Wednesday, March 18, 2020

February 2020 spreads & savings all the money for BOOKISH things!!! {Keep it together}

Hosting with my awesome planner buddies Alexandra from Simply Alexandra and  Lauren from Shooting Star Mags .... we'd love to have you join us & see how you are planning your life - especially right now when things are topsy turvey.  Any hints on how to keep anything more organized? Then link up with us!

So February, it wasn't my favorite spreads - I think mainly because I'm not a huge fan of red & pink - together. I love Red - I love Pink - but something about it together seems corny to me.  But ... February is Valentine's day... & I feel victim to the typical holiday colors.

Before we dig into the spread though - let me tell you one thing I'm SUPER happy about.  The Happy Planner FINALLLLLY came out with something I've been wishing for. A line called "Bookish". I've always said that if they would come out with anything that is coffee themed or book themed, I'd buy it all. Well half of my wish came true... & I' probably glad its only half because I will be spending all my money on it all.  BOOKISH CAME OUT!!!

I already got the first sticker book - & I'll buy it every time I see it in a store.

I mean- look at how cute these stickers are!

The one that says "One Book a day keeps Reality Away"... YES!!! ... & also love the "The World was hers for the reading"...

There's so many cute stickers in this book that I can't wait to use.

They also have a planner, & a notebook in this series.  Yep... I will be purchasing it when I can!

Here's the planner!!! Look at how cute the discs are too!!!

Click pic for link 

& here's the notebook!!!

I mean.. how can I not???  The little inserts between each month / section are so cute too - I will reuse those over & over again.

I also recently got to take advantage of my blogging friend who is moving from Happy Planner to a different planning style. So she sold all her sticker books ( SO MANY) & all her covers & discs... I ended up buying a few things before she released the hounds on everything she had.  I came out with some great books

& now time to take a glance into February's spreads

First week of February....

I was tired of all the blue & snowy things from January & wanted to liven up the color... but meh... wasn't a win for me.

But I did love this sticker... I used all these stickers from the Faith planner.  Always a favorite.

Second week in February was Valentine's week...

Not my favorite, but how do you NOT do pink & red & hearts?

I did end up drawing different color hearts all over - those little specks you see - yep, drawn on hearts.

3rd week of February....

Like I said, ready to switch up the colors.  I really liked this one

... this sticker - I could use every Monday...

I used this long double sticker to put in a quote that I had read from my devotional that really stuck with me too.... #waystouseyourplanner

& finally - week 4 of February.
This one was my favorite of the month. Love the blues & greens together - just soothing to me.

I also like how I layered up these stickers - just to add a little bit of interest.
Also using it to track all the shows I always have to catch up on during the weekend - ALL THE SHOWS. I love me some Hulu & Netflix

I've been doing a MOOD TRACKER now for all of 2020 & really liking looking back at it at the end of the month too.  A good to check in on the mental side of life. ... my poor January was basically all brown where I battled a sinus infection.  So February's colorful pink bursts on here are so much better.

So there we have it - another month!!!!

Again, we'd love to have you link up with us - the 3rd Wednesday (for me) or 3rd Thursday (for my other beautiful co-hosts) - heck, link up with us any time at the end of the month.  It doesnt have to be a planner. Just any way you organize your life.  Is it a calendar on your fridge?  A Command Central in your home?  Share all the things ... we all are individual but we can learn from new ideas.

& do you have any questions for me about planners?  Ask away - I may feature you on next months posts... & if I do, I may just send you a little goodie in the mail.


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