Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

What we're eating this week....
I am so obsessed with this soup lately

It is so delicious!
& all the healthy organic natural blah blah blah stuff.
It's in our local health food section area of the grocery - & its in a cardboard box - so you just open it, pour in a pan & warm up. If you have left overs, put the lid back on & store in the fridge for a few days.
I love getting some ravioli or tortellini & making & adding in it.
& of course, its perfect with grilled cheese.

What I'm reminiscing about....
We were thinking about our dog Pandora the other day.  Remembering stories about her.
She was Ricky's dog when we first started dating & when we got married, I officially became her dog-mom.  She, like all of our dogs, was the center of our world... she had a funny personality to her, but she was wonderful.  A truly loyal dog.  She passed away in 2001 but she was nearly 18 years old... she had a good long life.  Such a fighter.

What I'm loving....
Sunlight!!! ... after 7pm!!!!
I so hate the time change where we loose an hour but mercy me... 
how I love that its light outside after dinner!
Makes my heart happy!

What we've been up to...
So on Easter, Ricky & I became official members of Southeast Christian Church Indiana Campus!

We have been visiting there on & off for about 8 months now & we kept visiting other churches but Ricky was really drawn to this one. He just loves the teachings of the pastors - & I'm happy anywhere that Ricky is happy.  I'm just excited to get back into helping in Youth Ministry - so the same day we joined - we turned in our background info to get things rolling on that side. All about serving!  
We're excited about it.  We've been at the same church for 15 years - a small church - so moving to a HUGE church is new for us - & we are still open to anything God calls us to... 
I think in all of this church change, we've learned how flexible we can be & just relied more on God to lead us than ever before.  Excited to see where it all goes.

What I'm dreading....
With Spring & all the blooms, comes the closed throat, the watery eyes & the headaches.
So far, so good... but I'm just waiting because I know its coming

What I'm working on...
Getting my pictures together so I can officially get my Etsy store open!
I've literally made like 5 more things for the store, but its doing no good if I can't get pictures up.
So that's a big project I'm working on - slowly... but surely!
& yes, I'll be the one that opens a knit store with WARM things 
in the middle of Spring going into Summer.  

But someone reminded me - its winter in Australia ;)

What I'm excited about....
April is the month... all the weeks of training ... leading up to my next Half Marathon.

I almost couldn't decide on whether to put it here under the 'Excited' category or the 'Dreading' category.  I'm so excited to do it - add to my collection of half marathon medals - and to see all the hard work pay off after 16 weeks of training.
... but I'm dreading it because its tough... & also, I'm always a little lost after its over.
you spent 16 weeks prepping for something, its a little strange when it ends & your routine changes.
... but I am excited to get to that start line - for sure!

What I'm watching / reading...
Y'all - I dont know what has gotten into me but I've been on a reading SPREE!
Got in another 6 books just in March!  I'm up to 15 for the year so far!
There's just been a lot of good reads lately... here's been some of my favorites this month


What I'm listening to....

Yep... its just staying on rotation right now!
It's so good!

What I'm wearing...
I have to say, I am so thrilled because lately, I have a whole new running wardrobe!
All those tech race shirts that I got from previous races - especially the lady cut ones?
They never fit me. They were always too tight & snug.
I happened to pull out my drawer of race tech shirts & thought, let me try this on
... & IT FIT!!!
I pulled out another & another - & they all fit!!!
& the ones I was wearing - too big!

What I'm doing this weekend...
Exciting stuff happening in my world this weekend...
I gotta run 8 miles & I gotta do our taxes.
Told ya - fun stuff.

I honestly can't believe we've waited this long to do our taxes. We're usually right on the ball.
But its like the months have just rolled by. & Tax Day is less than 2 weeks. WHAT?

What I'm looking forward to next....

Fruits & veggies!

It's that time of year where produce is going to start looking fresh & delicious!
Right now?  I'm tired of paying over $5.00 for yucky looking fruit & the zucchini in stores? Puny!
I'm ready for some good farmer's markets to start booming!!!

What else is new...

I have started a new habit I'm obsessed with.
Flossing my teeth.  Seriously.
I am addicted to flossing now.
With all my dental issues that has been going on since NOVEMBERRRRRRR, I have been so on top of my teeth - & now, I can't NOT floss my teeth like 3 times a day. I keep floss with me everywhere I go & am always sneaking to floss when I can.
 Is it gross to floss behind the wheel of your car?  Anyways.
Now if I have any more dental issues, I'm just going to be mad.

What's my Best Spring Cleaning Tip
I am all about the PURGE for Spring cleaning.
I'm cleaning out my library - I have over 75 books so far in a pile to be given away!
I'm ready to change over my closet & get rid of all the clothes I never put on once this year.
I'm just ready to get rid of everything.

Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. I just finished reading "Who Do You Love" a week or so ago. I really liked it. :) I'll have to look up some of the other books you listed.

    I'm excited for my half to be over, but I have a few more weeks, May 1 is when I run. But I agree, I always am a little directionless afterwards. I'm on the hunt for a few summer 5Ks to keep me motivated & am excited to ride my bike more as the weather warms up.

    And watermelon. Fruit & veggies, yes I am excited, but out of all of them WATERMELON is my favorite. I literally eat half a watermelon at work each morning for breakfast. Is it possible to turn into a watermelon?!

  2. Yay for your half marathon this month! I'm so excited for you :) It was funny because one of the friends I did the RnR DC Half with was commenting on how she felt down after the race was over. I told her the only cure was to look forward to the next race! That's how it becomes an obsession.

  3. I like that purging tip. I just read another blogger's advice on getting rid of books but I just CAN'T. Clothes, yes. Kitchen-ware, yes. Furniture, yes. Books, NO. Haha! Congratulations on joining a church! That's so exciting!! What a huge step! I'm sure that the moment you finish your half marathon you'll find a new project to work on- you're so busy and motivated! I can't wait to shop your etsy store!

  4. I loved those workout pants you were wearing on Instagram the other day- so adorable! I'm definitely loving the fact that it stays daylight a lot later now, but I'm sorry you're dealing with spring allergies! That has to stink :(

  5. I am seriously in LOVE with how light it is outside! I love being able to go for walks after work. Best thing ever!

  6. Definitely going to be eating some soup today thanks to you! Love all the extra daylight!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. Yay for finding a new church! So happy for you guys! And also dreading the spring allergies... they're just around the corner :(

  8. I've been into purging and can't wait till Summer break when I can really dig into
    Yay for good runs and race shirts that fit again!
    I think Pandora is a great name. I have been obsessing over dog names for a while now (not that I am getting one any time soon). How lucky that you've had her for 18 years. That truly is a blessing!

  9. I'm glad you'll have the opportunity to do youth work you love so much again. That's great!

    I'm all about the purge this weekend myself! WHOOP

  10. Awwww Pandora!!! So sweet!!! My childhood dog Harley lived to be 18 years old too. He passed several years back and I think about him often still. Pet's leave their imprint on our lives forever.

    I love tomato soup, love love love. I will have to see if I can find that brand. What Alice Forgot was one of my favorite reads last year, so good! Though I love all Moriarty books. I just finished After You by Moyes, haven't read One Plus One yet.

  11. yay for reading! you go girl. i have been the opposite this month haha
    yay half marathon... not. lol.
    i will keep an eye out for that soup - there is a similar one at trader joes that i love love love

  12. I've been purging like crazy, too. Chris asked the other day where one of his favorite tee shirts was...whoops. ;) I say, "Out with the old, in with the new!" So happy that you and Ricky have found a new church home. Sometimes, you have to step out of your comfort zone and search for a better fit.

  13. It IS winter soon in Australia. You best be prepared to send me something ;) What a lovely picture of Pandora. Those fur babies sure do hold a special place in our hearts. My husband thinks I'm a weirdo that I can eat tomato soup, anytime, all the time, even in summer.

  14. I'm purging too. It does feel good! Enjoyed your post!!

  15. Yay - congrats on joining Southeast! I've heard great things about them. We're all about purging right now too -- I hate clutter and hate that we spent money on crap that we didn't need. It definitely changes how we purchase things from now on. Dogs are definitely always part of the family - and they're never around as long as we wish they were. And I'm worried about what to do after the half ... having a race on the schedule is what motivates me to keep running consistently. Guess I need to find one during the summer months that will keep me going. There is a half in Indianapolis in Sept for women only so I've got my eye on that one if I can't find one sooner/closer. :)

  16. don't forget your lavender, lemon, peppermint mix in your diffuser...GREAT for allergies!! I also put some lavender around my nose before I go out on bad days!

    I am currently reading What Alice far I love it!

    AND I have also been listening to SCC's new album along with the soundtrack to Passion Live!

  17. I go to a small church and even smaller since I live in a small town but I could not imagine going to a huge church. But hey you are right, it's just a building, it's serving what counts.


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