Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Grind ... its kicking in...in my head & my knees

I have a running buddy that I follow for motivation - he's great inspiration & motivation & he actually lives in my area.  We usually are training for the same races and I always love seeing progress of others that you know are going to be running the same path you are going on for race days... check out their highs & lows... see where they stand in training.

But a few weeks ago, he used the term "The Grind" ....

& talked about how it gets to the part of your training where its not fun anymore.
The honeymoon as worn off.
When you start training, its full of excitement & newness.
You can't wait to get on a routine & schedule of training.
So much potential laying ahead of you

& after a few weeks, fun? ... meh... not so much.

It starts becoming a challenge.
The body aches.
Soreness is the norm.
Injuries are flaring their ugly head at you.
The miles are increased... so more time spent working out & it becomes even more of your life.

& then I'm stuck at a plateau on the scale to add to the frustration of it all.
38 lbs down... I wanted 60 by race day but I'll be happy with 40
... ok, more like 45...

....that's where I am at right now.

The Grind...

it's a perfect word for me right now & where I'm at in week 10.

Other words that define Grind:  Crumble, Smash, Press, Crush... Pulverize (that's a powerful word)

& those words sound fantastic - as long as I'm doing it to the workouts
... not having the workouts do it to me...

But I'm really nervous at this point that the GRIND is on me coming up this weekend.

It's the 3rd race in the Triple Crown... the one I hate the most - the Papa John's 10 Miler.

Now, I want to note - I've been following my training & I've even had great times on my past races this year... but this past weekend?  I felt the Grind breathing down my next...

I had to run 9 miles.

Now, every week, my mileage increased usually 1 mile at a time, but with the Triple Crown in there, it's gotten a little messed up.  So last weekend, I should have done 8 miles, but it was the 10K so it was 6.2 ... & then this week was 9 ... so my longest run before this weekend was 7 miles.

(I know - numbers & math! UGH!  Hang in there)

What I'm getting at is I jumped 2 miles for this weekend, when I normally only increase it by 1 mile.  But I didn't want to have to increase 2 miles on race day when I knew next weekend I had to hit 10 miles.  Does that make any sense?  if not - dont worry about it... it gets confusing to me too & I'm the one running it all.

BUTTTT the point?   I did it.  I increased from 7 to 9 miles this past weekend.

But mercy - I felt like I was going to DIE doing it.  I was struggling.
& granted - it was on a treadmill.
& I didn't do my nutrition like I would have on a road race with fueling every few miles.

But what those 9 miles did was scare the bejeez out of me now for my 10 mile run & for my half marathon coming up...

So now, this has become even more of a Grind by stepping it up from a physical game to a mental game...

I'm a nervous wreck.

& of course, my sweet husband said he'll be there every step of the way for me.  & he keeps reminding me I'm so much stronger then I tell myself & he sees it in me (I love that fella)

And I'm going to add in, all of this makes me feel like a wimp even admitting all of this. I mean, there are people training for 26.2 miles...some people that do it every weekend!...  & people that run ultras all the time.  I feel like 13.1 should be nothing... anyone can do it... & I'm struggling?

About my speed I guess

But this is what its all about... the training... the soreness... the mental game...

....for my own personal race....

We are most definitely in THE GRIND!

Week 10 Half Marathon Training

Week 10  Android  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.roidapp.photogrid  iPhone  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photo-grid-collage-maker/id543577420?mt=8:

Monday - Run 3.47 Miles
Tuesday - T25 Cardio
Wednesday - P90X+ Kempo (Knee was hurting so cut out running)
Thursday - No workout (GRAND BUDDY BEING BORN!!!)
Friday - Rest day
Saturday - Run 9.11 miles

10 weeks down ... 6 more to go....
I can do this!  


  1. First of all, you're not a wimp! And 10 miles is nothing to sneeze at.

    I'm not a runner so I have no tips or tricks, just know I'm rooting you on and you can do this!!

  2. The grind is definitely the right word! I feel like I encounter it around the 10 mile mark every training cycle. But the note to yourself is so true, you can do it! 9 miles on the treadmill is hard, and increasing by 1 additional mile in a race environment is going to be fine. The race day excitement will pull you through :)

  3. and you will rock it all the way! we're here cheering for you!!

  4. Honestly, to me it sounds like you're doing great! Good luck for your run this weekend, I'm sure you will surprise yourself :)

  5. First of all. It's supposed to be hard. Is a marathon a different type of hard than a 5K, sure. But I wouldn't say that the 5K isn't hard because it's shorter. Just different. Slow & steady vs lungs bursting. Different.

    Second of all. Treadmill miles are = to microwave minutes. They're longer & harder. The point where you said you weren't doing nutrition like you would on the road made a much bigger difference than you realize. Not to mention, the feel of the crowd & others around you. That's the stuff that carries me through. & the medal // finish line. I'm guessing Ricky didn't have those set up for you at the end of your treadmill run. ;)

    I get it, 2 miles is a big jump. But, I think you're right for having done a 2 mile jump this past weekend rather than on race day. And I think you're better off than you think. You got this.

  6. Girl - you have got this. You've got to stop listening to that one voice inside that is discouraging you and listen to the other voice inside (and the ones around you) that is/are telling you 'you can do this!'. Treadmills are good for training but when you're in the crowd and in the moment and feeling the vibes from the spectators, it will be so much better than any stinkin' treadmill! It might not be easier, but it will be better -- and if you're like me when you cross that finish line, you'll have that sense of accomplishment that The Grind can't take away from you. GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND!!

  7. Holy cow, when I opened up your post I was reminded that it was Tuesday!!! For some reason I thought it was only Monday.
    You are doing great girl! The weight loss is terrific and your training is going great. Oh and don't worry about the 13.1 being hard. It's suppose to be. If it wasn't, everyone would do it....lol

  8. I think you're doing GREAT! You're gonna squash that 10 miler- it's got nothing on you! Your distance is crazy FAR in my little ol' 1 mile mind! (And I can't even run that without stopping!) I love that "mirror mirror" rhyme! You've got this!

  9. I'm sorry you're going through "The Grind".
    I am so weird I am just the opposite, I hate getting started in training, the first month where it takes forever to feel like I might be getting into shape, that's the part I hate. After when I can run many more miles, feel that fabulous daily ache that reminds me I am getting in better shape. That is the part I love.
    You'll get through it, just keep reminding yourself why you love to run. Once you keep those thoughts, you'll love almost each day of your training and epecially those awesome 10 milers. (Which is awesome your up to that already, woot woot!!!)

  10. I totally get the grind...and not being where you really wanted to be by a certain time and what not. But what I will say is I think you are doing fantastic, and I know you got this!!!

  11. Your images seriously CRACK ME UP. I can't handle it.

    Girl, you got this. You can TOTALLY do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 9 miles on a treadmill...BLOWS.MY.MIND! Go for the gold!!!

  13. YOU GO GIRL! You've got this! I ran 2 5Ks 2 years ago and now I wish I'd never stopped. So hard to get back in the routine but my body wasn't very happy with me.

  14. You, my friend, are absolutely AMAZING!!

  15. You've got this, girl! You definitely can do anything you put your mind to! :)


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