sun was shining after a cold dreary day the day before. I never love the sunshine more than after a gloomy day.

253 // Watching Emerson with her Pappy.  I just love the way they interact with each other & it melts my heart the way she says his name.  The CUTEST darn thing you can imagine.

No... that's not a dress - its still her Cape on backwards

254 // SPRING!!! We made it.  Yes, its still cold & yes, there was even snow flurries on the first day of Spring - but I feel like we're nearing the end of the tunnel of cold.  (Please Lord)

255 // A surprise at my door! One of the youth kiddos had a Christmas gift for me that apparently got lost in their house & they just found it (Glad I'm not the only one this sort of thing happens to) but they drove it over & left it on my front porch!  She left a note that said when she saw it, she thought of me.  How precious is this?  I told her that I keep my knitting ornaments around my area where I knit so I'll think of her every time I see it.  ... I miss those youth kiddos so much!!!

Surprise again:

256 // Made it through the day at work. I just felt BLAH all day long.  Even when I got home & got on the treadmill, I honestly thought I was going to pass out.  Did I get off the treadmill?  Heck no!  I just made sure to tie on the emergency clip in case I did indeed pass out :) #runnersareweird  #neverquit  ... I honestly think I sweated it out on the treadmill though because I felt better by bed time. But it was a rough day.

257 // Dancing with the Stars is back!!! ... this show is my JAM!!! ... this & The Walking Dead.  So, I have a broad range of entertainment - What can I say!  ... but I am so excited about this season. I think its going to be a tough call on whose going to run away with the mirror ball this year. There are a LOT of good dancers this round.  I'm loving Kim Fields, Jodi Sweeten, the guys from Boys II Men, & the deaf model!  ... I was even super impressed with the UFC fighter gal. & Ginger Zee is just everything adorable!  Its gonna be GOOD this year!

258 // Texting with friends about DWTS.  I love people know they can always text me with a comment or thought about the show :)

260 // A surprise from Ricky! He is the cutest.  He knows I was so upset I missed out on seeing Mockingjay Part 2 in the theaters & have been waiting so anxiously for it to come out on DVD.  So he got home from work & told me to close my eyes & even said, "I'm not sure it will fit but we'll see"... sneaky guy... made my day!  I know what I'll be watching this weekend!!!


261 // Exciting texts from Julie!!! ... I can't say much yet about what's going on in Julie's world (no, she's not pregnant) but she's got some neat things going on in her world.  We're so super proud of her & the things she's doing in her career.

262 // After a month of being in line for The Martian, I finally got it for download from the library. YES!  I can now match it up to the movie.

So tell me what's been going on good in your world this past week!


  1. Pill pockets rock. I end up just giving the other dogs pill pockets as treats without pills in them!

  2. I literally gave Gracie a benedyl last night straight out of the bottle and she cared not and took it like a champ. Of course, I gave her a treat after to wash it down with. I guess I got lucky with that one!!! Now, clipping her nails? Nope gotta pay the vet to do that!!!

  3. We've been using Pill pockets for years, they are amazing!!!

    I am also a fan of DWTS and now you make me want to text you!!!!!
    I admit I fell asleep on Monday (had heavy eyes and sinus issues), so I didn't see the very end but my money is on Ginger Zee!

  4. Dogs are so smart ... and stubborn. We used Pill Pockets for our greyhounds. With the pugs though - we literally just pretend it's a treat and they inhale it. But then the look on their faces when they realize it was medicine and not a real treat ... :) I found out I have The Martian on audiobook. I'm more of a visual person so I don't know if I'll listen to it or not. I definitely want to read it and soon -- haven't seen the movie yet since I'm waiting to read the book 1st.

  5. Our pup is such a fatty because we don't even bother hiding the pills. We just set them on top of some peanut butter so they'll stick & he gulps that stuff right down. He gets lots of Benedryl in the summertime 'cause he has allergies.

    I'm thankful this week is a short week. & the BF & I had a great date night Tuesday. Hibachi, followed by a spontaneous stop for margaritas. We ended up having some really great conversations that I didn't know we needed to have, but I feel really glad now that we did. :)

  6. Ironically I just went online and put Hunger games part 2 on hold at Redbox to go pick up tonight, LOL I missed seeing it in the theatre too!
    That was sweet of him to get it for you!
    Love the ornament, so you! That would be a totally cute idea for a whole tree, you could work on a whole set with small mini knit projects in them, I'd love that idea with my own hobbies thrown into glass bulbs, so creative!

  7. I wish the pill pockets worked for our cats. They don't. Giving medicine to a cat is next to impossible. Sigh.

    That ornament is such a cute idea!! I need to file it away for gifts this Christmas. Hmmmmm....lots of possibilities there, I think!


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