Monday, March 28, 2016

The weekend that I loved me some superheroes... & that includes Jesus

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

Love the reminder that JESUS IS RISEN!
When I opened up Facebook on Sunday & saw all the Easter posts about Jesus & everyone going to church, I wish it was like that every day...

But let's take a quick look back at the whole weekend...


... made a stop at Target to get some raisins & pretzels for my race on Saturday. I tried to find something to wear for Easter & just am not having any luck this year.

... On the way home, I saw a hawk flying low & looked like something weird was hanging from his feet.  I then noticed a squirrel squirming in his talons. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!! I started screaming in my car like I was in the process of witnessing a murder.  I was tramatized all weekend. I would randomly break out in tears over the weekend & just say, "Squirrel" ... this whole Circle of Life thing is rough on me

... finished knitting another hat.  If only I could stop working on projects & take PICTURES of projects so I can get this Etsy store officially open.

... went to bed feeling nauseated & yucky. I knew it was nerves for the race.


... up at 6am & ran a 10 mile race (recap tomorrow)

... had to stop for a Starbucks Iced coffee after that run

... hot shower & then time to sit with a hot cup of coffee & do some Bible Journaling.

... it had warmed up since the beginning of the day (37 at race time to 70's in the afternoon).  I ended up laying on the back porch doing stretches & more stretches & even more stretches. I didn't want those 10 miles creeping up on my legs.

... Got my Kindle, pulled up a chair & sat on the back porch in the sunshine for over an hour reading.

... Did a Jane the Virgin binge catch up.  I was always Team Raf but ahhh - I may be turning to Team Matthew.

... Fell asleep early watching The Ten Commandments. It's one of Ricky's favorite movies ever.  He was falling asleep before me & turned over & said to me, "I may be falling asleep but I am still listening. Don't turn it over"... he fell asleep & must have woken up to hearing a commercial. He sat up & said, YOU TURNED IT OVER! ... & then when he saw it was still on the same movie, he was able to fall right back to sleep.

FUN FACT... Ricky randomly says this line in life at any given moment

... Ricky put in a new fire alarm the day before & it kept beeping. Bruno doesn't handle high tone beeps well, so when it went off at 5:30am, Bruno woke me up freaking out... & then I was up ... DANG IT!  So this weekend was a bust for sleeping in.

... I literally saw the same infomercial for the Total Body Gym on 4 channels at the same time.

... We went to Panera for breakfast before church & there was NO ONE there. Like, it was weird. Panera is always packed - especially at breakfast.  It felt so strange.


... #EasterTogether at Southeast.  As always - a wonderful message & a great time of worship.
Praise our Savior!  HE IS ALIVE!!!


... Ricky & I went over straight from church to the movie theater to see what time Batman vs Superman  came on. Ricky got the time wrong with the theater we were at, but we got so lucky because the girl said that the movie that had started 20 minutes before was just finishing up previews.  We ended up sliding in 2 minutes before the movie actually started.  YES!  A Easter miracle! :) .... & PS - WHY do they show a half hour of previews anymore?  I used to love them, but mercy, its kind of ridiculous now.

For the record, I really liked the movie.  I got a little lost at some points - that's nothing unusual for me though - but I am always a fan of super hero movies.  I really didn't mind Ben Affleck as Batman at all (We all know Michael Keaton will forever be the best though) ... & this Superman?  He IS Superman.  ... & Wonder Woman?  OH MY GOSH - I can't wait for her line of movies now!!! I did get a little frustrated at Lex Luthor - I thought he was trying to act too much like the Joker.  & I was having a little anxiety at the end of the movie. Let's just say I had to keep reminding myself, "They're filming the next Justice League" over & over again.  Thumbs up for me.

... the thing I'm looking forward to is the next Xmen movie coming out in May!!! YES!!!  I am such a fan of the Xmen - even if Wolverine isn't in it.  Though he does make it better.

... Ricky & I headed out for lunch after the movie & let me tell you - the world seemed empty - with everything closed & families eating together at home apparently.  We had our free range of places to eat with no wait.  We went to O'Charley's because they have the BEST Black bean burger - I've bragged about it before.  Only to order it & have the manager come out & tell us that they dont serve them anymore. NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ... we ended up leaving.  See ya O'Charleys.  You just lost a lot of business.

... 3rd Starbucks visit of the weekend.

... stopped by mom & dad's to see them for a little bit for Easter.

... so mad I didn't get a good picture of Ricky & I for Easter.  I promise, we dressed up for the occasion.

... Finishing knitting another project - a yellow cowl. I'm LOVING the color of this one.

... closed out the weekend with, of course, The Walking Dead... & had to rewind & watch the last minute of the show like 5 times, even playing in slow motion to see if I could see what the HECK HAPPENEEEDDDDD????

& now we're back at Monday!

How was your weekend? 

Do anything special for Easter?

Did you see Batman vs Superman?
 ... or The Walking Dead? (let's discuss)


  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend! I had the same thought yesterday morning about everyone posting about Jesus and being thankful. If only people could have that same sentiment every day of their life instead of just on the holidays. Also, I can seriously imagine how horrific seeing the bird with the squirrel was. I freak out over stuff like that too while my husband is all calm-like with "Oh it's just the circle of life" haha

  2. Sounds like a busy weekend! I saw the Batman v Superman movie too and felt pretty much the same. I loved Wonder Woman but did not like the Lex Luthor portrayal at all. I also felt like their portrayal of Batman was a little out of character.

  3. What a weekend girl - the flying hawk with the squirrel would have totally freaked me out too! Glad you liked the movie - I want to see it as well! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  4. What a busy weekend! Swoon for the movie deal. Nothing like getting there when the move ACTUALLY starts! I can't wait to read your race recap!

  5. My brother and I thought the exact same thing about Lex Luthor. He always portrayed as so confident and money hungry...but in this movie he was almost insane. Otherwise, I liked the movie. Wonder Woman was my favorite! :)

  6. Up at 6 for a 10 mile race?! Get it!!

  7. I was too wrapped up in Easter prep to visit blogland on Thursday/Friday so I missed out on your posts but I'm so glad to be back!!
    I am SO excited for the new X-Men movie!!! I squeal every time I see a preview! And I LOVE The Justice League so I guess I need to see B vs S so I'm prepped for it!
    I hope you're recovering from the hawk/squirrel fiasco... I guess at least it was nature takings its toll verses hunters or something more... cruel? Death by hawk would still be pretty bad, though...
    Glad you had a good Easter!

  8. Excited to read your race recap.

    I Easter mealed hard this year. 2 Easter dinners & an Easter breakfast just the way timing & things worked out.

    Easter was beautiful here. 70s & sunny, got to enjoy time with the BF & co out on the desk in the sunshine.

    I didn't go inside anywhere on Easter, but did stop to fill the car up with was right next to a Krogers, which was PACKED. Parking lot was to the brim. I half wondered if I got the day wrong & it was Saturday it was so busy.

  9. Sounds like you spent some great time together. I hate when a restaurant stops serving my favorite thing. Boo!
    We visited family on Easter but I was sick and really couldn't wait to get home.

  10. Ohhh Panera!! I haven't been there in forever!! Sounds like a fabulous weekend. Yay for the race!! I would need more than a Starbucks after 10 miles lol. And I would be totally traumatized if I had seen the squirrel too!!! I accidentally hit one a few months back and had to pull over and cry for about 10 minutes before I could drive again. It was raining and the squirrel ran right out in front of me. I had someone riding my bumper so I couldn't slam on my breaks and risk sliding off the wet road or getting hit. It was awful. Every time I see one of those little buggers thinking about making a move now I so no no no not today mr squirrel!!!

  11. I love yellow! I'd love to see your cowl.

    Full but lovely weekend for you!

  12. I would have been traumatized too....poor squirrel! Way to go on your run. Another busy weekend for you. Our weekend was good and quiet. Had a nice Prime Rib dinner on Easter Sunday. We will wait for that movie to come on DVD.

  13. Walking Dead was a great cliffhanger, I don't think anything too dramatic happened, personally I mean I know the writers aren't beyond killing off main cast, but Daryl, nope him or Rick and they'd loose too many viewers, LOL As the ladies I work with at my PT job would just be too depressed if they weren't looking at him, they literally have a full size poster of him up, LOL it's hilarious:)
    I want to see the new Batman movie, doubt I'll get around to it anytime soon. I want to see the Alliegent movie too, I just need more hours during the week, or maybe play hookie and go see a one tomorrow on half off tuesdays, Hmmmm I may have just talked myself into it, LOL

  14. We went to see Risen this weekend. It was SO good. We also went to the 3:00 Easter service on Saturday, at Southeast. Excellent!
    When we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner, they told us breakfast was packed, but lunch wasn't wasn't busy at all. I guess everyone here went out for breakfast, the had lunch at home.

  15. Yay for Easter! I love the reason of the celebrations but because this is so different from our preparations for Christmas, I felt like there might have been more that I missed out on yesterday. We're so cheap/frugal - we don't have cable and can only catch up on TWD when it comes to Netflix ... but that doesn't stop me from reading the spoilers after each episode. I still get caught up in the story when I do get to catch the next season that most of the spoilers are still a surprise to me. I'm worried about the season finale ... hoping it's just a cliffhanger. And I can't wait for your race recap!! :)

  16. No movies, no races, but a good Easter dinner at Applebee's and a wonderful Easter Vigil on Saturday night. I am off work today, so catching up on chores I didn't do yesterday. Good to hear all your news!!

  17. i want to watch the walking dead just so i can understand why everyone freaks out every week hahaha.
    the poor squirrel :(
    can't wait to hear how you did on the 10 miler!

  18. Brady woke us up at 5:30 on Saturday morning and I still have no idea why, but when they're up, you're up! Glad you guys had a great Easter - wasn't the weather beautiful?!

  19. I can't wait to hear your race recap! I hope there was lots of pizza at the end! I've heard mixed reviews about Batman vs. Superman. I'll probably wait until it comes out on Redbox to see it. I'm glad y'all enjoyed your Easter :)

  20. I'm laughing SO hard over your Batman v. Superman. I think we feel the exact opposite about some things. Hahhahahaaa! But that's okay. I find that interesting when people have different perspectives about forms of entertainment. We're all unique, so my favourite book, may not be yours; your favourite tv show, may not be mine; and we all may like different actors or musicians.

    I went to church Sunday night, and the priest said something that will stick with me. He said that a parishioner asked him why he is always smiling. He answered "because I have received the greatest gift of all - Jesus has risen - if that's not something to be happy about, I don't know what is." Who says priests have to be serious all the time??

  21. THANK YOU! I agree with you about Superman! I'm seeing so much slamming of the casting on the internet, but I think he's great. I have a dream of attending a casting call for Superman. Can you imagine?

  22. that's crazy you were able to get into uncrowded restaurants!! i'm so used to everything being closed on easter. glad you had a good easter. i've never heard the phrase "turn it over" in reference to turning the channels! that's a new one to me.


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