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Show us your books {March 2020}

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I think I got a little bit of everything in this month's set of books.
Drama, Romance, Soul-filling, & a big hit that I couldnt even get through the first part of it.
At least 3 out of 4 aint bad.
Let's dive right on in....

34043643. sy475
The Last Mrs. Parrish
**** / Really Liked It

Quick Summary:  Daphne meets a friend who is quite jealous of her life - but are things always what they seem?

This book made me ALL SORTS OF ANGRY. I was reading it & was humphing & puffing & yelling "WHY?" many times out loud at the characters.  I guess you can say it really felt these pages.

When I got to Part II, I immediately knew what was happening - which I felt proud of myself for having the light bulb click on... but I wasn't prepared for how angry I would get.  I literally was sitting somewhere reading it & at certain parts, I gasped & said, "OH HECK NO!!!!"

So yeah, I did enjoy this book. It held me in. I couldnt wait to see how it was going to end.  I was totally rooting on Daphne & felt satisfied with the ending.

“Everything had begun with such promise. And then, like a windshield chipped by a tiny pebble, the chip turned into deep cracks that spread until there was nothing left to repair.”

18158562. sy475 Crazy Rich Asians

Quick Summary:  When Rachel goes to meet Nick's family - its not at all what she was expecting.

OK - good enough summary for a book that I hardly even read much about Rachel & Nick. I didnt expect the book to be all about each family member. Too much happening & none of it interesting to me in the least.

I always feel a little weird when a big name, popular book doesnt strike me but I just couldnt let it past my test - if I'm at 25% of the book & I'm STILL struggling to get into the story, then I'm done.  I barely even made it to 25%. I was bored - felt like it was all about pompous rich people who live a lifestyle I could care less about. I wish it were a story really just from Rachel or Nick's view.

I'll just check the movie out & then feel like at least I'm in the know of what everyone loves about this book.

... (Not even a quote to put because I cared that much about this book)....

46653789. sy475
**** / Really Liked It

Quick Summary:  Practical suggestions & motivation on how to use your life to bless others & why its our call from God to do so.

So a dear friend of mine actually met Cassia, the author, on a retreat. At the time, she was finishing this book & had asked my friend to read over it. My friend just loved it & was so excited for Cassia to have the book printed.  My friend is also a Pastor herself & put out that she was looking for a few women to do the book & study guide together.  A handful of us jumped in & this was just one of the sweetest reads & ways to bring a group of ladies together.

It really is a nice easy read, full of practical life lessons, some good Biblical truth & reminders of our purpose on this earth - just all around good stuff.

You dont have to do the workbook with it -  it just helps you maybe guide your thoughts on what you read a little - & you dont have to do this in a group - but it sure does make it insightful to get other's takes on subjects or question.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book & am excited because as I type this, I'm going to hear this author speak at a women's Christian event over the weekend.  I dont know if she'll remember me or not because I recently saw her at my own church & I went up to her & said, "WAIT - are you Cassia?" she said yes & I said, "Can I hug you?" LOL... she indeed said yes & I thanked her for such a lovely book.  So yeah, I'm looking forward to hear her speaking without me hugging her.

"Praying ABOUT someone brings up their wrongs.... praying FOR someone lifts up their needs"

48748760. sy475 His Royal Highness
**** / Really Liked it

Quick Summary: Whitney meets her mentor working for a Disney-like park when she's 18 years old & falls in love with him.... only to run into him again 10 years later

I enjoy R.S. Grey's books as just a break from thinking. They are easy, light reads that go fast & have wit to them & a good little romantic love story.  This one is probably my favorite. & it shouldnt come as any surprise since it's all centered around a sort of "Disney" like theme park & characters.

You get a Princess, a Royal Highness & I'm already loving it.

I actually really enjoyed that this wasn't a big drama on just the pair but also involved family dynamics & what it can feel like to be shoved to the side for a sibling.

I zoomed through this one & glad to have just an enjoyable light read.

Note- as all of R.S. Grey's books are - this one is a little steamy. Dont say I didnt warn you.

“To love is to settle, to feel calmed by a lover’s embrace. It’s why people often define home as a person, not a place.”

Tell me what you're reading!

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