Wednesday, March 11, 2020

10 on the 10th - all about Spring!

Thanks Leslie for the fun link up today!

& yep, again, I'm a day late... but Spring is still blooming - heck, Spring isn't even OFFICIAL yet - so I'm EARLY to this game! How about that! :)

Questions for March's 10 on the 10th Post

Let's have some fun this month!

1. How did you celebrate Spring Break/Easter as a child?
Spring Break was never a big deal for us -my dad had to work so we never did trips.  It was just a good week to hang out at home & play games with my mom. As a teenager, it was just a way to work more hours & get a bigger paycheck.

Easter - we made sure to go to church together - of course with new Easter gear on. I had to have my hat, gloves, purse & that was the one day my mom would let me wear a little heel.  We would usually have a big Easter lunch over my grandmother's house & of course, there had to be a Egg Hunt.  & of course, we'd wake up to Easter baskets in our living room.  & then have to hide the candy from my dad.

2.  Do you spring clean?
Not as much as I should.
I do tend to clean closets more than anything - get rid of all the clothes that will just depress me by not fitting any more - or I'm just tired of.

3. What is spring weather like where you live?
Fun fact - Louisville is in the top 5 of the worst place in the US for allergies. WONDERFUL!!!! It's because its in a valley & I guess all the allergens float down & settle in our area & its an allergy nightmare around here.  So we have that to deal with.

We also tend to get like maybe 1 week of Spring - before humidity comes in. Its like we jump from winter, straight into summer.  OK - maybe its longer than that, but it always feels just like fall - a season that tends to get skipped really fast.

4. How green is your thumb?
VERY Green... but not because of planting anything. 
But because of my green marker for my planner & Bible Journal :) 

5. AC on or windows open?
I LOVEEEEE sleeping with my windows open.  HOWEVER - my ever growing allergies do NOT like the open windows. I'd wake up every time with a shut throat & watery eyes & just feel bad.  So I tend to not do it as much.  Plus, Ernie is a barker (GRRR) & if he hears any noise outside, any rustling in the woods, he's on full alert. So its just easier to put the AC on.  ... makes me sad.

6. How do you decorate for Spring / Easter / Passover?
I love finding all the little lamb things at Easter to put out.  I've always just loved fluffy baby lambs because of my knitting room. I always would buy lambs especially after Easter when they're on clearance - & use to decorate my knitting areas. But I love them scattered throughout the house during Easter. 

I also love that its flower season. I'll clip some of my daffodils & bring them inside in vases. 

7. How do you get swimming suit / Shorts / warm weather ready?
puuulll-lleeezzzee... who has time to focus on getting swim suit ready?
If you have a body, & you put on a swim suit - or shorts - then its already swim suit ready :)

8. Is your closet arranged with just the current season's clothing?
Honestly, my winter & spring wardrobe doesn't have that much difference anymore. I wear basically the same things (tees) except with cardigans over it during the colder days. The only things I have to break out more are the shorts but I rarely wear them so I'll just toss them in a drawer.  

9.  What is your go-to Spring uniform?
I'm usually a jeans, tee & sandals type of gal. It's all about breaking out the sandals for me. I'll wear them 9 out of the 12 months usually. They're easier to just take off & to be bare foot at any given location :) #countrygal

10. What outdoor activities do you enjoy in the Spring?
I just love getting back outside to read - enjoying the sounds & feels of nature.  But I really enjoy that its tennis season & I get to go watch my niece play in her first year at high school & being pretty highly ranked for her freshman year. GO SOPHIA!!!

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