Thursday, March 26, 2020

Because we need some good news in our world... & some cute little faces dont hurt either {Thankful thursday #

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Yep - its still crazy out there!!  The world seems to still be just falling apart around us - & it looks like it'll be like this for awhile... so looking for some good that's going on in our little sheltered, quarantined lives.  Lets share - we need all the good news we can get every single day.   I have found that if I watch too much of the news, I get so overwhelmed & my anxiety just reaches the roof.  I gotta get a breather from it... so I need more people to just share some good things. I think we all need it

So here we go... what I'm Thankful for this week:

Extra Coffee
When we were still at work. my coworker text me in the morning & said that they messed up her Starbucks drink & made another one - did I want the one she didnt want?  Well yes - I've turned into the queen of Starbuck's failed drinks.

Hair Appointment
WHEW - they shut down the hair salons around here- with all the other 'non-essential' businesses.  I think we could take a lot of votes if hair salons are ESSENTIAL... but I got in RIGHT before they pulled the plug on these. Whew. My roots couldnt have taken a quarentine period. I'm already concerned about if it'll be open in 6 weeks.  I'll just focus on the good today & know I've got a little it to go.

Mom finally got to the rehab center we wanted her to go to. It took 3 days of misunderstanding. At one point, my brother & I drove up there to drop off her stuff & see her (they were closed to the public with the COVID-19 - but we were allowed to bring her things & get her settled & then we couldnt come back) - but we got there & she wasn't there - even when they called me at 10am that morning & said she was being moved. It took another 24 hours after THAT too.... But she got there & everything is working out well.  That she's stayed longer than 14 hours (the last trip there) is progress.

Bible Study at work
I've been wanting to do the new Kelly Minter Bible Study & when I mentioned it to a friend at work, she said she was interested in doing it too - & she brought in another coworker/ friend & now, the 3 of us are doing it together. HOW COOL IS THAT? The other 2 ladies have never done a Bible study like this before so I'm happy to take the lead & go through it with them.  The first week, it was great hearing their thoughts about starting it. I'm anxious to get in the good stuff in this study & really get some good conversation going.

Twins 1st birthday
So our youngest grandbabies just turned one this past week.  Double the CUTENESS - aren't they? They had to have their birthday party delayed, but that's the good thing about being 1 - you still get a cupcake full of sugar & then plan on it again later down the road.  Gavin & Harlin - you melt our hearts!!! Happy Birthday Mason Men!!!

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Worked from home
Got to give it a good try to see how it was going to work out being at home - the little things you dont think about.  We've still got a lot of kinks, but for the most part, it's going pretty well.  Our work has been really vigiliant about making sure we're all healthy & safe & they really have pushed to do whatever is possible to make sure we CAN work at home instead of just making us come in because its more convenient.  I'll say it for the 352nd time - I am so happy I have this job.

Coloring Books
We shared in our HSM group what we're doing to pass our time & someone mentioned coloring. I instantly remembered how coloring helps with my anxiety. When I would fly (SO LONG AGO) - I would always take coloring books with me - & this was before they made the cool adult ones that dont make you look dumb having a Disney Princess coloring book.  I gave no cares. I still pulled those babies out.  But I've been tapping into my anxiety reliever in these crazy times lately.

So tell me - share some good things in your world

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