Monday, March 14, 2016

The weekend that took an hour of my sleep....

Oh mercy... its not really the time the clock says... its an hour earlier.
I just saw on the news where they said the risk of heart attacks increase during the time change.  That's how hard it is on a body

But here we are, sleepy or not, at another Monday....

So let's try & keep ourselves awake by looking at the highlights of the weekend.

... ran into the grocery store to just pick up a few things. Eggs. Bread. Quick stuff. ..... YEAAHHH.... walked out with just a few bags, but still ended up spending $85.00. REALLY?

... celebrated the warm weather & Friday with a Peach Green Tea Lemonade.  Tis the season.

... Finished my book & I was so sad to see it end.  I really did love this book.  Maybe even a little more than Me Before You.

... Immediately picked another book to start reading.  I'm on a crazy roll. My goal for the year is 45 books.  I'm already working on my 13th book.  I'm a reading fool right now.

... sat dumbfounded watching the Trump Rally & people acting like they've done gone & lost their minds.

... up early for the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown.  The Rodes City Run 10k.... race recap to come tomorrow.  But let's just say, I was THRILLED with these results. Still slow.... don't ever doubt that... but happy for my own goal.

... we were so mad that I didn't bring my wallet - so no Sam's Club card, or no Target Red Card.  So we just went to Panera for our usual breakfast tradition & then just headed home.

... I'm always freezing after a big run with the sweat, so got home & cleaned up & put on some warm clothes, got a hot cup of coffee & sit down to Bible Journal.

... it was so warm outside that I took my Bible & bible study out on the back porch & just soaked up the beautiful day while having God really speak to my heart on some things.

... I also stayed outside because the UK game was on & we all know how 'intense' Ricky can get during the game.  Better to keep the dogs & myself out of the way.

... I don't mind bugs, but did feel 'buggy' after sitting outside & feeling my scalp itch, & knock a bug out of my hair.  I then felt like I had a zillion bugs on my scalp. YIKES!! ... & no, I still didn't kill the bug.

... got a message from our friends doing an impromptu game night.  We were in.

... never laughed so hard at how our friend did "accordion" playing Guesstures.  Game night is always a guarantee night full of laughs.

... Stayed at our friends house till midnight ....the night of Daylight Savings Time.  Bad call on our part.   We got home at 12:45am... which was really basically 1:45am... We are old here people.  Staying out that late usually only happens when an emergency happens.  It was a true shock to the system.

... totally missed church.  I didn't get out of bed until 9 (really 8) & no way I was going to rush to get ready.  Count this week a casualty to Daylight Savings Time.

... Had our Joy Women's Bible Study.  We weren't sure we were going to have it because BABYWATCH 2016 is still in full effect.  Remember last Sunday we talked about Chasity having contractions?  She's still holding that baby in... or as she says it, that baby just won't come out.  But Bible study was still a go & everyone made it this week, so it was a packed house.  OH mercy - the video just got to me so much.  Kelly Minter spoke on the adulterous woman that Jesus wrote in the sand & everyone walked away.... that story just punches me in the heart every time.

... Made a quick run to Target for dog food. They are doing a $10 off coupon with the purchase of $40 of pet food/treats. Please. We laugh at $40 spent on dog food/treats.

... Picked up some Chuy's to take home.  Ricky had ordered me bean tacos.  Just a regular taco dinner but substitute the meat for beans. This is nothing unusual.  I do it most Mexican places.  Except they gave me 3 taco shells with beans on it... that's it.  No lettuce, no tomatoes.  Nothing. Beans in a taco shell.  I paid $8.99 for that?

... I have to say, as tired as I was, I was thrilled to see it so light outside at 7:30pm!!  #mysolarheartishappy

... snuggled in for some Walking Dead.  Again, did not disappoint. Though I'm a nervous wreck for this finale this year. I keep hearing its brutal & I'm so afraid for my favorites.

So here we go into another week!
One that bring SPRING to us... except our first day of Spring? 
It's going to be cold.  Go figure.
I can't think about anything right now. My brain isn't to full functioning mode just yet.  
We'll talk about it later this week.

What was the best moment from your weekend?


  1. Oh my, I'm glad someone else hates this time change as much as I do!! I am always proud of my friends who exercise and especially those who RUN! Wish I could, but am happy to follow your progress and success! Can't believe you got beans in a shell - period. How lame is that!?! I'm with you on the itching and bugs...all it takes is one and I start itching all over. What's that about?! Have a good week!

  2. Yummy PGTL! You look so comfortable post-race! I walked to the coffee shop last week and when I got back I had a bug in my hair. UGH. It's the worst :(

  3. with kayla being sick and waking up at night due to her coughing plus the hour change plus a killer workout on sunday, no wonder i was exhausted by 830pm last night (when the clock read 930pm). at least we had warm weather!

  4. We stayed up late Saturday night too! Bad call on our part, because I'm like an old lady and it's dangerous if I get less than 8 hours. Needless to say I've been a zombie for the past two days-haha. I'm with you on it begin light in the evening though-that's the amazing part about it! Have a great Monday! :)

  5. I stayed up late Friday night & then AGAIN Saturday night. & then last night my body was like 'why are we laying in bed? Lots of stuff to do, let's get up & do things & think about stuff & ponder life & how do planes fly'. So, today is already a struggle.

    Gotta say, I may be KY born & raised, but I'm a Louisville fan. Go Cards!

  6. Yay, I'm glad you had a good 10k race! And I'm definitely struggling with the time change too.

  7. The time change is so antiquated I'm not sure why we do it any more!! We went grocery shopping later than normal yesterday and I was so happy when it was still light outside and it will be tonight when I get home too - yay!! Happy Monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. I just read Universal Studios Hollywood are opening a walking dead attraction - 1 more reason to go

  9. I was so disappointed when I woke up this morning and it was still dark out. I was getting use to hearing the birds chirp when I wake up!
    I don't know if I mentioned this before but I use to be a huge reader of books (before I started blogging..haha). I have SO many good recommendations for you. I'd love to sit around and talk books with you!

  10. Despite having an extra day this weekend, the time change still threw me off this weekend! Rah! Woke up late today (normal time before the time change), and ran out of the house before looking at myself, so I looked like a maniac when I got to work. Whoops. Really need to break out the mirror again even if we do have to pack it back up.

    I feel like that every time I go to the store...where does all my money go????

    Trump......let's not even...

    Great run!!! Slow and steady wins the race! Or at least gets it done :)

    liz @ j for joiner

  11. I loved Me before You so I can't wait to read another one of her books! I need a few good ones for our trip to the beach! This time change has been rough on me too! Poor Chasity...I hope baby gets here soon!

  12. "Staying out that late usually only happens when an emergency happens. It was a true shock to the system." Me too! So true! I'm trying not to still be angry about losing an hour because yay for staying lighter later!

  13. I'm one of the few who don't get annoyed with the time change, I kinda like it, it just makes me feel I am that much closer to summer:) LOL
    A lot of people loved One Plus One, I haven't read it despite how many people recommended it. Sadly sometimes since I work occasionally at the library. When patrons come in they just assume you've read every book there??? So they have no problem telling you the endings sometimes, LOL hate that!
    13 books though, you'll make your goal! I've been on a reading binge myself this year I checked on Goodreads the other day I am already at 26 books, I think I should have made my goal of 52 higher, LOL LOL Of course I may have less and less time to read so maybe it will all equal out by the end of the year:)

  14. ok is that heart attack during the time change thing for real?! how scary.

    good job on the 10k girl! i totally bailed on the triple crown this year but i'm definitely registered for the half, and i am 100% not ready for it haha.

    i LOVED LOVED LOVED one plus one. i think it is so different from me before you that i couldn't even compare them to say which one i liked more. have you read the girl you left behind? i hope jojo moyes writes more, i love her. good job on all your reading girl! 45! you can do it!

  15. I haven't read anything from Jojo Moyes -- but I've heard a lot about her books so I'll have to check those out! Looking forward to seeing your race recap tomorrow! :) I'm so not a fan of the time change ... I just don't get the purpose of it.

  16. I just had a cup of coffee which is rare for me but I'm so tired. One little hour can change so much!!! Your Peach Green Tea Lemonade looks really good. Way to go on the run and the game night sounds like a fun time. Sounds like a pretty busy weekend.

  17. Woop woop for PGTL!! Perfect start to the weekend! And the time change has been so rough this time around - I have been having such a hard time keeping my eyes open all day!

  18. 45 books? Wow!!! That is seriously amazing.

    Way to rock your race girl! So awesome

  19. It's going to be warm tomorrow, then chilly the rest of the week. Definitely a walk outside kind of day. I'm loving DST ... but church yesterday morning was indeed a casualty to the time change. ;-)

  20. I'm not used to the time change yet either. But, it is nice that the sun stays out until past 6:30. I love spring!

  21. I saw that same news story on DST and was shocked-- so glad you enjoyed One Plus One, I loved that story so much too! Ahhh the tacos! I hate when you get food to-go and something like that happens.

  22. It's it funny how 1 hour can reek havoc on our lives! I'm like you after a race even if it's warm I get a chill because of the sweat and I just want warm coffee or a dip in a hot tub is always nice too ;)


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