Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thankful Thursday {Link up #62}

Today I am Thankful for:
(The numbers refer to my journal for the One-Thousand Gifts... in other words, just ignore them)

193 // Ricky made it to the vet on the way home from work when I had to take Bruno.  As you can see, I think he was happy to have his daddy there to protect him from the mean ole vet.  Bruno was so mad at me. I guess because I was the one who took him from home & drove him to the vet. Ricky was the savior that took him out of the vet & back to the car.  I was the bad guy that day.  That's ok.  I loved seeing my guys together.

Is he smiling, or is it just me?
195 / A vet that takes the time to explain everything.

196 / Julie's best friend Amanda made it through a risky brain surgery.  This poor girl has been in a roller coaster of health issues lately & it resulted in a blood clot in her brain.  She's a young momma with young babies herself so it was a scary time for her family & friends.  But she pulled through the surgery amazingly.  Even the doctors were amazed that there was no side effects from this surgery!  Praise the Lord!  ... she's currently still in the hospital dealing with some issues so if you could lift up prayers for Amanda.

197 / Meds helping Bruno.  He hasn't been jerking & itching nearly at all anymore. The doctor said it would be fast if this medicine would work & it seems like it has.

198 / Xanadu Sountrack on sale on iTunes. y'all... can we stop & reflect on how much I love Xanadu. I just discovered I have it on DVD twice ... 2 of them. I bought it twice.  I am obsessed with this movie. It's Olivia Newton John - roller skates - & hair barrettes with ribbons in them. COME ON!  I have the soundtrack on cassette tape (#childofthe80s) & I had it on CD but lost it.  So I have been giddy since I found it on sale for $5.99 .... Ricky's so thrilled too!  #beggingforittostop

I can't even begin to tell you how much I STILL want boot height roller skates!
199 / Potluck night with friends.  It was really great just hanging out with friends & getting to know them better.

201 / Steven Curtis Chapman's new CD just came out!!! ... though I am confused about something. Its labeled as his "First Worship CD"... so what are the other ones?  I mean, the music sounds like all his other style.  I can see like the CD that was sold in Cracker Barrell - that SOUNDED different - more bluegrass. More old hymns.  I dont get why this is labeled as his first worship one.  Can someone help me clarify this? ... its not like it makes me like it any more or less.  SCC can do no wrong for me.

202 / Fuller House.  It really is super cute if you loved the original.  & it got me through 7 miles on the treadmill!

205 / Lunch with our friends after church.  We haven't had one on one time with them in awhile & it was great just sitting & talking with them for a bit.

206 / New coloring book the Hubs got me.  We were in Sam's club & I saw this - its HUGE! Like a THICK ole coloring book. I saw it & my eyes got as big as half dollars.  Then I see Ricky picking it up. What?  He said he was going to get it for me. I tried to tell him I'm an adult - I dont need a coloring book.  #yeahright  #foolingnoone ... but he made me laugh when he said, "It'll keep you out of my hair for awhile" :) haha... love him so!


210 / New yarn for more projects! I'm waiting on a remote for my camera to come in so I can take some pictures of my goods for my new Etsy store - but while I'm waiting, I made 2 more cowls to throw in the pile this past week!

212 / Ricky had some bloodwork done this past week & it all came back great.  Whew!  Need my hubs to be healthy!

213 / Glimpse of Spring is REAL!  it was 70 degrees & sunny. YES YES YES YES YES!

214 / Zoe has been more interactive with us lately. Her little joints suffer so much in winter.  Now that its warming up, she's been hanging out with the 'gang' more & perking up.  So glad for that.

215/ Downton Abbey Finale. I finally got to watching it & LOVED IT!  It couldn't have finished any other way for me.  I love how so many of the stores were intertwined & wrapped up so perfectly.  Bye to you Crawley family!

217 / Prom dress pics.  One of my former youth kiddos just got her prom dress & she sent it to me asking me what I thought & if it was modest enough. That she cared about my opinion, or even sent me updates on her life, makes my heart happy.

What good things have happened to you this week?


  1. Bruno really does look like he's smiling in that photo!

  2. Sending prayers // good thoughts to the young mama Amanda in the hospital.

    I had a fun new workout class I got to try on Tuesday that really kicked my butt. And I chatted with some new to me people from my running group.

    The BF got approval for some work training he had been hoping for. It was a surprise, but a good one.

    Also, its been 60+ degrees all week & sunshine until today, but I'll take all the sunshine I can get!

  3. I feel like now that Downton Abbey has ended - I can binge and watch it all! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Bruno is definitely smiling. And I'm glad you loved the DA finale as much as I did!!
    Yeah for happy-doctor-visits for the puppy and husband!!

  5. Glad the blood work came back okay.
    I have never seen Xanadu...never had the urge. Not even back in the day.
    I have a couple of adult coloring books that I have yet to color in. I'm really liking the Christian ones Walmart is carrying that have scripture in them.

  6. I toad-ally frog-got about adding the blessing of good blood work for my husband in my post! So thankful for you all that your husband's came back great. It sure gives you a sense of peace. A great vet is something to really be thankful for....yippee for a happy visit. YES! to spring, no to storms. We had pea sized hail but dodged the damage others received. I have not watched Downtown Abbey- maybe this summer I can binge and watch the entire series. Your blessing are Frog-tastic! Have a toad-ally awesome weekend my friend!

  7. Prayers for Amanda. Please give us an update when you can! I enjoyed your Thankful post (always do!).

  8. Oh my goodness ... Xanadu is now stuck on repeat in my head. Seriously - I love that movie! :) My husband has never seen it and has no desire to see it ... which makes me question how I could marry someone I don't know as well as I thought I did. ;) You've had some great blessings this week! God is good!!

  9. Aww Bruno. I'm glad the meds are working.

    The weather has been amazing the past two days!

  10. So many things to be thanksful for!!! A good vet is certainly one of them!!!

  11. Bruno is totally smiling! And you don't hear of young people asking if a dress is modest enough these days. She's a real winner!


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