Monday, March 09, 2020

The weekend that I put my pinkie up for tea ... just kidding, I'm not that classy

Hello Monday ... hello off schedule Monday at that. 
Y'all know me. I LOVE the time change in the sense that it was light at 7:30pm last night (PRAISE JESUS) .... what I dont like is coming into the office at 7:30am & seeing on my clock the numbers 6:30am.  It's gonna take me a minute to get used to this.  & by a minute, I mean about a week. It always messes me up. I dont really know why it's so hard to adapt.  I always say, I'll vote for whoever runs for President on the platform that we dont change our clocks ever again.

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To pass this strange induced daylight savings time haze - let's look back over the weekend


* I ran after work to pick up my race packet... for a race I wasn't going to do.  I registered for the Triple Crown of running this year.  Little did I know my family would be falling apart & all my training schedule hit the fan, AND that I wouldnt have the energy & strength to keep up with it anyways.  The next race, I'll be having another iron infusion anyways.  BUT, I already paid for these races & I'm picking up my shirts.  Some of them in this series are SUPER nice - like a zip up hoodie for the 3rd race. I'll be there picking up that one too.

* Mr. Bruno got all the love & attention Friday night.  I got caught up on my Grey's Anatomy & Bruno was up & moving for 2 hours, eating & drinking... & on the last episode of Grey's where we said goodbye to Alex Karev, I was glued to my seat, & Bruno was so tired after all the moving he had done - so I wrapped him up & held him & he fell asleep tucked under my neck.  Love letting my blind little boy know his momma still loves him & will take care of him.

Side Grey's Anatomy note - I kept seeing where everyone was so mad & upset about the send off Alex got... I really enjoyed it & thought it was a good way to say goodbye. Giving me all the ER feelings with George Clooney & Julian Margulies. 

Image result for er george clooney and julianna margulies
WHOOOOO - did I just date myself or what??? ... anyone else used to watch ER?
DONT TALK ABOUT IT -  I STILL CRY over the death of Mark Greene


* I woke up super sad knowing the race was starting & I wasn't at the start line. I'm going to do a blog post pretty soon about all this.... but I was determined to stay off social media so I didnt see people's pictures at the finish line & all the celebrating & all the pics of the metals.  So I made a cup of coffee & tucked myself in bed watching the sun rise & put on the lastest episode of Survivor.  Self care baby - self care.  #BostonRobForever

* Needed to clean the house & turned on some Disney+  & just put it on 10 Things I Hate About You just for some background noise. I totally stopped a dozen time to just watch parts & feel so sad that Heath Ledger is gone.  & mercy, I know its been awhile since the movie has been out, but seeing it played back & seeing the fashion, it feels like this movie was 50 years old.  Where did that time go?  ... Fun Fact, I still have the soundtrack for this on CD.  I am a sucker for most movie's soundtracks that are pretty decent..

* My "heart church" had a Ladies Tea where the guest speaker was the author of the Bible study that we had just finished up.  How cool is that?  It was just such a lovely time to see old friends & catch up with some to see where life was leading for them & just to hear this amazing writer & speaker.  I got to talk to her again & tell her what her book & study meant to me.  It was funny because she said, "Did we meet somewhere before?" I told her, "Yeah, you may remember me because I ran up & randomly hugged you at Southeast (my church) a few weeks ago" - She was like, "OHHHH yeah" - so I left an impression apparently.   Beware of my bum-rush hugs that can come out of nowhere.

When you dress to match the ticket to the event

The tea was just so nice though. Each table setting was beautiful & they had such yummies for us to enjoy.  I also got to sit with some of my favorite ladies & just listen & chat & talk & it's just always good to know we have each other to lean on in hard times & celebrate & rejoice with one another in the good. 

I loved so much of the message that was given - but Cassie spoke about vessels & used an example of a vase & a watering container.  Looking at the vase, water held in this vessel will just sit, possibly feeding things that have been cut off & doesn't have a long period of time before it dies & then the water will get stagnant, will smell & eventually will evaporate.  But water in a watering can can be poured out, typically to sprinkle on things that need to be refreshed or to help them grow.  It tends to bring life.  & the watering can will be filled again to continue the pouring over & over.  What a reminder that just holding onto things that may bless other isn't the same as pouring the love of God onto others, spreading the blessings - only for God to fill us up to do more of the same.  It was quite a visual that stuck with me.

* Came home & did more cleaning & had to get to the reunion of Love is Blind.  I wish they had some real deep questions for these people.  Get down to the nitty gritty.  I also need another season of this.


* For some reason, I woke up really early - when usually its later with the springing forward.  But I took advantage of that time & turned on All the Bright Places on Netflix.  I read the book years ago & really remembered it- its one that sticks with you.  I thought they did a really good job - of course, these things are never just like the book - some big parts about it too - but I still enjoyed it.  & also had my heart broke & remembered why Finch & Violet were characters that I just cried for

Image result for all the birght places

* Church time! We are on the topic of HOLY... that's a big word!  But we were talking about what being HOLY in our home looks like. I loved the message came back around to remind us that we are God's home - He dwells in us with the Holy Spirit.  What an honor & responsibility that is.

* I had to run to Pet Smart to pick up some doggie stuff & lo & behold - a Michael's is right next door - so HAD to run in there.  Knowing that The Happy Planner just released their Spring collection, I went ahead & ran over to Joann's to see what they had out too.  & please take a second to see how Joann's does their planner section....

WHAT A HOT MESS. It's ALWAYS like this. I rarely will call a store & give them grief - but this is just dumb. You have a shelf with nothing on it & a bunch of stuff in crates half open?  When the new collection came out this past week?  I have a gift card there to use, otherwise, I wont be back.  I'll stick with Michael's & Hobby Lobby from now on.

* Got home & HAD to just sit outside & enjoy the weather. It was in the 60's - SIXTIES PEOPLE!!!!! I read a big hunk of my book & simultaneously threw a ball for the dogs for an hour. That's talent.  But I figure if I'm going to enjoy the weather, they should too.

Then it was time to get my planner together for next week, watch some TV while settling into bed & here we are... day done & Monday at us again.

Did you get a taste of spring?

Does Daylight Savings time take a bit to adjust for you?

Did you watch or read All the Bright Places?

Do you have a Joann's & is it as bad as mine?

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