Monday, March 21, 2016

The weekend that I nearly fell off the treadmill laughing...

I am dying over here....

Note to self:  Never drink a Starbucks coffee after 5:00pm... much less 6:00pm

I could NOT sleep at all last night.  So I'm going probably on about 4 & a half hours sleep today, which my vertigo is also in full gear today - I'm thinking because my brain isn't functioning right anyways.  Anyways - its MONDAY in every sense of the word.

So to try & get my brain functioning a little more, let's look back over the weekend... maybe it'll make Monday look better.


... Had to stop on the way home from work to go to the hospital to see the new baby.  I told him I had to come wish him a Happy 1 day birthday.

... ran out for pizza after leaving the hospital.  Pizza Hut thin crust veggie pizza - always my pizza favorite.

... worked on Caden's birth pictures until I finished, but gave me time to catch up on Better Call Saul.  I wasn't really ever that excited about that show but wanted to hang in there because I had a feeling it would get better.  I think binging it with 4 episodes at once made it better. I was excited to start each following one.


... Ricky had to work & once again, him leaving bright & early had me up as he was pulling out of the driveway.  I dread him working as much as he hates working on a Saturday because I am ALWAYS up when he leaves.  Saturday sleep is always the best & we both got jipped out of it.

... I was so wrapped up in the show on A&E about Little Houses.  These things amaze me.  I love the idea of living simply, but WOW... they are so TINY!!!!

... watched Sherlock Holmes...  & then Ironman. It was a Robert Downey Jr. kinda morning.

... it was raining outside so I had to monitor our doggie door so the dogs wouldnt make our kitchen floor a full blown mud pit.  They were so confused.  They are so used to coming & going so when I put the cover on the dog door, they are like, "I need out" only to walk right out & turn around & look at me like "I need in" ... they definitely like their independence.  I think I opened & closed the door at least a hundred times in the matter of a few hours.

... had to get in my long run for the day & it was rainy & chilly.  So I stuck to the treadmill.  As miserable as it can be for long distances, I watched Chelsea Does ... oh my gosh. I watched the first 2 - on marriage & on technology. I literally was laughing so hard at the technology episode that I had to grip onto the sides of the treadmill because I thought I was going to fall off.

... after doing a little over 9 miles, I was spent.  I took a shower & landed on the couch & just figured this was my space in the world for the rest of the night.


... my fault. I didn't push Ricky to get ready for church.  He's the kind of guy that is like, "Oh, let's get ready to go" 5 minutes before we need to leave.  Even if I still need to put on make up, get dressed, AND straighten my hair.   So when he said at 8:50 - OH, we gotta get ready to go - when we need to leave our house at 9:00am - I just gave him the the look.  YEEAHHHHH - it takes 5 minutes for my straightner to get warmed up.  So we missed church - but we ended up watching the previous week's service on TV so we ended up having our own little church.  Better than nothing.

... Target run!

... we went to Logan's for lunch.  Now, I know its known for its steak, but we both got the veggie plate (love when Ricky gets the veggie plate in steak places) & I had to laugh when it took LONGER to get that than any steak dish. The waitress came out at one point & said to me, "I'm sorry - we're out of vegetable skewers" - I told her to just give me the broccoli instead & she was like, "Oh great" & literally went back & came right back out with our plates.  We so laughed that our lunch was held up by vegetable skewers?  The life of vegetarian eating.

... headed over to see Caden since they got home.


... luckily for Pappy, Emerson had been out to the grocery with her daddy so she missed him holding the new baby.  When she got home, I was holding up - & not giving him up for anything - which gave Ricky plenty of time to shower on Big Sis.

You can see her cape on backwards... that's how she wanted it... so that's how it will be :)

... Got home in time to watch The Passion on Fox.  It definitely wasn't what I was expecting, but was very pleasantly surprised at some parts.  I just wish the whole thing would have been a musical. When they stopped to do interviews of people walking with the lighted up cross, it just felt odd & took you out of the intensity of the story of the death of Jesus.  & plus, so much was skipped that I thought they could have done if it was focused on more musical scenes.  The song choices were GREAT & the duet with Judas (Chris Daugherty) & Jesus when Judas betrays him?  I had to rewind & watch 3 times.  AMAZING.  In the end, the things I didn't care for doesn't even compare to the excitement of having a show on national TV that focuses so much on spreading the name of Jesus!!!

... & had to get in The Walking Dead before I 'attempted' to go to sleep.  & no spoilers, but let's just say, I literally got nauseated at one point.  Those episodes that make you sit up, gasp & cover your mouth because you cant believe what happened? Yeah... that's why I have to watch an episode immediately.

& here we are... back to Monday...

Easter really is my favorite holiday & I just love getting focused on Holy Week & the events that lead up to the cross & more importantly, what happens 3 days later! 

Hope your Monday is starting off better than mine...
& that its a blessed Easter week for you all!


  1. Way to go getting that 9 miles done on the treadmill! I haven't seen Chelsea Does yet (I hadn't even heard of it before now) but it sounds like I need to check it out.

  2. i felt the same way about the passion--just let the musical play, like they did for grease. i'm not a vegetarian, but the only way i will eat pizza is if it's veggies only! craziness. congrats on the newest addition to the family! chelsea does was hilarious. she really has no filter.

  3. Aw such a precious baby doll! There's nothing more beautiful than newborn babies :) Also, how funny that vegetable skewers were taking longer than a steak-haha

  4. I've been wondering about Chelsea Does...guess it's now joining my to-watch list. And while I once ran a whole 13.1 miles on a treadmill (back in college, when I was young & dumb) I cannot fathom doing even close to that now. So big ups on getting NINE in!

  5. Ahh I'm sorry you didn't sleep well last night - this will be a multiple cups of coffee day for you! I watch that show with tiny houses on occasion and I just don't think I can do it...but then again I do live in a one bedroom city apt lol! Little baby visits are the best and now I want pizza! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. oh my gosh I have watched tiny houses and it baffles me how people can live in such small spaces. Personally, I think I would killllll my husband if we were stuck in such a small space! I need my space sometimes! Hope you have a great week!

  7. those tiny houses are amazing! i've been seeing those tiny houses as well but they're more along the lines of trailers...still, what those people do with those houses is incredible!

  8. That little babe is just perfect. What a doll.
    I really wanted to catch The Passion but I was at my part-time job last might from 6:30pm to 1:20am. UGHHH. (I was supposed to be done at 10:45pm.) I love those tiny houses! I really, honestly want to live in one!! Haha!

  9. The Walking Dead has been so good this season. I couldn't go to sleep last night after watching the show. I couldn't believe it. I can't wait for next week's episode.

  10. Ohh no, I hate not being able to sleep- hope you can get back on schedule tonight! You might have convinced me to finally watch Chelsea Does, I've thought about it a few times but always decide against it for some reason. Better Call Saul is definitely a little slow, and dry, but there's something about it that makes you want to keep watching.

  11. The Passion was definitely not what I was expecting at all, but I still enjoyed it! I thought it was going to be mroe traditional church music, but I thought it was cool how they made it a little more modern!

  12. He is risen indeed! I love that you got more baby snuggles and props to you for doing long distance on a treadmill. Heck, I can barely manage it outside ;)

  13. Happy Holy week!

    You go with 9 miles on the treadmill!

  14. "He has Risen indeed"... or at least that is the usual response at our church!

    Kudos to you for doing 9 miles on the TM. My tm runs are usually short ones cus I get bored.

    You are the second blogger I read today that talked about those tiny houses. I binge watched that show one weekend last fall just cus I was so intrigued as to why people wanted to live like

  15. We didn't know what to expect from The Passion, but were pleasantly surprised and ended up really enjoying it. Moved to tears a couple of times, actually. I thought it was well done and was also amazed that it was on a regular channel during prime time. Awesome. Putting the modern spin on it had to pull in some younger viewers and help them understand.

  16. I was watching Criminal Minds on the treadmill one day at the gym and I LITERALLY SCREAMED. It was so embarrassing- just jogging along and then I scream, everyone looks at me, and I act morbidly embarrassed. Ooops!

  17. I felt the same way about the interviews, and squirmed a bit when the interviewer made comparisons to Jesus dying on the cross and our military. I'm a big supporter of our military, but these are two different kinds of sacrifices. I guess I get that she was trying to lead into the person's story, but it was a poor transition. I could have done without the man on the street bit, but overall I thought about people watching and maybe hearing something for the first time. I thought Tyler Perry did a good job as narrator.

  18. thin crust veggie pizza is my fave! i haven't had pizza huts, but it's generally my go-to anywhere. and getting held up on vegetable skewers, what the heck?! the tiny houses thing really interests me, i love watching it. i wouldn't personally want to do it, i'm somewhere in the middle between tiny houses and mcmansions haha

  19. What a beautiful baby! Love seeing Ricky with the grandbuddys too!! Looks like he is one fun Pappy!! Hope you can get some sleep tonight!!!

  20. Sorry about your sleepless night :( Loving your new grandson, so precious. I'm also loving the Little Houses. Sunday....what a fun time with the grandkids. I liked The Passion, they did a great job. I didn't like seeing the audience and I just told my dad this morning that I wished I could just see it as a musical. I agree with you! HE IS RISEN INDEED

  21. Those little houses have always fascinated me too. And makes me feel like a crappy person for thinking that our house is too small sometimes which would seem huge compared to those places! I will have to check out Chelsea Does!

  22. I did the SAME THING earlier this week with coffee too late! Lesson learned! And those tiny houses fascinate me, too! I have a friend who lives in one and I think it's incredible!

  23. Such a cute baby!
    So I love the tiny house thing. I haven't seen many but when I am channel flippng and see it I can't help but be glued to it. I am not sure I could ever live in one. But I had this idea once, that it would be awesome to own small pieces of property in stunning places, like Alaska and have a Tiny home vacation house built there to visit whenever, LOL In my dream world:)
    Walking Dead, loved it. It didn't make me sick, but the Carol thing is what threw me.

  24. Both Kyle and I drink so much coffee that we can just fall asleep even if we've just drunk coffee because usually we're running so low on sleep. I feel like our gas tank is always on half empty.

    The baby is adorable!! But then again aren't all babies. I think we could live in a little house if it was just Kyle and I, no Fluffy or Sophie. They have far too much stuff that they need in the house to fit in a tiny house. Do you think you could do it? With a big back yard for the dogs?

    liz @ j for joiner

  25. We watched the first season of Better Call Saul & just started the second. I really likely! It puts him in a completely different light! I am obsessed with tiny houses! Monday nights on HGTV is devoted to tiny houses. :)

  26. I missed the first 30 minutes of the Passion. My husband had heard about it an failed to tell me! OMG I would have drove to NOLA and even drove the 3 hours back after the thing was over. I loved it. I thought number one so many saying positive things about Christ on National TV was just awesome, now days remember we can't "offend" anyone. Number two it was live in New Orleans, which gets a bad rap being coined "Sin City". I love NOLA it is deeply rooted in Spirituality. I know it is not the bible version that I grew up knowing and believing but I think to reach lost people today they need something they can relate too. If this version brings people to Christ and gets them digging deeper, I think we have done our job. I'm sad I didn't get to see the whole thing. Maybe they will replay it!


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