Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Some of my latest buys off of Amazon
... to reinforce that you can get pretty much ANYTHING off of Amazon!

BIC Mark-It Color collection Permanent Markers

I am always looking for good writing things, since I am a self confessed journal & writing utensil nerd, & wanted them especially for my Erin Condren journal.
& these were an add on for $3.99 (though the price has now gone up to $4.53 - boo)

Washi Masking Tape - 27 Sheets

Speaking of Erin Condren planner - those marker bleed through the paper, but they write beautifully on these pieces of tape.  Which I LOVE!  So many designs & prints.
& each sheet comes with a few cuts - there's a row of circles - & a row of thin strips & then a few rows of regular size washi tape. I typically take off a strip & cut half & put the other half back on the sheet & then use it for my planner.  It jazzes up my weekly calendar every time.

I've seen some really cute ideas using this stuff too - check it out! 
Its totally worth the cost of under $5.00
... I actually liked it so much, 
I went back & bought another set that was 
nothing but pastel colors 

Mouth Guard Grind No More - Disposable Units

If you've been around me or my blog long enough, you know that tooth grinding is a huge issue with me. Hello 10 crowns I have from cracking teeth.  So I have to wear night guards & I LOATHE those ones you have to boil  & then bite into. I love these new ones that you put in at night & they just keep your teeth from clicking.  
I will say, these ARE NOT A FAVORITE..
they are smaller & are not adjustable, so if they don't fit well in your  mouth, they can be uncomfortable.  Which is me.  & they are kind of small where if it slides a little from your teeth, I'm afraid you could swallow these. YIKES!!!!
.... BUT... I do love they are disposable (though 1 can be used for up to a week before tossing) & come in individual packets.  Perfect for traveling. They aren't that miserable - they would totally be something that would totally work for a weekend trip.

Plastic Sip Stirrers 1000/box

Crystalware Plastic Sip Stirrers 5 Inch 1000/box, Black

$5.24 for 1000 stirrers.  I had to get these for my coffee creamer & sugar.
& by the way, do you know how hard it is to find coffee stirrers in a store?
Sure, you can use a spoon, but I'd go through all my spoons in a day if I had use only those.  
I just like how small these are & keep in a cup next to my Keurig.

uFashion Universal Running Waste Belt Pouch Case

I'm a little obsessed with how I'm going to carry my stuff while running. & I have another belt I use, but its the kind that you slide things in & nothing is supposed to slide out of it - no zippers, no closures.  Now, nothing has ever slid out, but it makes me nervous.
& its the kind of belt you have to step into & pull up, like pants. It's weird putting on & off in the middle of a crowd.
so I ordered this because first, its only $9.95 & it holds the big phones... & I like how you can use your ear buds with it... & it also has a pocket behind the phone where you can put your credit card/cash & keys.  
Ricky actually used this on our last race & he has no issues with it bouncing.  
& it comes in 9 colors.  For the price, you can't loose on it.

Wireless Remote Control
1 X ML-L3 IR Wireless Remote Control for Nikon D5100 D7000 D3000 D5000 D90 F65 F55 N65 N75

I want to take some good pictures of my fiber goods that I'm going to use for my Etsy store, & hello, I'm a photographer, so I have to have 'just right' pictures.  I don't have anyone easily available to model the goods, so I'm stepping up to the plate to model the things myself & I can't be behind the camera & in front at the same time... so got this so I can set up my tripod & do double duty.  
I'm obviously a woman of all trades.

not a fan.  Daily Devotional

First of all, Kyle Idleman is the pastor of the church that we've been visiting & possibly joining.  Ricky & I just loves this pastor & his teaching.  He just speaks to Ricky's heart so much too... so when I realized he is the one who wrote these books, & I saw this devotional? I had to get it - & this actually ended up being my Valentine's Gift to Ricky so we could read a devotional together every night at dinner.  

& some Kindle Downloads

And no... I haven't gotten around to reading any of them yet :)

So what are some things you've bought recently at Amazon?


  1. I hope you like Last Anniversary as much as I did!!! It was different than her other books and I enjoyed it. Love markers!!! And that camera remote is such a good idea.

  2. Love the washi masking tape.

    We just keep a spoon on a spoon rest next to the coffee pot. That's the coffee spoon. Rinse and reuse! Lol

  3. kinda genius about the coffee stirrers!! why did i never think to get those??

  4. That washi tape looks so pretty! I'm such a fan of amazon and amazon prime!

  5. Ooooh, I love these posts! I was just going to comment about the markers bleeding through pages (even though I LOVE new markers), but you've got all your bases covered! Smart girl!
    I just bought a new book from Amazon called Keep a Quiet Heart by Elisabeth Elliot! I can't wait to dive in!

  6. OK...I'm totally ordering the Washi Masking Tape Sticker Set TODAY! I just bought a similar running belt on EBay for $5.00. Haven't tried it yet, but I think it's going to be perfect for heading to the park. I didn't want to have to carry my big, honking phone around.

  7. Red Queen is good!! I think you will like it. :)

  8. I have recently bought maple syrup, a monitor stand, and hand wash from Amazon. It's amazing! I now really want some of that washi tape and *waves* hello fellow clencher and grinder here! I recently went to a new orthodontist, I opened my mouth and she said "wow". Now that's not good. Luckily I haven't had to have any work done as a result but I feel it's only a matter of time.

  9. That is a good price for that running belt! I have a flip belt (which sounds like what you have) and I'm always paranoid about things falling out too. My inhaler fell out during one race but that's the only time anything has fallen out. I think the inhaler may just have been too heavy.

  10. I love my camera remote! I can't remember what it is exactly (hubby bought it as a surprise when I had some really rotten luck with a camera) and I have a Canon camera...but the last thing I bought on Amazon was a denim skirt that I love and fits perfectly and I got for a super good price!

  11. I buy everything I can on Amazon with PRime. lol - Baby supplies, household supplies... You name it! We are huge amazon fans.

  12. The last thing I need is washi tape-- but I want that little kit so bad! I just finished reading Red Queen- can't wait to hear what you think when you get around to reading it.

  13. Between this post and seeing my mom get three boxes delivered from Amazon yesterday (although she wouldn't tell me what was, you got me ready to shop!

  14. It's been a loooong time since I bought anything from Amazon. But I think the last may have been a pair of hiking shoes.

    I actually totally avoid coffee stirrers or spoons by just putting any creamer I plan to use in the bottom before I pour // brew. I don't use sugar, so I guess it wouldn't solve that problem, but it mixes my creamer just fine.

    I bought a small purse & some shoes for my Europe trip online this past week, though not from Amazon. I'm trying to avoid wearing tennis shoes & carrying my backpack aka looking like a total tourist.

  15. Amazon is amazing. I order from them ALL. THE. TIME. How easy is that?!!!

  16. That washi tape idea is genius. I think I may be amazoning some used books. Who knows. I have NOT felt like reading my Kindle, lately. Maybe because I bought a new bookcase and want to fill it up.

  17. amazon canada blows chunks and US amazon custom and shipping fees are ridonculous so i don't even bother!!

  18. The Red Queen is SO good! I couldn't put it down!! I'm currently reading the sequel :)

  19. Oh your going to love Red Queen, I just loved that one! I just read the 2nd book last week. A court of Thorns and roses, was my favorite Beauty and the Beast meets Hunger Games meets the Wings series quite an interesting combo for sure! When you've read that one, I'll have to ask you if your thoughts are similar to my own or what you think of the ending. Happy reading!
    Enjoy all your purchases!

  20. I had the same problem with the teeth and grinding. When I took my youngest to the orthodontist, I asked about it. He told me to hop in the chair and before I knew it, I was getting braces. I was over 40 with braces. The only reason I did it- the ortho was a dear friend of our family, so I knew he wouldn't be trying to get me in braces for his benefit. Let me know how those pens work- I am always on the lookout for great pens!

  21. I love washi tape! I had gotten mine from Michael's, but I use it on everything so now that I know Amazon has it I'll have to check out them :) Just another reason why Amazon's the best!

    liz @ j for joiner

  22. We order ALL KINDS of things from Amazon - printer ink, phone accessories, Kaboom kits for the toilet, foot lotion, and BOOKS :) Just today I got my foot lotion - it's a Bath & Body Works brand not available in the stores anymore.

  23. I could talk about amazon all day! I need to order a race belt, so I might have to try this one out. Looks like you got some good reads too!

  24. Yay Amazon! I've had to take a sabbatical from all things Amazon for awhile. Too many things I need/want and it doesn't help that we're trying to declutter/decrapify the house. I'm a pen and marker addict too! Haven't read those books but I have a couple on my to-read list on Goodreads :)


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